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 Musa's Special Training[Private]

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PostSubject: Musa's Special Training[Private]   Fri May 10, 2013 9:23 pm

~Day 1: Musaloses it!~

The night was young, the moon high in the sky, shining it's great silver glow onto the world below. Musa had grown tired of being punted to the side when it came to missions and such. His lack of skill was infuriating him more than anything!As he strolled through the dense forest, the feeling of being watched loomed over him for a long while as he staggered through the thick undergrowth of the forest on the floor, leaves and twigs snapping as his feet came down and were padded by the moss. The trees shot straight into the sky, little cracks of the moons light shot through here and there. It was slightly soothing in a strange and weird way.Coming to a opening of about 500 ft wide in diameter, Musa looked about as if there was something about to lunge out at him. He'd heard that there were many dangerous wild animals and wild plants about in this forest and it was especially active at night since most of the animals were awake at night and even try to kill many peoples in they get into their area and eat them without hesitation. He had to keep his guard up no matter what, because he already had some bad experiences with wild boarws into this forest for several times. As he walked into the middle of the forest clearing, he felt the wind around him begin to pick up, his clothes and scarves began to lash around violently, his hair and feather also following along with them.He placed his hands together and formed the snake hand sign, spreading his legs apart to maintain a stable balance. This had to be done right otherwise it wasn't going to work! As he held the sign in place, he shut his eyes and began to concentrate. He could feel his chakra begin to flow smoothly throughout his body, it course through his veins like fire and it was a new high! He could feel his wind chakra begin to swirl around his body as his lightning nature sparked out his shoulders here and there; He opened his eyes slowly, the light of the moon only slightly blinding him. He could feel his body become light and fluffy! For some unknown reason. Just when he thought he was going on the right path, his body shut down and he went out like a tonne of bricks. His knees hit the ground hard and soon after that his body swayed back and forth and he fell down on his face, skidding across the dirt below him.

~Day 1 continued: Waking up to a nightmare~

The sun was rising from the distance on the green and thick forests that surrounded Kumogakure, Musa was just waking up from his unexplained shut down. For some reason he felt sick to his stomach as he began to push himself up...He decided to head back to the village for a diagnostic.Hours passed as he made his way to the Hospital in Kumo and awaited for their final word. As he was waiting for the nurses and doctor to come back, he noticed that on his left hand, there was a small gash and inside it was piece of metal lodged within it. The area around it had become infected and the skin around it was irritated and slightly purple. Did not look good, thankfully one of the nurses had returned with a scalpel, swab and a suture. Oh joy. After a small while of being patched up, the piece of metal removed from his skin and slipped into a small bag for analysis but now came the hard part.A doctor entered through the door to Musa's room and looked at him with a quizzical look."Kuso. It looks as if you over did yourself. You say you channeled your element at the same time while training your ninjutsu? That your chakra had coursed through your body like Lightning?" The man asked, Musa nodding in reply. The doctor shook his head and let out a sigh."Kuso, your body can't cope with that amount of pressure at your current level. It's not used to that sort of pain! That pain that you felt was really one of your internal organs opening up. Luckily it's not too life threatening so you need to get looked at but after that, you take it easy and take this medicine that I'll be prescribing to you." He said as he began to write down on his checkerboard, handing him a strip of paper."Just had that in to the chemist. Now come on, lets go get you fixed." He said as he gestured Musa to follow. What was happening? He made on mistake and now has to go and get patched up...The anger for making this little mistake made the veins in his head pop out! How could he make this little rookie mistake...? He'd constantly trained himself throughout all his life and now that he tried to better himself in the ninjutsu department and Hurt himself? This shot his confidence down to a new low. Lowering his head he followed reluctantly...Half of the day had passed while Musa had laid down in the hospital, getting his internal organ patched up. it may have been healed yes, but that still didn't mean that he could push himself over the limit. The doctor had told him to take it easy but Musa wasn't one to show weakness alot. He was going to get through this and he was going to succeed! After Musa had been to the doctors and taken his prescribed medicine, he made his way back to the dense forest, back to where he had fainted, back to where he failed. The sun was up, high in the sky, at this point; it void of any clouds and the trees made way so the sun could shine down in the middle of the opening. It looked sort of serene in a strange way, as if the heavens were shining down. Obviously that's a stupid speculation and only idiots would've thought of such thing.Walking into the middle of the opening, directly in the middle of the light that was shining down, he looked about for a moment and sighed. There was no noise, no chirruping of birds calling out to one another, no insects making pain in the ass noises, no grunts of other animals. Nothing Just complete quietness. He shuffled his feet apart, maintaining a perfect balance while he formed the snake hand sign. Closing his eyes slowly, he concentrated his chakra to his chest and only his chest, making sure to not overdo it this time though it did annoy him a little that he was to take it easy after all the training he does on his own.

~Day 2: From Day to Night! A lone ninja's fight!~

Musa had been hard at training the day before that he had lost track of time and it was now in the Am of the next morning. Wow, time flies by too quick! Musa opened his eyes for a moment to see nothing but the night sky, the moon in sight overhead and it's rays shining down. A peaceful night as usual, It usually was at night for Kumogakure. Breaking his posture, his body numb from training up his ninjutsu, he fell to his knees and then to his side for a moment, holding himself up with his arms he let out a small grunt as the feeling of pins and needles shot up through his entire body. It was a strange feeling indeed, little did he know that he had forgotten to take his medicine on the scheduled time and this was one of the side effects. His hands began to shake and his brow was beginning to sweat. Letting out a shaky sigh, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of pills. Unlocking the top, he shook out two pills and threw them down his throat and swallowed. Now to sit back and wait for the pills to take effect.Half an hour had passed and Musa was now back to his normal self with maybe a slight headache from those side effects but the main thing is, is that he's fine now. Eventually, getting to his feet and his hair now drenched in sweat, he coughed and looked down at the ground, his vision varying from blurred to normal, the side effects still lingering it seemed and Musa wasn't in good health. That was too close a call to be made again. He had to take these pills for a week and maybe another if he continued to miss the appointed times to take them.Maybe it was time to try out a new jutsu that he had learned before, he hadn't gotten grips of it yet and it was still imperfect but it was better than nothing but then again he wasn't sure, he was still recovering and maybe trying out a jutsu he didn't have a good grip on wasn't a safe move, I mean, what if something had gone wrong while trying to activate it at this level and the state that he was in? Yeah, maybe for another time. Meanwhile though, it was time to try and concentrate on building up his ninjutsu again. Stretching his hands out from his, pointed towards one of the trees, Musa began to mold chakra around his hands which seemed to writhe and wriggle up through his arms and then began to engulf his whole body with a light blue aura, his chakra now flaring out of his body from all angles, he could feel his power becoming greater by the minute! His ninjutsu was almost close to ranking up and he could feel it within himself!
After being able to maintain this state of chakra, Musa then proceeded to take a step forward and withdraw all the chakra that had been flaring about outside of his body. After he planted his foot firmly into the ground he smiled and let out a shout while inputting the right hand seals at a reasonable pace." Shadow Clone jutsu!" When he had finished speaking and inputting the hand signs at the exact moment he finished, he summoned clouds of white smoke which seemed to linger for a few moments before revealing two silhouettes of about the same height and structure as Musa. As the smoke became thinner, the two clones were now revealed, standing side by side and staring at Musa. Their faces almost completely void of emotion. This striked Musa as odd, usually clones had an expression on their faces."I don't look like that all the time now do I?" He asked the two clones, his body slightly stinging from the massive chakra drain. The two clones looked at each other with a slightly awkward look before nodding in response, one of them letting out a small laugh. As if seeing his expressionless face wasn't awkward enough, hearing himself laugh was even more awkward. This was too much awkwardness to take in all at once, especially for someone who didn't like to show too much emotion a lot.
A few moments had passed while Musa writhed about on the spot, seeing himself show emotion of any sort sent him into a mini panic attack for no apparent reason. Maybe it was him actually showing emotion in front of anyone, including himself, that he didn't like? Who knew to be honest. The two clones sat there playing cards while they waited for Musa to do something other than be a little girl. Who'd have thought clones could get bored...at their creator, not many to be honest with you but then it hit him. Musa had finally gotten his ninjutsu to genin Ranked level since he was able to fully summon fully functional clones! Getting to his feet, he looked at the two, now surprised, clones with a Lightning in his eyes!"I want you two to fight each other with your full potential! Don't let me down you worthless pieces of shit! Show me what I'm made of!" He shouted to the two. They obviously didn't appreciate the way Musa had talked to them both so they both nodded and smiled at each other and know what Musa actually meant with his suck kind of talk. They got to their feet and began attacking each other, purposely blocking and redirecting their own attack moves before one of the had decided to lob the other at Musa, the clones almost running dry of chakra. Just before they had diminished, the other clone caught up and laughed. Musa knew what their plan was and let out a small squeak before they both exploded, releasing bolts of lightning onto Musa, sending him flying and rebounding off the dirt. He'll think twice before smart mouthing off again, especially to himself!

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PostSubject: Re: Musa's Special Training[Private]   Fri May 10, 2013 9:45 pm


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Musa's Special Training[Private]
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