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 Ringo's Training

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Ringo's Training   Tue May 21, 2013 12:58 pm

Ringo awoke out of a nightmare. Sweat ran down his foarhead and he breathed heavily, he saw his parents again and his brother they were burning in his house while he was locked outside he couldnt break the door down to save them and they died. Ringo was done playing games he had only a few more jutsu to learn and he could be strong enough to become chunin. That seemed far away at the time but he knew he would get there in no time. Ringo packed all he could take every scroll and leg weight he had. He was going to come back a true ninja like his brother and father and hed take nothing less. Ringo left after a light breakfast he wore his lig weights always now and was becoming more accustomed to them. Ringo attached extra large weights before he left the house. He began to stretch for a moment getting ready for his run to the usual training spot. Ringo lined up like he had before and took a racers pose then he leaned foarward slightly and counted down. As he came to 1 he launched off his starting line and bolted down the trail he ran even harder then last time and with 3 times as much weight. Ringo felt an intense burn before he even got a quarter of the way his legs kept pumping though he made his way quickly down into the valley to the unmaintained trail were he usually stayed. He ran down it fast jumping over logs and bushes. He arrived to his tree and threw his pack down he then continued running to the tree where he had began kicking last time. Once he arrived he threw a powerful round house off his run. The whole tree seemed to lean to that kick and with his adrenaline he began sparring the tree. He threw punches and kicks and then as he threw a final strong right punch he jumped and kicked off the tree with his foot landing fifteen feet away. Amateru quickly began making the sings for chidori and he began charging chakra as it began to swell and screem in his hand he stopped and charged to the tree as his left foot landed him in range he lanched his hand foarward as it contacted the electricty blew straight threw the middle of the tree. The top fell back and all that was left was a burnt stump. Ringo caught his breath then he jogged back to his bag. He felt amazing better then he ever had.

speed training 432

Ringo began taking off his weights. He grabbed a scroll from his bag it contained a new jutsu to him Lightning Style: lightning Vanishing Jutsu which was a teleporting jutsu kind of. He read the scroll and it told him through the ram sign he could gather lightning nature achakra and after gathering enough and pushing it in a desired location he could travel good distances instantly. Ringo looked at the other side of the feild. Ringo made the Ram sign and focused on gathering up chakra. when he felt like he gathered an even amounted he pushed it foarward and for a second he saw nothing but lightning surrounding him in the next second he was across the feild. This jutsu was very useful for him especially if he ran into another fire user. Ringo repeated the process performing the ram sign and aiming his chakra to the tree were he once stood. As he pushed he saw a bright flash and then he was back were he once stood. Ringo repeated the process a few more times aiming back and forth across the feild he would pick new spots each time to try and improve his landing accuracy. After he finished he returned to the tree and put the scroll away. The sun was setting he had time to do maybe one more jutsu then he would begin his dinner and go to sleep early for the next day. Ringo was very good at using chidori but he needed more offensive jutsu. The next scroll he pulled had three jutsu on it all were for close combat fighting. Ringo smiled and set the scroll down. The first jutsu was a low rank electric shock called Lightning Release: Acrimonious Hawk. It was very small projectile attack that anyone could cast due to its low chakra consumption. Ringo made two hand signs and aimed his hands like a gun and targeted a little boulder he gathered chakra in his hands. As he released the chakra he fealt as it expanded from his fingers, a small streak of blue lightning shot forth striking the rock that was 10 feet away right in the middle leaving a small burn mark from were it struck. Ringo lowered his hands and seperated them. The scroll said that it was not enough to kill an opponent but it would burn them and possibly paralyze them. Ringo rolled the scroll back up and put it away he began a fire for dinner. Ringo ate and went to bed quickly he was very excited to learn new jutsu and he had much more to go.

word count 439
chakra training

Day 2

Ringo woke up and began his day the same as he always did he began breakfast and then strapped on his leg weights. Today Ringo wanted to do some extreme running. In the distance there was a tall mountain on the oppostie side of the clearing was a large verticle cliff that looked out over a forest. Ringo had been ontop of it before in a hike with his father. Ringo stretched and began running to the top of the cliff. The path to the top was long and well maintained it was a very popular spot for hikers in kumogakure. Ringo wade his way quickly up the dirt path it winded slowly up the side of the mountain to the cliff side which was miles high you could litterally stand on the edge like it was a skyscraper and see straight down. Ringo wasnt even tired once he reached the top. He looked down the cliff it was much higher then he remmembered. After a moment ringo focused his chakra into his feet he planned to run all the way down the cliff and then back up. It was incredibly dangerouse to attempt this with the heavy weights he had on. He would have to focus even more chakra on his feet then usual and he would have to run up the mountain. Ringo took a long breath in standing on the edge then he began his decent slowly passing the edge to the side of the cliff. as soon as he left the edge gravity began its hard pull on Ringos legs. Even with surface walking he was slowly slipping down the side when he tried to stand in place. He began running straight down the mountain. He was moving incredibly fast straight towards the ground the wind flew through him so fast he felt like if he jumped it would pick him up and carry him to the top. When the ground began to come closer Ringo jumped off the side and was attempting to land on a high tree branch near the cliff. Ringo landed and felt his weight lean on the tree the branch snapped under him from his speed and weight. Ringo began falling and mid fall he reached out and grabbed another branch. Holding on by one hand he slowly pulled himself up. Below him the broken branch he was on crashed loudly to the ground. Ringo sat ontop of the branch and caught his breath for a moment. He almost had fallen from the top of the tree and it hda given him a good scare to have the branch snap from under him. The cliff side looked much higher now from the ground. Ringo readied himself to jump from the branch back to the wall. Ringo kicked off the branch and did a front flip then stuck a perfect landing. He was sliding down slowly from his weight and exhaustion. Ringo looked to the top and began running straight up the side of the mountain. After a few moments he began becoming fatigued and when he took a right step his chakra wasnt focused enough and he tripped. Ringo immediately felt his weight fall foarward and put his hands out to grab the wall only succeeding by split seconds. A small sigh came out he was only half way to the top and he could barely keep on the cliff. In another minute his chakra would dissipate entirely and hed be falling for the ground again. Ringo was pressed against the side of the mountain. The wind was strong and loud against his back. Ringo breathed in very deeply and then he focused all his chakra he could gather onto his feet. He was going to make a straight run for the top and give it everything he had. Ringo felt his chakra and readied himself, then he shot up and ran as hard as he could. The burning in his legs had never been more intense, the top was coming closer and closer then finally Ringo had made it. As he stepped onto the top he stopped right after the edge and looked back down the mountain for a minute, the sun was setting in the distance and he enjoyed the beautiful view. He turned away and walked the long trail back to his camp being sure not to stop too long incase he wouldnt be able to get back up when he atlast reached his camp he sat down and leaned comfortably against his tree. His little climb had taken longer then hed thought it would and it had really taken its toll. Ringo was worn from head to toe and was so exhausted he did not even make dinner as he sat and laid against the tree he quickly fell asleep he couldnt even take time to see the sun finish setting or even take off the almost cement like weights on his legs.

Word count 826 speed training

Day 3

Ringo did not wake up in the morning for once. He woke up and looked up at the sky from the heat and the height of the sun he could tell it was past 12. As he rose his whole body felt swollen he could barely move, Ringo bent down and removed his leg weights. There were marks from being strapped on over night, Ringo got up slowly and put his weights in his bad then began to make lunch. While he ate he wondered if he should even stay and train. In the state he was in he definately wasnt doing any training today. Ringo relaxed by the tree and took out his swords from his bag. He needed to sharpen them and it would give him something to do. Ringo took out his sharp stone and began running it along the blades. After a half hour they seemed sharp enough to cut steel. Ringo sat his finger on the blade gently and as he pulled it up he had a small cut. This meant they were obviously sharp enough. There was a river not far from Ringo's camp and he gathered his bag and began walking into the forest. Eventually he came across the river and stopped. Ringo smelled horrible from the day before and the river was 5 feet deep and 15 wide just deep enough for a bath. Ringo stripped and jumped in he swam for a minute enjoying the cool refreshing water. After Ringo got out he walked back to camp in his pants only. Ringo arrived and sat his pack down. The sun was starting to set already but he felt refreshed from his day off. He made sure to make dinner early and went to bed.

Day 4

Ringo rose with the sun and made a fire for breakfast it was cold and he sat close to it for warmth in the morning. As he ate he read one of his fathers scrolls. Ringo needed to finish training these jutsu before he returned home he only had enough supplies for 5 days so after tonight he would have to return.

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Nozomi Kinzokutei
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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Ringo's Training   Wed May 29, 2013 9:44 pm

For future reference, please put your entire word count at the end of the post. I'd rather be able to copy paste the whole thing into word counter rather than piece by piece.

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Ringo's Training   Thu May 30, 2013 7:45 am

o man i am really sorry i was gonna put "do not approve yet pls" at the bottom until i had finished editing Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Ringo's Training   

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Ringo's Training
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