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 Dagonn's Intense Training!

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PostSubject: Dagonn's Intense Training!   Mon May 20, 2013 9:56 am

With the Genin Exams just ending, Dagonn was extremely happy with the result. Nothing could feel better than becoming a Genin and not screwing up even once. The Proctor seemed to be extremely impressed with the skill he showed. On the way out from the Genin Exam, Dagonn bumped into one of his teachers from the academy.
“Sorry sir” Dagonn said as his old teacher laughed. Dagonn knew that he wouldn’t see his teacher from the academy again since he just graduated. His teacher and him chatted for a while, talking about the Proctor, how the other students went and how the missions are going to be like.
Mid-conversation, the teacher talks about his lightning element. Halfway through talking, Dagonn interrupts, saying “Hey, I’m a lightning element user as well!” The teacher smiled, and squatted down till they were face to face. “You know what Dagonn? I’ll teach you a new Jutsu! Your first lightning jutsu!” Overjoyed, he smiled and told the Teacher to meet him at his new favorite place, the Training Arena.
Dagonn rushed to his house, quickly putting on his new “Village Hidden in the Clouds” headband, and also grabbing his equipments. He also had a quick snack before rushing to meet his teacher at the Training Arena. Dagonn couldn’t wait to learn his first elemental Jutsu!
The Teacher stood in the middle of the arena, waiting for Dagonn to run in. “I’m sorry sir!” he said to him, “I went back to my place and got all my stuff as fast as I could! I got a bit hungry though and I had a quick snack, but please don’t be mad-“ “It’s okay, settle down Dagonn.” Said the teacher softly.
“Now Dagonn, the Jutsu that I will teach you is called ‘Lightning Release – Full Body Current! Basically what happens is, your flesh is charged electrically with Chakra. If someone comes too close to the user, they will be shocked by the electricity. It will hurt your foes, and it won’t do any damage to you, that is the great part!”
Dagonn watched as the teacher begun charging his chakra. After a few seconds, he begun to do the hand signs. There were only 4 hand signs he had to learn before he could do the jutsu. “This looks easy!” Dagonn relayed out loud, the teacher smiling and looking towards him.
The teacher then said out loud after the hand signs, “Lightning Release – Full Body Current!” Suddenly, a large shock of electricity shot out of his body, and it surrounded him very closely. It looked like a massive amount of electricity had taken over his skin, the sound of electricity zapping filling his ears.
Dagonn asked, “If I was to touch it, would I die?” The teacher screamed out to him over the buzzing of the electricity, “At this age, yes, you would probably die.” Dagonn was still amazed at the amount of electricity his teacher generated. After he stopped the jutsu, Dagonn asked “How did you get so much electricity for a low ranked jutsu?”
“You see Dagonn, there are multiple forms of this jutsu, some for higher ranked ninjas for myself, using up a lot more chakra and requires more skill to use. I can teach you the exact same technique I used there, but I would teach you in a way that uses up less chakra and is easier to do, but in turn is weaker than all of the other forms.”
“Teach me then sir! I want to learn and get better at it as soon as I possibly can!” said Dagonn harrasingly. “Calm down, Calm down! I’ll teach you, just give me a minute!” replied the teacher. Dagonn waited impatiently for the teacher to prepare himself to teach him the Jutsu. He couldn’t hold in the excitement.
“Now Dagonn, before I teach you, you must know a few things about this Jutsu. First off, I know that you have a low amount of Chakra. This jutsu will eat up a good portion of your chakra if you aren’t careful with it. You also do not have much stamina as well, so doing this Jutsu too many times will tire you out extremely fast, so be careful in how you use it. I don’t want you going around and just flashing it off to everybody just because you learnt a new jutsu, okay?” said the Teacher sternly, staring directly into Dagonns eyes. “I understand sir!” he replied after a few seconds, seeming a tad less confident than he did before.
“Ok Dagonn, you do it basically the exact same way I showed you”. The teacher slowly walked through the jutsu and taught him all of the hand signs for it. Since there were only a few, it didn’t take very long for Dagonn to pick it up. Dagonn was a fast learner as well, though. This all benefited to his training.
After a good few minutes, the teacher had managed to go through all of the steps of the Jutsu. He explained all the key points and a few of the small details that could make the jutsu just a tad stronger, good enough for him to use it effectively in battle.
“Dagonn, I know you are a smart mind and I already talked to you before about going around and using this Jutsu recklessly, so I know you won’t do that. I believe you are smart enough to know exactly when the right time is to use this in battle. If you are getting beaten blue by someones Tai-Jutsu, then you should turn this jutsu on as soon as you can, that way if they try to beat you more they will be taking more damage than you will.”
“Now that I’ve gotten all of the important stuff out of the way, it is finally time for you to begin to use your Jutsu! This is not an easy jutsu to use, so don’t be mad if you don’t get it on your first try. Just try as hard as you can, okay?” “Got it sir! I will put as much effort into it as I possibly can! Here I go!”
With a grin on his face, Dagonn begun to charge up his Chakra. He opened his eyes wide, and stared at his teacher, grinning manically. Then, Dagonn begun to form his hand signals, one by one. Since they were new to him, he performed them very sloppily, none of the hand signals were close to being perfect. After he finished doing the hand signs and opened his mouth to prepare to say the Jutsu, he forgot what the Jutsu was called!
He closed his mouth and entered a stage of confusion. He barely managed to stutter out the words “U-uhm, L-l-lightning jutsu thing?” Nothing happened, and Dagonn went red in the face, embarrassed for not even being able to perform the jutsu. The teacher had just taught him the hand signals, which he remembered. He had forgotten the less important part of the jutsu, the name of the Jutsu. “S-sorry sir! I didn’t mean to forget the name of the Jutsu! What was it called again?” Chuckling, the teacher told him the name of the jutsu again. “Lightning Release – Full Body Current”.
“Okay sir, let me try again!” Dagonn beamed, looking more confident this time around. Once again, he charged up his Chakra to a high point. Slowly, he begun to form the hand signals, making them just as sloppy as he did the first time. Dagonn wasn’t worried about making sure the hand signals were formed correctly though, he was more worried about remembering the name and not getting embarrassed.
After finishing the last hand sign, he beamed out with utter confidence “Lightning Release – Full Body Current!” With a large bang, lightning started to form around the outside of his body, taking over his skin. The sound of electricity filled his ears, a sound that he was very happy to hear. Dagonns smile grew wide, as he gave his teacher a thumbs up.
“What did you think of this one, sir? Do you think that I did okay?” Dagonn asked, thinking on the inside that he did a great job. “Well,” the teacher begun, as Dagonn’s grin quickly grew into a frown. “Where to begin? Of course, you performed the jutsu, and you did a great job for someone who just learn the jutsu and is performing it for the second, I mean first time.”
The teacher strolled on over to Dagonn, still with the electrical currents surrounding his body. With supreme confidence, he walked straight to Dagonn torso and shoved his fist into it sideways, pretending that he had an invisible knife stabbing him. “Huh? How come it didn’t hurt you at all?” Dagonn asked while in confusion. He thought that the Jutsu would be strong enough to stop people from doing that, like his teacher had said to him before.
“Well Dagonn, in all honesty, the lightning surround your body is extremely weak, and I barely feel anything when I touch it. You aren’t concentrating your chakra hard enough, and your hand signs are extremely sloppy. You need to do a better job on that. Concentrating your chakra isn’t that big of a deal at the moment though, you will learn how to do that better as you train this Jutsu more.”
“On the other hand, there is plenty you can do at this very moment to improve this jutsu tremendously. I believe that you have learnt how to transport your Chakra from one part of your body to the other, correct?” “Yes sir, I practised a lot of that before the Genin Exams, I almost mastered it perfectly.” Replied Dagonn with a look of pride on his face.
“Well, good job for practising that, it will come in very handy right now and also as you get better at this jutsu. Since the lightning is fed off your chakra, the lightning will appear mainly at the chakra points in your body. If you can use your advanced knowledge of Chakra Control to move your chakra to a certain spot in your body, you can have a large, concentrated amount of Lightning in one spot of your body, giving you more protection. You see what I mean?”
“I see, sir. So once I perform the Jutsu, I use my knowledge of Chakra to move all the chakra to one position. Say if someone is striking my chest, I can move all the lightning to my chest so I have more protection!” said Dagonn intelligently. “That’s correct. But before you attempt to do that, I ask that you learn how to perform the Jutsu better before attempting that.” Said the Teacher in reply.
“Now, I want you to do a few things for me. First off, I want you to go home. Its late in the afternoon, after recklessly using your chakra, mostly wasting it on your first failed try, I want you go home and eat some Ramen. It will help you refill your Chakra storage, plus it is an extremely healthy meal for you to eat.”
“But sir, I hate Ramen! It tastes horrible! Ugh, it is so disgusting!” replied Dagonn with a look of disgust on his face, poking out his tongue and pretending to wipe stuff of it, and also mimicking vomiting. “That wasn’t an option Dagonn, trust me. It will help you, it’s for the best.”
“Once you go home and have eaten your Ramen, go and sit on your bed or your couch, somewhere comfortable. Practise all of the hand signs for this jutsu, but just don’t charge up your chakra. That way you can practise doing the jutsu without actually using up chakra. It is going to be frustrating at first, I know that, but be strong. You will have this Jutsu mastered in no time, I guarantee it! Just make sure that you put in the effort and don’t be stupid! Run along now! I’ll see you back in here in the Training Arena at 10am sharp. Then we can go over it and I will see if you actually did your homework. Remember, 10am sharp!”
“I won’t forget sir! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Dagonn yelled while waving, walking back towards his house. He was happy and excited that he was finally learning his Jutsu, but a bit pissed off that he had to eat Ramen. Out of all the things that would help you regenerate your Chakra, it had to be Ramen! Dagonn hated Ramen with a passion, more than he hated anything else.
On the way home, Dagonn stopped at a Market stall that was selling hot Ramen. As much as Dagonn didn’t want to do this, he had to. His chakra was very depleted from using that Jutsu, and his teacher said that he must do it in order to train. Dagonn closed his eyes, held his nose and braced himself as he walked into the Ramen store.
The smell of Ramen quickly filled his nose despite covering it, and Dagonn spluttered. He took his hand away from his nose and started coughing and wheezing. The owner of the stall gave him a weird look, and said to him unconfidently “Uh, can I help you there son?” Still spluttering, Dagonn managed to get out the words “Ramen please, ill wait outside” before running outside and throwing up on the floor. He really did not know how he would cope with this, if just smelling ramen made him that sick, then eating it would make him even more sick.
After a few minutes of waiting, Dagonn heard the words he didn’t want to hear, and before today, never thought he would. “Come get your Ramen boy, its ready for you!” Knowing the price already for the Ramen, he quickly got out the money and prepared to run in and then run out with the Ramen. He muttered to himself “Lets get this over with”. Swiftly, he sprinted in, grabbed his Ramen dropped the money and was out there before the Smell really got to him. The shopkeeper said as he was running off “I don’t know what was up with that kid. He’s an odd one, that’s for sure.”
Sprinting as fast as he could, Dagonn ran away from the Ramen Stall, and the markets in General. Giving his last small cough, he sighed in relief and strolled off on his way back home. After not very long, he arrived at his home with Ramen in hand, still boiling hot.
He walked in the door and set down the Ramen, getting out Utensils and preparing to eat. He put all his stuff away in his room before sitting down at his table to eat. He took the foam box out of the plastic bag. He threw the bag away. Dagonn was nervous, not prepared to eat this Ramen. He thought that the day he was forced to eat Ramen would be far into the future.
As he slowly opened the box, the steam poured out of the box, spraying him in the face. Following was the strong smell of the Ramen that Dagonn hated the most. Dagonn was coughing and spluttering like he was at the Ramen resteraunt, begging for real air. It got so bad, that Dagonn had to run into his bedroom to get away from the smell. It was too late though, the smell had already gotten to the room.
He ran as quickly as he could outside, and sat himself down. He couldn’t deal with the smell of the Ramen, the smell that other people said they loved. Dagonn loathed the people that enjoyed Ramen. After a good ten minutes or so, Dagonn decided that it was time for him to go back into the house and eat the Ramen, getting it over with, once and for all.
With a determined look on his face, he walked into his house, and straight towards the dining table. Ignoring the smell, he sat down on a chair, and got his utensils. He waited a second, and dug into the Ramen, eating it like a pig. He wasn’t even trying to savour the flavour, since it was a flavour he didn’t enjoy, one he didn’t want to have around for very long.
After a while, he had gotten use to the smell, and the Ramen as well. The Ramen wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be, tasting almost nothing like the smell did. In fact, he actually enjoyed eating the Ramen. It was a tasty food and he enjoyed eating it, minus the smell of course.
After a good 5 minutes or so of eating, Dagonn had finished and had triumphed. He stood up on his chair and started yelling out “THAT’S RIGHT RAMEN, WHO’S THE BOSS?” repeatedly until people came knocking on the door telling him to quiet down. Dagonn triumphantly threw his box out in the bin and walked towards his bed, preparing to practise his hand signs.
Dagonn sat down, begun intently practising his hand signs, making sure he got all of them done almost perfectly. If he managed to screw up on just one of the hand signs, he would stop and start doing them again. “Practise is perfect, Dagonn” he repeated to himself in his head. He spent the next three or so hours practising the hand signs intensely.
After he had finished, it was nearly 11pm. He wasn’t happy with the progress he made though, the hand signs were harder to get perfect than he thought they would. The teacher made them look so easy! “Oh well. I can do some more practise before I go and train with the teacher again! I will make sure that it is mastered by time I see him next.”
And on those words, he jumped under his sheets and tried to fall asleep. Within 15 minutes, he was sound asleep, quietly dreaming about the day that he would master the Jutsu and use it in battle. He dreamed of him facing a deadly opponent, and the opponent being fazed by his use of the Jutsu, messing him up and allowing Dagonn to beat him to a bloody pulp, standing victorious over his unconscious body.
Before he knew it, it was time for him to wake up. He woke up at the bright and early time of seven thirty AM. As soon as he got up, he made himself some breakfast. He chose a cereal with lots of iron in it, to make him stronger! After munching down on his breakfast, he quickly got changed into some comfortable gear and sat on his bed, preparing to practise his hand signs again.
For another three hours, he sat on his bed, practising his hand signs for the Jutsu. Dagonn really was determined to get this thing perfect. He wanted to impress his teacher really badly, and to make up for the embarrassment of him forgetting the name of the Jutsu on the first day. “I won’t let myself get embarrassed again!” he confidently said as he egged himself on. To him, it looked like he was doing the Jutsu very well, and he couldn’t wait to show his teacher.
After three hours of intense practise, it was almost 11am, and Dagonn was prepared to go meet the teacher at the Training grounds. He strolled through town to get to the arena, passing the Ramen stall on the way. He walked in and apologise for the way he acted last night to the stall owner, explaining everything to him.
The stall owner explained that he was a bit offended and thought that Dagonn was crazy, but he was glad to hear his story and that he actually enjoyed the Ramen in the end. Dagonn apologised one last time, and said that he had to leave because he had training to do. On the way out, the stall owner said to him “Come back soon! I’ll give you a discount next time you come!!!” while smiling and waving, and Dagonn waved back and said that he would be back soon.
He checked the time. It was five minutes past 11. “Oh no, Teacher is going to kill me!” Dagonn said to himself, before beginning to sprint through the Middle of the town, rushing to get to the training ground. After a few minutes of full sprinting and a lot of huffing and puffing, Dagonn made it to the Training Ground.
The teacher stared at him with a look of disappointment in his face. He didn’t look very happy at all. This teacher didn’t like lateness, and Dagonn knew that from the Academy. As Dagonn walked toward the teacher, he tried to explain his story and make an excuse as to why he was late. He was spluttering out words left and right, stuttering and mixing up words, trying to get out the story as fast as he could.
“It’s okay Dagonn, don’t worry. I was only doing that look to tease you a bit, scare you a little. Relax for a bit, okay?” said the teacher to Dagonn with a worried look on his face. “S-s-sorry sir, I w-will” said Dagonn, still stuttering and in fear.
“Now Dagonn, since you kinda told me your story, it leads me to believe that you borh ate a bowl of Ramen and also practised your hand signs. From what you told me, it sounds like you had a lot of trouble with the Ramen at first, and that you spent a long time practicing your hand signs for the Jutsu.”
“Yes sir, I spent a total of six hours practicing the hand signs. I’m confident that I can do a better job this time when performing the Jutsu. I know for sure that I won’t be forgetting the name as well! Can I please have another shot at it sir? I won’t fail you, I promise!” replied Dagonn, ending his sentence with confidence. “Well, of course you can! Show me what you’ve got, Dagonn!” said the Teacher in reply, smiling profusely.
Dagonn stood a good distance away from his Teacher. “I want to get a safe distance away from you sir, so I know that you won’t hurt yourself. I guarantee that this time it will be stronger!” The teacher chuckled, and egged Dagonn on as he begun to perform his Jutsu.
Dagonn begun charging his Chakra, which seemed a lot easier to do since he ate that Ramen. He said to himself in his head, “Hey, I guess the Ramen really did work!” After he charged his chakra, Dagonn very delicately begun to form his hand signs, doing a much better job than he did the first and second time he performed the Jutsu.
He did all of them with ease, thanks to his extensive time spent practising the hand signs. After performing all the hand signs, he belted out with confidence “Lightning Release – Full Body Current!” In an instant, electricity started flowing through his body, spreading throughout. He knew that the Jutsu was stronger this time than it was last time, he could feel the amount of power spreading through his body.
“What do you think?” Dagonn asked, and the teacher just stared back at him while trying to gather his words. “You did a good job, Dagonn.” He begun, wording his sentences carefully, trying not to dim the confidence of Dagonn.”Everything was great except for one thing, Dagonn. I watched all your hand seals intensely to see if you practised them as much as you said you did. I know you did, but you are having trouble transitioning from your charging of chakra to your first hand sign. That was something I know you didn’t practise and it was something I feared would go wrong. It is nothing too big, the first sign is the easiest one of them all, it shouldn’t take very long for you to perfect it.” He finished, trying his hardest not to crush his confidence.
“Oh okay. So you promise that once I master the first hand seal, I’ll be able to properly do the jutsu? Will it be at its full power?” The Teacher nodded confidently, and Dagonn smiled. He begun to work as hard as he possibly could on getting that first seal correct. Dagonn wasn’t going to let himself give up on the jutsu, not now. He’d been trying so hard to get it right. He was determined to perfect it.
All the rest of the day, he practiced charging up his Chakra and transitioning straight to the first hand sign, not completing the rest of them to make sure that he wouldn’t waste any extra chakra. A few tries in, it looked like he was getting worse at the hand signs than better, and started getting frustrating and angry. Within the next few tries, it was getting worse and worse, and Dagonn was getting even angrier. The very next attempt, he threw his hands up in distress, and almost let out the words that he never wanted to let out. He was about to say ‘I give up’.
Before he was about to say it, his teacher interrupted him, saying in a firm voice “Don’t give up. That isn’t like you at all Dagonn. The only reason you are getting frustrated is because you are getting sloppier and sloppier. Every time you get angry, you lose more concentration. Try and stay concentrated, keep sharp. Don’t give up Dagonn.” Dagonn felt a tad bit reassured once his teacher had said that to him, and a bit more confident as well. He took a few minutes to calm himself down, and then he begun to do the first part of his jutsu again.
For a while longer he trained as hard as he could, practising just that transition between the charging of Chakra and the first hand sign. Over the course of the day, his teacher helped him and they made a decent amount of progress, but were still not perfect. If he wanted to get it perfect, he would have to ‘train for another half day at the very most’. Dagonn knew that it probably wouldn’t take another day to master it, he could feel it within his grasp.
After he had done it for almost 5 hours straight, it was almost pitch black and both Dagonn and his teacher were to the point of exhaustion. Puffing, the teacher was very tired, and hardly managed to mutter the words “Lets finish this off tomorrow” before staggering off into the moonlight, looking like he was drunk. Dagonn just collapsed on to the ground in a hot pile of mess. He rested for a few minutes before staggering off back to his own home himself.
On the way back home, he stopped into the Ramen store to talk to the owner some more. He was there for a good half hour, ordering Ramen and talking as he waited. The two of them formed a good bond, and became good friends. After last night, Dagonn didn’t really mind Ramen, and was actually looking forward to eating it. After his order was finished and all ready to go, he said his goodbye and went off back home.
Arriving at home with a box of boiling Ramen in his hands, he fumbly opened the door and strolled in. The place still smelled like Ramen from last night, but he was okay with that now. He sat down at the table and begun to endulge himself into the beautiful ramen. He enjoyed this ramen more than he normally did, this time savouring every single noodle. This was the first time he really enjoyed Ramen. Of course, he couldn’t afford to buy it every night. He thought about maybe buying the cheaper version, the Do It Yourself one that you can make at home in two minutes or so. It would replace his regular dinner, which wasn’t a very healthy meal.
After eating his ramen, he did almost exactly the same as he did the night before. He went into his room and sat down, this time practising the first hand sign and the chakra charge up. He put in a good few hours before he was too tired. After he was done, he went to bed and slept soundly, once again dreaming of the day that he could realistically use the Jutsu in battle, defeating his opponent and standing over him dominantly.
Waking up the next morning, he felt refreshed and ready to go. The Ramen was obviously working wonders, it was a tasty meal and it also was a healthy one. He practised hand signs for a few hours before quickly getting changed and rushing back to the Training Arena to get some extra practise in before his teacher got there. He skipped breakfast, since he didn’t think it was necessary.
Arriving at the Arena, he wanted to get in a few practises of the jutsu before his teacher arrived. On his first try of the Jutsu, he did every single hand sign perfectly, and perfected the Jutsu! The electricity flowed evenly throughout him, working perfectly. It felt like the electricity was full strength, and he felt amazing.
Out of the shadows, he could hear a slow clap, as the person revealed themselves. It turns out that the teacher was there all along, and was watching him perform the Jutsu perfectly. It turns out that the teacher wanted to get there early to see if Dagonn would come early to try and get in practise. That way, he saw that Dagonn perfectly performed the Jutsu, and had mastered it.
“Well done Dagonn, you did it! You mastered it!” he beamed, smiling to him. Dagonn was sporting a huge grin, obviously proud of his achievement, feeling confident after his setbacks. The teacher was truly amazed by how fast Dagonn perfected this Jutsu, and was very proud of him.
“Why don’t we go out for some breakfast, Dagonn? My treat, since you managed to master that jutsu incredibly fast!” said the Teacher proudly. “Yes please! Replied Dagonn enthusiastically, getting ready to sprint off to the markets.

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Dagonn's Intense Training!
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