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 An Undying Resolve(Clash of Destiny) P/NK/IO

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Wei Jie Sumimura

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  • Leaf

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PostSubject: An Undying Resolve(Clash of Destiny) P/NK/IO   Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:59 am

Hideyoshi had arrived to the depths of the forest, a place where no light would come or be exhumed from as he stood in front of a large cave. It had been caved it for sometime but tonight it was about to be reopened. Placing his hand onto the rocks, they would slide back slowly as his lonely figure walked into the dark cave, the path closing behind him rapidly. Instantly only five torches would light his path as he dredged through the elongated caves. In his head the voice of his partner could be heard," So finally we can get this over with and actually move on...of course i do wish you luck in what is about to happen to you my dear partner. Besides if you died, where would i go...besides to another idiot, but i kinda like you so let's see what happens," the voice grew louder like it was outside of his head for some reason. It had been a little over a month since he had first came into contact with Corbinek and even now it felt like they were bonding in more than one way.

Reaching a light at the end of the tunnel, the landscape would change into a dead man's wasteland so to speak, nothing living only an 5 mile area of death. From the trees all the way to the grass was dead even the air that encompassed the area had the aroma of death. Suddenly it would change into a single field of grass and a single stone and on this stone appeared a form that Hideyoshi had been familiar with for he had seen it even in his own dreams," So i finally get to meet you face to face Corbinek...so what exactly is going on here, we finally get to have a heart to heart talk or are you actually hear to tell me something," his face had a smile but his mind was wary.

(picture for reference
The body of Corbinek looked very..humanoid although he was something totally different. Looking like an actual human he would look to the blade upon his back and smile," So what is this exactly," his words stopping as Corbinek came to be in front of him," Listen boy, you have to fight me to unlock my full potential and also to do what is needed. Either win and walk out with my power or die here and rot either is fine," a small sadistic smile came across the man's face as the sword was pulled from his back," Now let us begin shall we," with those words his body would have already been in a full lateral 180 degree angle as the hilt of the sword slammed into the side of his head and literally forced his body ten meters from his position into a nearby tree. With a crash he would go through it and land on the opposite side," FUck dammit what the hell," standing up dazed. Looking at Corbinek as he ran towards him, Hideyoshi would charge at him, barely dodging the sword as he slid into his body and threw a vicious three jab combo into his stomach sending the ephemeral man's body flying back, but the sword would stop his push back by slamming it into the ground.

Hideyoshi already activated his Strength boost as he barreled forward before the sword came out of the ground, decking him in the face. Once the punch connected he would then give him a knee to the face as he grabbed his face and brought it into his knee with great force. Corbinek's body now stunned and disoriented Hideyoshi let out a barrage of punches as the last hit sent Corbinek's body into the air. With the last strike he would smile," Had enough Corbinek or do i need to give you more of what i can do," smiling as he waited for him to get up. Unfortunately all hideyoshi could hear was the echoing laugh of Corbinek as his form changed into his true form, the Avatar of rebirth. Its body almost towered his at a height of 6"1 and his power made hideyoshi's body absolutely shivered as he looked at the colossal being," Holy fuck...how am i supposed to...defeat that damned thing," the body had instantly been in front of him and kicked him straight in the face, his body contorting as it slammed into the wall, from his face blood started trickling down his vision almost a blur as he tried to make sense of what had happened.

Before he could even stand a barrage of punches at least he could feel twenty as his body cratered into the ground, blood trickling down his mouth as he coughed," Fuck...that all you got Corbinek...my mom hits harder than that hehe," his body was going limp but somehow he remained conscience through it all. In this moment he would feel that same power welding inside of him as when he first gained Corbinek," thats...how it is huh, well if i can't beat you with my power," his body radiating the blue energy, it starting to wisp around his body," then i will just defeat you with your own power," the power now exploding as he lifted up his foot to kick Corbinek in the chest.

Being dropped to the ground he would stand up, his body literally feeling like it was like new yet the blood was still there. Knowing what this meant he would take the fight to him as he summoned a large mass of energy into a condensed ball as he floated around him," Now taste your own power you son of a bitch and feel what i can do," as he broke the ball as it turned into 50 needles and ran towards Corbinek and lurched his hand forward sending the needles rushing towards Corbinek, although the man simply waved his hand as the needles were blown away. Hideyoshi then jumped into the air intending to land a devastating punch to his face, his power now doubled and smashed him, but he caught his hand at the last moment. It felt as if the power was going away, but he could still move. His last move was desperate as he smashed his left hand sending all of his power into a last move as the large blast hit Corbinek in the face as he finally coughed up some more blood, his body was literally giving up on him for how much Chi he used on top of Corbinek's power. Dropping to the ground he would barely look up at him and smile," I regret nothing...it was fun while it lasted buddy," as darkness consumed his light and soon his body went limp.

In the darkness he could only see himself, no light was present and nothing could be made out, in better terms he was in a void. He couldn't move nor speak, but a voice came to him,"Well well Hideyoshi seems like were a crossroad here, your on the verge of death and you technically defeated me, so what to do what to do...oh wait i could become one with you a single conscience although i can still talk to you freely, but there is a catch," the voice now appeared to him and stood in front of him looking down on his body," you will change physically and mentally and soon you will know why. If you accept this my power and my weapon will be yours but if not, well its game over my boy so what's the deal," Hideyoshi didn't want to die just yet, but changing mentally and physically would be a more painful exsistance. Choosing the lesser of the two he tried to reach for the voice and coughed," bring me back you bastard so i can continue living," his body being bathed in a blue light as he woke up near the blade, the only voice being heard," Welcome back...partner now shall we leave and continue our mission," Hideyoshi nodded and stood up grabbing the blade," there is alot undone that needs to be fixed so let's begin," as the road to a new destiny was unlocked.

The tunnel would now close behind him as each step was taken by him, the chamber now being closed to the world so that no one else could ever know of its exsistance,"So where do we go from here Corbinek...although i do not know what the future holds for us, i want to make sure the one's i care about are okay. With this power i can protect all of them...and then some so for now we will rest and then in the morning we shall work on our plans...man this is going to be weird talking like this," speaking in the first person was weird, but he could manage it for now. Finally out of the cave, it would sink into the earth and disappear only showing trees and land as one flower stood where the entrance was. Smiling to it he would nod,"Today...rather tonight has made an alternate path in life and now it is up to us to bring a new rebirth so for now...restoration is at hand," with these words spoken, his body would disappear as he headed back to his house to sleep and prepare for the next day.



7 stats and 15 JP

Also requesting unlocking of Lost weapon(after approval of topic it will be made) and true avatar form unlocked

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Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: An Undying Resolve(Clash of Destiny) P/NK/IO   Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:19 am



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An Undying Resolve(Clash of Destiny) P/NK/IO
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