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 The Truth [P;Closed]

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Samuru Uchiha
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Truth [P;Closed]   Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:50 pm


The soft sounds of rain upon his skin, the blood mixing with this rain and dripping to the ground as crimson drops, the boys fists clenched tightly in anger and sadness over the day he had, the death of another family member, although ir does not take its toll on him this time, he understands now that he did the right thing, he was not the monster who slaughtered family, he was the hero who saved one of his family members by those that betrayed his family long ago.
His gaze is shifted downwards, his eyes watching every footstep upon the moist soil, each squish being focused upon as he is more or less in a trance while he thinks, trying to clear his mind.
The voice in his head told him to go to the forest, his head tilting upwards to note the trees around him, his form only slightly inside the forest at this point only having left the gates a little while ago, the boy breaking off from the dirt road and headed towards his right into the wooded area getting away from people and the public.
After a small amount of travel in the distance a small shack is seen, the wood it is made out of looking rotten but it is holding up in this storm, walking towards it he views an odd lock mechanism on the door, a curved stick used to keep the door shut, grasping and pulling it the door creaks open as Samuru walks inside, a large flat stone that looks big enough to be a bed is noted, turning he closes the door and re locks it, sitting upon the stone and looking upwards at the wooden ceiling of this small shed, his ears listening to the sound of rain impacting the outside of the shed, he wonders how this even for here.
As he sits there he begins to focus, projecting his thoughts in his head to be heard on a mental level, "I'm here, what do you want fox?"
The voice stays silent for a moment, Samuru sighing wondering if it was just messing with him again but the voice returns.
"I cannot talk to you like this, for us to truly talk you have to meditate like Echo showed you, I need to see you face to face."
Hearing his words the boy is leery of this but he has nothing else to do, he might as well see what the beast wants, maybe it will take his mind off the events that happened.
With a shuffle of his form he slides back upon the stone, his legs crossing, his right over his left as he leans his back against the wall which is fortified by being positioned against a tree so ti does not cave in, the boys eyes closing as he breaths soft and slow, calming his thoughts.
As the boy begins to relax the beast directs his mental state to the area in which it is stored, Samuru stands in an empty black landscape inside his mental space, looking around it is nothing but an abyss all the way around, the "floor" he is standing on looking to be part of this as well.
"You said you wanted to talk so where are you?!" the boy hollers into the blackness, a soft thump is heard behind him followed by a familiar voice, the voice of his father.
"I'm right here, son."
Samuru immediately turns upon hearing the thump, but as the voice is heard his eyes go wide and he backs up stumbling over his own feet and falling on his rar looking upwards, his palms on the ground holding his form.
"D-Dad how, what, why, huh?!" the boy exclaims, no real sentence made out of shock.
The form of Viper sighs a bit, the end of his sigh turning into a light chuckle as he shakes his head, his attire casual like normally worn in Asgard, this form created to better talk to his son with opposed to the form of a giant fox, somehow he believed that his son would not take kindly to a giant fox claiming to be his father.
The white Tee Shirt over laid by a black jacket, the jeans and sneakers, this is his garb in this form even the shorter hair is replicated and the Konohagakure no Sato headband, his right hand extending outwards towards his sons for him to take it, the boy grasps it right his own right hand as Viper pulls him to his feet, the boy still not speaking and still in shock.
Viper decides to speak first, his right hand reaching upwards and placing it upon his sons head, ruffling his hair slightly as a smile forms upon his lips.
"It's a long story, but I figured now was the best time to tell you the truth."
Hearing his words Samuru stands in place, he does not react like a happy child, but instead his head tilts upwards, his Masutaai glowing with his iris having hints of red, tears gathered at the base of his eyes, his right arm draws back as he swings forward making an attempt at striking his fathers face with his fist, this however is evaded by Viper leaning back, the boy growling as he steps forward trying to do the same with his left fist, Viper still back stepping whilst the assault continues to evade his punches, Samuru now yells out as the tears begin to flow.
"Why did you do this to me?! Why did you and mom leave me here alone on a world even you do not want to be in?! Why is it Hatsuka gets to stay but I am thrown away?!"
Viper stops as Samuru's fists impact his chest, the boy dropping to his knees before him as tears hit the black floor.
Viper with a sigh lowers himself to his knees as well, his arms wrapping around his son holding him tight in his embrace.
"I never left you son, I've been here the entire time watching over you. I will not make excuses for me being in Asgard, and I am sorry I let you down, I should be with you but I can not right now."
With Viper's words spoken Samuru trembles slightly in Viper's grasp as he tries to force back the tears, the ones that already fell lightly dampening Viper's clothing.
"But why? Why is it you have to be in Asgard because of these worthless mortals, why can't you be with me?"
The boy says, his voice slowly gaining stability, but still filled with sadness.
"It is for you, and your sister that I have to be here. When I was in the world yes, I united it all but I would also be nothing but a target, people would come after not only me, but you and your sister as well to get to me, I do not want you two going through that so I disbanded the nation and hid myself away, this left nothing for them to gain by going after you two."
Viper sighs as he pulls away from his son looking at him now, his hands on his shoulders.
"I did not just abandon you here, I let you go into the real world so you can experience life, Asgard is not where you want to grow up, it is a lonely place where you will eventually rot away, out here you can actually live your life, instead of false experiences in Asgard. Your here and not your sister because I know you can handle it, your strong just like me and your uncles, from watching you I can see you got the best from all three of us."
Hearing his words Samuru has calmed down a good amount, he coughs a bit as he wipes his eyes with his right fore arm.
"But I do not get it, how are you even here? Uncle Echo told me I had the Kyuubi inside of me?"
The boy says, Viper chuckling lightly at his words before he responds.
"He is half right, I did not tell many people the full truth, I do not think your mother even knows you have the Kyuubi, pretty sure she would kill me if she found out." Viper says as he begins to laugh, his smile wide and loving giving the fatherly treatment Samuru always needed.
"You have the Kyuubi in you, but it is not the real one. I took the Kyuubi inside your uncle and replicated its power and gave it to you, the will of the beast was removed and replaced with my own, this way I would make sure you did not go through a Jinchuriki's pain and watch over you as you grew and always be with you."
Samuru listens to his fathers words, he leans back now sitting upon the space looking at him, all this time he has been with him? But why did he not say anything up until not?
"If you were here this entire time, why did you let me think I was alone?!" the boy hollers, a slight bit of anger in his voice towards his father.
Viper as his son takes his seat does the sane, sitting across from him.
"I knew that if I let you know I was watching over you, then you would think I simply did not trust you, which is why I let you make mistakes, and get your ass kicked in battle with your uncles, I really did not appreciate that cock sucker comment."
The last of Viper's words are said with a smirk, letting him know he does in fact remember it.
Samuru gulps as his eyes grow wide, "That was when I thought you were some evil fox thing after my body!" he says panicking to defend himself, Viper laughing afterwards as he speaks.
"Do not worry about it, but now you see why. I chose to let you know now because I wanted to let you know that I love you, I may not always be around in the world but just know son, I do love you."
Viper moves to get beside his son, getting to his left as his right arm wraps around him pulling him towards him.
"Hell, you did pretty good without us so far, your my son after all and I knew you would be bad ass enough to handle it."
As Viper says his words Samuru smirks, his ego getting a nice pet which raises his mood, "Well I am the best Shinobi on the planet that is gonna surpass you and kick your ass for the seat of god!" the boy announces with much confidence in his words.
Viper tauntingly laughs at this, over playing it as he falls backwards laughing harder after releasing his son, rolling back and forth a bit adding a show to his laughter, this causes Samuru's eyes to narrow as he quickly gets to his feet and makes an attempt at kicking Viper on his left side, Viper taking this and only laughing more, Samuru growling at this.
"Do not laugh at me! I will be the one to rip a hole in Asgard and kick you out one day!"
With his words Viper stops taunting him, he slowly stops his laughter and sits up, "I fully count on it, in fact I expect you to do it so you better train hard. There will be a time soon, when your ready where you will have to face this version of me to fully gain the powers of this beast, I'm not gonna go easy on you, so if your words are true, when your ready come and "kick my ass"" he says with a smirk, Samuru nodding at this with a smirk mirroring his fathers.
The scene slowly begins to fade as Samuru's eyes open in reality, the boy is back in the shed, but the smirk remains on his face, his mind clear and his spirit renewed, he feels like he could take on the world and this point and he just might.
He gets to his feet and opens the door of the shed, stepping out and closing and locking it before running back towards the village, unknowing that the shed he was staying in his father built long ago before rebuilding Konohagakure no Sato.


2,076 words, water fall of truth for Kyuubi completed, 10 stats and 20JP.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: The Truth [P;Closed]   Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:51 pm



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The Truth [P;Closed]
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