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 Misaki's Destiny(P/Closed)

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PostSubject: Misaki's Destiny(P/Closed)   Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:14 am

Deep in the depths of the world there were stories of heroes and those of villians each ending in death. We live in a place where death is natural there is no way around it we live our life to die another day. Deep in the mountians of Kumogakure was the peaceful garden built here in remebrance of a girl who ambitions were cut short that girl was Minatsuki Takami the oldest daughter of the Raikage. She went on a path of pure insanity gaining allies and losing them this was the cycle we could not stop. Deep in the mountians upon the hill sat a young girl her left leg streched out as her right was bent,her arm resting on her knee. The clouds were lower then any other place around this area that you could touch them. The mountian ranged had mountians on both sides with a small path way in the middle used to travel to other villages. Balanced on the top of the far west mountian was that girl her eyes closed for the moment as the soft breeze blew massaging her skin. Her eyes will finally open as they were red as the blood that flowed through her body.

Misaki physical appearance is of that of a young teenager of 16 years old. Consisting of silver hair, red eyes, and a glowing tattoo located on her left arm and shoulder blade, they resemble wings and are occasionally called "The Wings of the Devil" by the villagers of Kumogakure. Misaki wears a long leather red coat with fur among the hood as she wears a black tunic with a cross design along the chest area.Along with her short shorts which is held around her waist by a belt. On her hands is black fingerless gloves which is mainly use for hand to hand combat for her. Her eyes would be looking down the the ground below as she sat there it was obvious her mind was on something. Her hand turns to a fist as she would move her lips for once now"How could you....die you selfish bitch Mina...i hope you burn in hell" was all the frustratration she felt exploding about her sister death at that point. Stream of tears engulfed her eyes as they rain down hitting the top of the solid rock below her as the wind breeze softly blew around her. Her fist would slowly unfold as she would glance at the center of her palm as it begun to rain masking the tears she was shedding.

The rain continued to pour as she just sat there her clothes soaked as she wasnt bothered by it but more of her emotions. Her body would continue to move on its own as rage filled the core of her being. Her body shivering from the pain she had felt"How ......could you..."she says softly as the tattoo on her shoulder and arm begun to glow as she now stood up on the mountian."....Die!"she screamed at the top of her lungs as her voice echoed through the mountian as from her body lightning was released destroying nearby mountians on both sides of her. This wasn't normal lightning it was black as her soul was it was as dark as her heart was,It was her emotion developed into a power many only wish they could gain,It was Vengenace. As the crumblimg mountians crash down to the ground her body would be shining brightly as the lightning surrounded her as it sparked wildly striking down mountian after mountian. A strong pain surge through her head as she will clutch it dropping to her knees as her screams will echo through the area.

Memories begun to run through her mind as she would have her eyes wide open as the rain continued to down pour. Her eyes would begun to see her sister,her sister who had died she couldnt believe her eyes. This must of been some kind of fucking joke to someone to mess with her sorrow."Who the fuck is fucking with me"she screamed but no answer but the sound of the whistling winds. Her mind was seeing pictures and pictures of her sister it was nonstop the memories escalated not stopping even once giving her all that she needed at that point. Showing her sister events building up her rage as she would look towards the sky. As she would lay down on the mountian her back was pressed against the rock as her arm was over her forehead. What was that just now it was like a fragment a vision of memories of her sister."Why am i seeing this now.....is there something see trying to tell me....or am i just seeing what my heart want to see?"she asked herself as she would look up at the sky as the rain slowly begun to stop and the sun come from behind the clouds.

"So Mina what will you do if you lost me........i need to know will you build or own path to redemption or follow the path given to you"she spoke to herself as a smirk would spread on her lips as she would find herself raising up as the sun shined through the clouds landing on her as the lightning wasnt around her no longer. She would put her gloved hands into her pocket as she would focus chakra to her feet as she begun to slide down the side of the mountian in a zigzag formation as if she was wearing a pair of rollerblades. She would land at the ground floor her hands still in her pocket as she begun to walk towards her village,she would look down at her B cups and grind her teeth as she remembers hersister chest."Bitch you still mock me in your grave.......i fucking hate you...oldhag" she said as she begun to pace herself through the pathway to her village where maybe she could speak to her father if she was around. She had to figure her fate and her destiny which path was she meant to lead for not just herself but her sister.


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PostSubject: Re: Misaki's Destiny(P/Closed)   Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:26 am

When you think of music or movies, instead of remembering what they are about you’re more likely to be reminded of the memories you have of that time and the people you knew then.

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Misaki's Destiny(P/Closed)
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