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 Tanran's LRFBC Training

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Tanran Keitoku
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Keitoku
Clan Element : Carbon
Bloodline : Carbon Release
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PostSubject: Tanran's LRFBC Training   Thu May 30, 2013 4:02 am

After a week long escapade of training, Tanran was back at it again. It all started when he walked innocently into the kitchen, but was met by his father's consistent "trouble making." Saisho would be reading the newspaper, writing something of importance or drinking coffee while looking at what he could see of the rising sun from our kitchen windows in the east of Kumogakure no Sato He would either hear Tanran when he walked in and start talking immediately or wait for him to get closer so that he could observe his honest grin. When the honest grin was out, that meant there was good news. This "good news" was really another challenge of stamina, strength, speed, chakra control or durability. He would choose one at a time and so far he had chosen: strength, speed and two sessions of chakra control, one being extremely long and grueling. The grueling one was the one he just finished, taking many days out of a week, showing him the true power of lightning and almost being kidnapped, killed or both. He had encountered a missing nin from Kumogakure no Sato, which his father quickly took care of when attempting a kidnapping from their home.

When Tanran finally got close enough to see this grin on the face of his father, he instantly knew the "good news." In his hands rested a pure black scroll, with visible white markings on the outer leaf. It had a Kaiton (Lightning) seal on it, which could only be broken by implementing lightning chakra into it. That was the only way to open and read the contents of this scroll, so it must have had some kind of importance. Tanran also attempted to determine what element made up this scroll, as he had never seen anything like it. He surveyed it's density, color and texture before he came up with his first hypothesis. He created many simultaneous hypothesis, but ruled out all those that didn't make complete sense. His first and correct guess was an allotrope of carbon, with a great density, hardness and durability, but that was a whole other lesson that Saisho did not wish to teach now. Saisho handed the scroll to Tanran, who instantly noticed the seal. He then placed his index and middle finger on the seal, focusing a small amount of lightning chakra. With ease, this seal had been broken and the scroll opened to his satisfaction. He took a quick glance at the scroll then back up at his father, who already had an answered prepared to the look on his face. Saisho said, "Yes son, Lightning Release: Full Body Current. I know you just worked very hard on a higher ranking jutsu with success, but lower ranking jutsu is also necessary for a ninja of your skill." Tanran knew his father wouldn't steer him in the wrong direction, so he had nothing to worry about or lose from this decision. He had previously mastered Lightning Release Shadow Clone, an A ranked technique. That was a hard process, which gave him enough experience to know that this would be an easy Ninjutsu to master. He had increased his chakra supply by almost four times, so he could train longer and harder. This was also accompanied by the fact that his chakra supply wasn't divided by every clone he made, the last jutsu he had trained, so his training intensity and length would be increased even more. His father, Saisho, would definitely be accompanying Tanran to the training grounds as he wished to provide proper instruction and spar once the jutsu was initiated.

He then continued to read the scroll's contents, to find it's effects and limitations. The space just beyond the user's own flesh is charged electrically by their chakra (most likely the epidermis), shocking those that come too close but leaving the user unharmed. The damage at first is minor, hardly more than static shock, but it's effect grows as more charka becomes available to the user from training. Since this can be learned so easily, other uses are found those who master this technique through constant repetition. As the user's skill rises, additional perks and effects are given which give this jutsu even more of an incentive to train. For example, at the D rank level, this jutsu has a small chakra strength that triggers on contact for a small amount of time. At the C rank level, it's chakra strength increases, triggers on contact and causes temporary muscle control loss in the area of the body that was hit. This loss causes a reduction in speed while also increases the chakra strength of other lightning based jutsu. The physical appearance of this jutsu is as follows: Small arcs of lightning jump across the user's body from point to point. This increases in frequency and severity as the rank and mastery of this technique increases.

Tanran thought this would be a somewhat useful jutsu to know and use. He agreed to start training that very day, and hoped it would not take longer than two days, as his last jutsu training took about four or five. Saisho then prepared him a meal full of red meat, white rice and fish. After he was to meditate with a burning mix of vetiver (to ground the mind and promote a calm sense), lavender (to enhance the relaxed state of meditation), frankincense (to enhance enlightenment and spiritual connection) oils and another unknown ingredient, known as Mokkou to the Keitoku clan, an essential herb for many life processes. Meditation at a higher level has given the Keitoku clan many great warriors due to clan secrets in this conscious state, but this is not of Tanran's concern at this time. After a few hours of meditation, which shaped and gave direction to Tanran's focus, he was ready to start the walk to the training ground. He informed Saisho and they were out the door with all necessary equipment, including the scroll which the jutsu's pertinent information is housed in. The weather seemed to be more gloomy than the end of the his last training. No longer did a trace of the sun appear, but there was the gray clouds to enjoy. He did not mind them as they were pretty normal in Kumogakure no Sato, as he had seen every type of cloud, due to that being the most consistent type of weather in this village. He occupied his time of walking observing every surrounding so that he could visual it, even in the dark, without a compass. He wondered how he would do sparring with his father, after initializing the new technique.

In not that long, they arrived at the dome training ground. Saisho once again commented on the missing roof and all the old memories he had at this place. After a bunch of nostalgia and rough feelings, they were ready to begin. Tanran was to perform his usual warm up of jumping jacks, burpees, sprints, pushups and situps, before doing any jutsu training. A fit body is needed alongside a strong mind, or there would be no point for either in a ninja. Once finished, Saisho instructed Tanran to start with the D ranked version of Lightning Release: Full Body Current. He was to perform two quick hand seals before saying "Lightning Release: Full Body Current!" Which ironically, he did that moment. A slight blue aura began to form around Tanran, but went away without a clue. So he tried again almost instantly. "Lightning Release: Full Body Current!" is what he said again, forming the same hand seals. The blue aura began to form again, but this time it was a lot stronger. Tanran jumped when he felt the first surge come on. A tiny arc of lightning chakra jumped from his left index finger to his right. He felt his whole body start to tingle and radiate with electricity. The arcs of visible electricity were quite small in size, as Tanran was starting of with the D ranked part of the jutsu. After noticing he could hold this form with ease, he released his chakra. From this, Saisho knew it was time for the C ranked part of the jutsu, the part he was actually going to master that day, but required more chakra and better control. With the same hand seals and phrase, a technique greater in strength, effect and physical appearance is created. The arcs of lightning become somewhat bigger, which make the shield more effective and useful.

With the same hand seals and exclamation of "Lightning Release: Full Body Current," the same aura began to form around Tanran, but much quicker than last time. Greater arcs were shown, which was what he wished for. He thought he almost done with the technique when he felt a slight pain in his leg and it started to have a spasm. He had concentrated too much chakra in one part of his body, breaking the continuous frequency that was needed. Again he tried, and was much more successful this time around. His body was flowing with electricity, even greater than the D ranked technique, which was a great new feeling Tanran had come to like. He released his chakra and performed this technique many times repeatedly, until he believed he was ready to spar with his father.

Why his father wanted spar was out of question, as he wouldn't hear it and acted like a child at times. This mindset often made training a lot more interesting than it would have been alone or with a completely serious ninja. Tanran was to form the jutsu and fight his father for as long as possible. He was also allowed to use other techniques and skills he had learned in the past, which were not many in number, other than the countless hand-to-hand combat moves taught by his father. Tanran formed the appropriate hand seals and exclaimed "Lightning Release: Full Body Current!" The current explained in previous posts enveloped his body. He then spread his feet wide and assumed the tiger style, an ancient kung fu style created by the shaolin. It emphasizes speed, power and not wasting any time. It uses the kidney and bladder as it's Yin & Yang organs, drawing most of it's strength from that region. His father then charged in for the first attack, and through a left jab and right cross combo, clipping the side of his head as he ducked. This proximity caused the full body current to react, and shock Saisho's hand, although it just felt like a little static compared to real lightning techniques. Tanran's avoidance of these strikes was followed by a string of quick punches to the ribs, abdomen and chest. A few of these hit, but did equal damage to his knuckles and father's body, again shocking him slightly. Saisho responded by performing a slow sweeping kick to knock Tanran off his feet, but he simply jumped above and used this motion to build momentum for a butterfly kick to his father's face. The first strike hit with decent force while the second hit with greater force, causing slight electrocution of Saisho's face. It twitched for a minute and became very red almost instantly. Neither Tanran or his father expected this, but Saisho was not going to let his Genin son beat him in sparring. He ran towards him, jumped in the air, and attempted an axe kick on the top of Tanran's head to knock him unconscious, which was easily countered, which was Saisho's plan. As he jumped back to avoid the obvious axe kick. he did not notice his father was behind him, who delivered a front kick to his back, which led to his calf having a minor spasm. Tanran fell face first, but was nowhere close to beaten. He wiped the blood from his mouth and sand from his cheeks before engaging his father again.

He charged at his father and performed a jump spin hook kick which was quickly avoided. He followed up with reverse roundhouse kicks at low, middle and high sections, all in succession. Saisho jumped over the first kick, dodged the second but was hit in the face by the third. Suddenly, Tanran's foot began to hurt and he was confused. He looked up at his father's face, where his kick had struck, and noticed a black layer on his skin. As his foot retracted, the black layer dissipated. He immediately asked his father what this meant, and he explained that it was the main Kekkei Genkai of the Keitoku clan. It had to do with rearranging carbon molecules into a much harder and dense allotrope, explaining the scroll he had been given. Tanran really wished to learn this technique, but that would not be until he became a Chuunin, at the least. With the end of that thought, a fist came flying and hit Tanran smooth in the jaw. He stumbled and some blood began run from the corner of his mouth, but this was just the beginning. Quickly, he jumped backwards and formed the tiger and rabbit hand seals, screaming "Kaiton Kage Bunshin!" This was the second time he used this technique in battle, and three lightning shadow clones appeared beside him. Then, Tanran instructed them all to charge at his father, with a variety of different moves. Clone one charged head on, clone two from the left, the real Tanran from the right, and clone three jumped overhead. Clone one jumped up, doing a front flip, attempting to land his heel on Saisho's head. Clone two jumped and performed a crescent kick aiming for the left side of Saisho's jaw. Tanran, using the other clones as distractions, attempted to get as close as possible to his father, where he threw a savage calf kick, used to demobilize him. The third and final clone that had originally jumped overhead, was now behind Saisho, reaching for his katana. Saisho responded by grabbing the first clone by it's calf and heal, which he used to swing at the other incoming clones. He hit clone two, but Tanran slid under clone one and again attempted the calf kick. Clone one and two went flying, but did not dissipate that quickly. Clone three had retreived Saisho's katana, causing him to turn around, which Tanran took as an opportunity. He struck his father's left calf first, then moved to the right, which he hit even harder. His father's legs shook, but he quickly disarmed clone three, and reclaimed his katana. With his katana he decapitated clone three, causing an electrical explosion, from which he barley escaped. Clone one and two were back on the warpath and both threw a pair of shuriken each, while Tanran positioned himself behind his father. Saisho blocked all four incoming shuriken, and struck each clone with a barrage of slices. They too exploded with electricity, causing him to jump backwards. Tanran was many steps ahead the whole time, so he was at the perfect position for his father's descent. He had activated Lightning Release: Full Body Current while his father was dealing with the clones, so as Saisho jumped backwards, he connected with both of Tanran's open palms, sending a current of electricity through him. This merely stunned him, but was enough to show that he was becoming a tactician. If he had possessed a jutsu of actual harm, Saisho would easily have been dead.

This ended their sparring match of the day, and Saisho congratulated Tanran on his success. He had not been out smarted in years, especially by a Genin. The ten mile walk home went by somewhat quickly, as Tanran was basking in his new found pride, after technically beating his father in a training session turned sparring match. If only he had known some higher ranking jutsu or been of a greater skill. He could have killed his father and taken over the clan. His evil thoughts were getting a hold of him, so he stopped thinking for the rest of the walk. When they got home he ate another meal filled with red meat, fish, vegetables and white rice. He eventually retreated to his bed room, where he fell asleep quickly. He had finished another day of training, and was on his way to becoming as strong a ninja as he could muster.

Word Count: 2728
Character Count: 15444

Mastery of Lightning Release: Full Body Current
+13 Chakra
+27 JP
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Tomoko Satsuma
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Tanran's LRFBC Training   Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:33 pm

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Tanran's LRFBC Training
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