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 Call Of The Wild {P} {Training}

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Kawahaga Niku

Fame : 3
Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Hakai
Clan Element : Unholy Blood
Bloodline : Animal Chimera-Ism
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Call Of The Wild {P} {Training}   Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:55 am

Ken began to dash through the forest. tree branch to tree branch. fluidly. his black vest blowing, Until ken landed to take a rest. opening his backpack and pulling out his dog. along with firewood, and a match. as nightfall would come. ken would smile. Laying down on his pack. Dog on his lap. next to the fire, as he headed towards konohagakure-No-sato. Slowly kens eyes closed...and almost as quickly he was awake. Though rapidly...ken got up. leaves upon his face. his dog awake. its head at a 90 degree angle. away from ken.  looking around....Ruffling, that was all the leaves did. one at a time... moving...all around the patch of land where ken had rested. though the blackness of midnight concealed his vision. Ken activated his vongola ring. and thus so, his mittens turned to gloves. with a small flame. right in his palm. he waved it around. Obviously it did not work to..say..Burn anyone. but it lit the area fairly well...

Red eyes, Almost as clear as blood were in the shadow...But the worst part of this examination EyeS, actually consisting of more than two. laid...watched, prowled around...looking....watching. And rapidly...one appeared from the brush,  its black...mane...Flowed, as the moon above it appeared in full. Right from the clearing of trees. And almost as quickly. Ken activated the kage bushin no jutsu, adding 2 clones to his side. and they began to switch places. Jumping, moving, and all that. in the end, they had been changed. ken was in the front with a clone , while the other clone stayed back. The wolf rapidly dashed forward. dodging the two infront, AKA ken.  and a clone. and tried to bite the middle one, resulting in ken Turning right around. And grabbing the wolf by its stomach...And with that, ken began to lift it..Luckily it was a pup..and not the real deal, otherwise ken would probably not be able to lift the mutt.

Then it had begun. a suplex. ken lifted the mutt. pulled it back, and right then they both fell. the pup hitting its head on the blades of grass. causing a thunk. and along with him, ken fell too. the pup was out, and ken was getting dizzy.  Rapidly another mutt appeared from the brush, though this time it was a full on wolf. not a little...pup. And it had leapt at ken. Kens dog had leapt. with its little puppy paws. biting onto the wolfs ankle. Causing it to yelp as ken preformed substitution to switch places with a log and then, he began to charge forward. the wolf then tried to snap at the pup. it being flung off toward the fire. And ken leapt upon the wolf and began to punch it in the face...alot. until it was fairly obvious the animal had given up. and limped away from ken

Then it came..A monstrosity, a creature of such grotesque being it scared the living CRAP out of kens dog. and it leapt right into kens backpack. And though ken had the same idea. the fact came to him quick enough to acknowledge the danger. and not to hide. Ken reached for his back. a christmas colored sheath concealing a katana...not a fancy one, just a basic one...Ken then beckoned for the creature to attack him "Come at me..Bro!" ken would say. As he dashed forward. the beast would roar. its breath bringing on a noxious feeling to kens lungs..almost like when your sick. but ken kept with it. Dashing to the side, and leaping upon the beasts back.

He then stabbed the blade in. right on the backbone..and began to put his hand in a backhand twist. Then, he bursted his gloves. thus slamming the sword in the beasts back like a hammer to a nail....Rince, Repeat...Rince Repeat. Until only the hilt was visible. And ken grabbed onto it. then he tried his hardest to pull to the left, and like that, the beast moved to the left. Ken gripped the sword. and began to pull it out. and like that, it ripped through the beasts flesh like butter. Ken then dashed forward. right onto the beasts face, And jumped off.

Now by this time it was fairly apparent the beast was pissed with ken. And the poor mutts hair had been frazzled. now sticking up. And its eyes in utter rage. So it did the MOST common thing ever...It ran right, toward, ken. Yes, the beast that was so scary had no common sense. So ken sliced the katana to the left. and like that, the creatures right arm was gone.. and had caused it to fall. Then..the beast did something unexpected...it roared. and with it came multiple..small...Wolf..things...

If ken could describe it..Hed say "A swarm of these 1 meter tall...Things...that..had claws. it was like 20 of them." but..yeah..he was pretty right about it. Which then caused ken to panic...And his dog was still being scared...sadly. So ken braced himself, now luckily the creatures had..Little. Idea on how to fight, so all they did was run up. and slice at ken. Luckily also, they were slow. and ken could leap back. or burst back with his gloves...But then, after a while. ken got slashed in the back.

With this. Kens gloves changed.. Jets of flame shot out them. and with that, a fire that ignited all the creatures..as they yelped. they began to fall. one by one. And ken was astonished..his glove, had changed...it now could shoot flame that hurt! and almost as easily, the glove reverted to normal..then flamethrower like. he could control the flame also...oh what a wonder day for ken. it made him feel so happy inside as he packed up. and began to walk off..back home to tengakure.

1000/1000 Words

Ultima Form Unlocked (glove)

5 Stat Points

10 JP

Health:5 {15}
Speed:10 {20}
Strength:5 {15}

Animal Chimera-Ism
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Xuro Bakuton
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 38
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Earth,Lightning,Wind,Acid
Clan : Bakuton
Clan Element : Bakuton (Explosion Release)
Bloodline : Iwagakure Kinjutsu, Mangekyou Sharingan (Implant/DNA)
Ryo : 1447

PostSubject: Re: Call Of The Wild {P} {Training}   Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:20 am


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Call Of The Wild {P} {Training}
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