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 The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )

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Mejiro Hyuga

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Hyuuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )   Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:03 am

Mejiro was sick of being last, he was sick of being overlooked, and he was sick of not being as strong as his brothers. Sure, he was two and four years younger than both of them, but he knew he could be stronger. Neither of them had the desire that he had to become the best. Nyji was too full of himself and already thought himself at the top of the food chain and Hizashi was too peaceful of a person to do what it had to take to become a top tier shinobi.

Mejiro on the other hand... he would stop at nothing to become the greatest ninja the world had ever seen. In his eyes, there were no limits, and being from the most noble bloodline in all of the ninja world already gave him an upper hand. He almost felt sorry for some of the other ninja that he was meeting in his academy classes. They were so naive about the world, some more than others, but as a whole they were already lost. Mejiro knew what it took to become a top tier ninja, how much hard work and dedication was required, they thought it was just handed to them. If he knew it wouldn't be such a waste of time he would try and explain things to them, but he knew they would not listen, and why should they?

The decision to leave Mejiro behind in the Leaf village had been one that had created much scorn in the eyes of Mejiro. Both his brothers and his father had left for the Cloud village to "help" them out. The Leaf were allies with the Cloud and they needed some Hyuuga to strengthen up their defenses. Mejiro had begged to go with them, attend the Academy at the Cloud, but it was a tradition for main house members to go through the academy at the Leaf village. Pfft, the traditions of the Hyuuga were outdated and needed to be changed, but all of the elders feared change. It was what really disgusted Mejiro, they refused to get with the times, and it was going to be the end of them all.

This was why Mejiro trained, he needed to be stronger so that he could one day take over as head of the Hyuuga and purify the bloodline. No more branch houses, only the purest would be allowed, Mejiro would not tolerate the weak underlings that the Hyuuga had let leach off of them for so long. Dahro was often found training with Mejiro, and while he knew Dahro was forced to hold back to make the boy look good, he honestly felt like his skills were advancing even beyond the elder man.

"Why don't we take it a little easier today, huh Mejiro?" Dahro was a weak man, a branch house members, whose entire life revolved around taking care of Mejiro. Mejiro did not need him, but there was something right about commanding around such a lowly Hyuuga, if he could even call himself that. A true and noble warrior would never allow someone to boss them around, even if it meant certain death. Which in Dahro's case, it did.

"You know I do not take it easy, ever, Byakugan!" His eyes changed, he felt it, and he saw the change immediately in his vision. Things were clearer when the Byakugan was activated, he considered it to be true vision. Unlike the tainted Sharingan which was nothing more than a whores cheating eyes. The Byakugan was elite, and Mejiro planned to demonstrate it to the world.

Dahro activated his Byakugan, but Mejiro was already on the assault, he jumped right in and began to try and his Dahro and incapacitate him. Dahro was fast, Mejiro would give him that, but Mejiro had a bloodlust that his assistant did not. Where Dahro would dodge and focus on defense, Mejiro was trying to end everything right off the bat. Jabs to the chakra points, all met by his surprisingly quick defense. Though he did not look it, Dahro was an accomplished Byakugan user.

Mejiro paused his onslaught for a moment, and so did Dahro, he would not attack Mejiro for whatever reason. In the past, Mejiro had tried to get him to strike, but he never gave in. He had a thicker skin than anyone Mejiro had ever met. "Why do you refuse to attack me! How am I supposed to become a better shinobi when my sparring partner is just as useful as one of the ducks that laze around in the pond all day!"

"To understand defense, one must first learn how to break through it, only then will I start to attack you." Dahro really knew how to set Mejiro off. This made Mejiro come even harder than he had before. All of his strikes were sent with harm behind them, he wanted to hurt Dahro, he wanted to prove that his offense was better than his stupid defense.

But, it was all in vain, he could not penetrate his defense. "Fuck you Dahro! Attack me, I demand it, I am of the main house and you do as I say!" He was getting angry now, and he could tell Dahro was having to fight returning anger.

"Spare me the insults young Mejiro. You, like every other Hyuuga, must earn the right to be attacked. I do not fear you, why should I attack you?"

Mejiro's anger was going over the top. Everything that had been bugging him recently was coming to a head and he was taking it out on the only person he could, Dahro. His rage was boiling over, when suddenly, something changed. His eyes twitched, and he had to reach up and clutch them as the pain shot through his head. He fell to his knees and he screamed out in pain. What was happening? What kind of jutsu was this?

"Do you have me in a genjutsu, Dahro?" Mejiro screamed from his position on the ground now. After what seemed like forever, the pain ceased, and Mejiro could open his eyes. What came next was a surprise like Mejiro had never experienced before. "Is this... level two of the Byakugan?" His vision was better, he could see further, and it felt as if his chakra was stronger than it had been before. Had he really unlocked the second level of the Byakugan, not even Nyji had unlocked it yet?

Dahro had let his defenses down to check on Mejiro, that had been a mistake, as soon as he saw an opening he attacked. It had to be true, his speed was greater than it had been before and he could see way better than in level one. Dahro was caught off guard, but he still blocked the attack, but it was obvious he was surprised. Dahro could not keep up with him now, Mejiro was getting close to hitting him with every attack. The confidence was welling inside of Mejiro now, he was going to beat Dahro for the first time.

His confidence was cut short, though, as he was about to strike Dahro in a vital point he blocked it and in return socked Mejiro square in the jaw. Mejiro was stunned and sent backwards. He had no time to think, though, as Dahro came in with a kick. Mejiro managed to block it, but the power was almost too great, and when he stopped the kick Dahro spun around and hit him in the gut with such force that the wind was knocked completely out of him.

Mejiro sunk to the ground, trying his hardest to fill his lungs back up with air, and Dahro stopped the onslaught. He stood tall over Mejiro and waited for him to catch his breath. "Congratulations young Mejiro, you managed to get me to attack you, but you still have a long ways to go."

Mejiro wanted to curse him, but he could not speak, he was still gasping for air. Dahro could only laugh as he helped Mejiro back to his feet. "Do not worry, Mejiro, you are growing stronger by the day and it is only a matter of time before you surpass both your brothers. You are already stronger than they were at this age, so you have that to think about. Come, lets eat, and rest for the day. Tomorrow we will continue."

And so Mejiro ate but he could not rest. The combination of excitement over learning the second level of the Byakugan and anger from losing to Dahro so badly kept him awake. The only thing that was on his mind was beating Dahro, killing him, and proving that he was superior to the branch house.

WC: 1,461
+7 for sparring
+14 JP
Level 2 of the Byakugan unlocked
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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 2
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Koutaishi
Clan Element : Paper Release
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )   Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:10 am

Approved for training.


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Mejiro Hyuga

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Hyuuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )   Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:42 am

Since the unlocking of the second level of his Byakugan, Mejiro had been training recklessly with a renewed vigor. Getting the second level before both of his brothers had boosted his confidence to completely new levels. The first thing he had done after he learned the new technique was send a messenger toad to his father and brother, Hizashi, who were in the village hidden in the clouds. He had not yet received anything from his father, but his brother Hizashi, had sent a congratulatory letter. He certainly appreciated his brothers thanks, but without his father saying anything, it all seemed so empty. No matter what Mejiro did he knew he would get attention from Hizashi, the only other thing he really wanted was for his father approval, and to best Nyji in a spar.

The only way he was going to accomplish those goals was to train harder than he ever had before. Beating Nyji was not going to be an easy feat, Mejiro knew that, and it was honestly what drove him to train so hard. His routine had always been vigorous but he had really stepped up his game as of late. He was always up before Dahro and practicing his technique. Technique was everything. One misstep one way or one hesitation could either make or break a fighter so he had to be absolutely perfect.

It had been two weeks since he unlocked the second level of the Byakugan, and in those two weeks, he had created quite the stir among the academy students. He was no longer Nyji's little brother, and instead, was the kid with the golden eyes. It was funny, really, that the attention he was receiving now was only because he had unlocked something so early. For years he wanted to be respected based on his skills and desire to work harder than everyone else but now they all gave him respect, not for his desire, but because he could do something they all could not.

None the less he still had many many training hours ahead of him. Soreness? It was but an after thought now. Hunger and tiredness? Mere obstacles that he had to overcome. The desire to become the best ruled his every thought. His hands slammed against the wooden training dummy time and time again. He had grown passed the pain his knuckles, wrist, and fingers felt and now he was going through the motions trying to get his punches just right.

Aiming punches was important, hitting was only a step in the entire process, there was so much more behind a punch than just wildly slinging ones arms. Aim, rotation, power, location, they were all key elements that had to be blended together seamlessly to create the perfect punch. It had to become muscle memory and he had to repeat the same process over and over again until it was second nature.

Strike after strike with his right arm to the jaw of the dummy seemed to waste away countless hours. The repetitions soothed him. He would lose his self in his own thoughts and dreams of one day becoming the leader of the main branch of the Hyuga clan. It all started right there and now, or rather, had been in the process since he was born.

"Vigilant as always I see?" Dahro had approached unbeknownst to Mejiro who did not stop striking the dummy even as he approached. The only noise that left his throat were the grunts from hitting the target. "You know, Mejiro, I remember when you were born. Both of your brothers were swelling with pride at having a younger brother. Your mother and father showed you off to everyone, how happy they were. The funny thing was, you did not cry. No, instead you observed every movement with a keen eye, taking every inch of the newfound world you were discovering. I had no doubt that you would turn into a fine shinobi, and here you are, proving everyone right."

Mejiro stopped swinging at the dummy for a moment and tried to push down the swelling anger that was boiling inside of him. Their pride? Their joy? All bullshit! They left him here with Dahro and no one else. He reared back and he punched the dummy with every bit of force he could muster, uprooting the wood and sending it flying into the wall in front of him.

"It is easy for you to stand there and say that you "knew" I was going to become a fine shinobi! Everything I have I earned by myself and you know that. Pride and joy? Utter and complete bullshit! If they loved me so much then why did they leave me here? If they love me so much then how come father has never once told me he was proud of me or that he loved me? As a matter of fact I haven't spoken two words to him in six months! My entire life revolves around pleasing a man who does not care one ounce about my success. He is too busy bragging about the prodigal first son, Nyji! So don't patronize me with your stories of old, recognize the now, and know that he does not love me."

He did not realize it but he was shaking from the anger, crying from the sadness, and his knees were working overdrive to stop from buckling out from underneath himself. He did not move or speak, only slight whimpers came out now, and Dahro was speechless. Mejiro did not break down in front of anyone, especially Dahro, but things had become too much for him recently. The most important part of his life so far had happened and his father did not even take the time to return a message to him.

"Your pain is deep and there is nothing I can say to soothe your woes. But I can offer some advice. Do not live your life trying to please other people, it will get you nowhere. Instead, live trying to please yourself. You are the only one who will ever make yourself happy so you have to try and do just that: make yourself happy." Dahro rested his hand on Mejiro's shoulder and he had to admit, it was nice to have a person try and soothe him, he hated doing everything by himself.

"Don't think for a second that because you saw me cry that I am weak. Even the strongest shinobi cry!" Dahro smiled and took his hand off of Mejiro. For a moment, Mejiro missed the comfort that such a small act bestowed upon him, but cry baby time was over, it was time to train. "Let's see if you can hit me today!"

Dahro knew when it was time to spar, and he immediately went into action, coming at Mejiro with a roundhouse kick. Mejiro did a backflip to dodge the kick and he transformed into it a handstand and flipped himself even further back. He floated through the air and landed softly before he smirked and activated the pride of the Hyuga. "Byakugan!"

For hours they sparred, never once relenting against each other, attack after attack and dodge after dodge they trained well into the evening. He had come to know Dahro's tactics and he was becoming a better fighter because of it. His speed was increasing with every training session, and while Dahro was faster than himself, Mejiro could see things almost before they happened.

"You're getting stronger Mejiro, but you are still no match for me, how do you plan on beating Nyji when you are this slow?" Dahro came at him with another attack after his verbal assault, which was completely unlike Dahro, he did not usually resort to such tactics. Mejiro narrowly dodged the overhead kick, and the sweep that came after almost took him off his feet. Then another punch, then another, then finally his lack of speed caught up to him and he took a kick directly to the chest which sent him flying off his feet and crashing to the ground.

"Come on! You're too slow, too weak, and you stand in one place for to long. You talk to me about becoming the leader of the Hyuga, or even becoming hokage, and you let me walk all over you. You bring shame to the main house!" What the hell was Dahro doing? Was he trying to piss off Mejiro? "Hit me main house brat!"

Mejiro jumped to his feet and he charged Dahro with a fury like he did not know he possessed. He was right, if he was going to beat Nyji, he first had to best Dahro who could not go toe to toe with his brother. Part of him was angry at Dahro for speaking to him like that, the other part was angry because he knew it was true.

He swung at Dahro, who simply sidestepped, and then sent a knew into Mejiro's stomach unlike any knew he had ever taken. The air was completely sucked from his lungs and he let out a whimper as he grabbed his stomach and sunk to the ground, unable to focus or move. Dahro then pulled his sword from his sheath and he put it to the neck of Mejiro.

"Your anger, it blinds you. People will use tactics like this against you to illicit this exact reaction. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, Mejiro, and I applaud that. It must not have been easy to grow up in your brothers shadow. But you must understand that you cannot let things like that bother you. If you wish to become the best you have to ignore all of your primal instincts and only focus on one thing: Success. Again."

So again they went, but this time Mejiro was more calm and collected, he still felt angry at the words. Not that Dahro had said them, but that they were true, and add to the fact that Dahro knew exactly what got under Mejiro's skin, it made for a bad combo. They sparred until dark when Mejiro collapsed. He did not remember much but he knew that he woke up, safely in his bed, and instantly removed himself and went back to training.

"I did not expect you to be up so early."

"What good is sleep to me? Every minute I waste is another minute Nyji is stronger than me."

Dahro smirked and he wasted no time, coming directly for Mejiro. Mejiro knew it was coming and he dodged under it and sent a kick to Dahro's gut. He dodged it but Mejiro did not stop the onslaught there. He came in with a flurry of kicks and punches, trying with every bit of his power to land a punch on him, which he had never successfully done. Attempt after attempt all failed until Mejiro finally exploded.

"How the hell am I supposed to do this! Every day I train harder then the last and I get nowhere against you!"

"Nowhere? Mejiro, look at yourself, you are ten years old and you have the Byakugan and not just a regular Byakugan but the second level. This is not an overnight process, it is never going to be easy, and nothing is going to be handed to you. If you want it you have to reach up and grab it, and that is what you are doing, and every time you stop and question it you hinder your own training."

He was right, he spent too much time thinking that he could not do something and not enough time actually trying to do something. He paused and he smirked. For once everything made sense. He let all of the anger, angst, sorrow, and pain soak in. He did not let it bother him, though, he embraced it. He felt different, more powerful, he felt like what he felt like when he achieved the second level of the Byakugan.

Confident, he shouted, "Byakugan!" His vision was flooded and he clutched his eye, fighting the desire to fall down, he knew he had activated the third level. His confidence surged and he had to adjust to vision, which was no three hundred and sixty degrees. On top of that, he could now see through solid objects, and he could see people training on the other side of the wall.

"Whoa..." He said as he looked around in complete awe. Dahro was standing motionless with a look of shock on his face obviously unaware that Mejiro possessed the ability to go level three.

"Did.... did you really go that far?" The shock was obvious in his voice. Dahro had never achieved the third level, something he had talked about often, and now he stood before a mere boy who had reached it. Mejiro could do nothing but smile and look around with his new vision.

"This is so COOL!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. His body felt lighter, his arms felt stronger, his awareness was off the charts. Before Dahro even moved he knew he was coming at him with an attack. Smirking, Mejiro ducked under the kick, flipped around with a 360 kick, and connected directly into his rib cage and sent him skidding across the ground.

"So.... it's true then." Dahro could not believe it, he had been hit for the first time since he had started training Mejiro, and he seemed upset. "That's enough for today." And just like that, he was gone. Mejiro was left standing confused about what just happened. He figured he would be happy for Mejiro, not angry, Mejiro had accomplished a goal and had finally attacked Dahro.

The rest of his day was spent fooling around with his new vision. He had so much more to train now. Instead of training to fight directly in front of him, he also had to learn how to fight from behind. One thing was for sure, he was coming for Nyji.

Still, Mejiro was left wondering why Dahro had acted the way that he did, and honestly he was upset. Hizashi and Dahro seemed to be the only people who cared anything about Mejiro and it stung to know that Dahro held so much malice towards him for achieving something great. It bugged him greatly and he lost sleep over it, but the next morning, he was right as rain. He had achieved the third level before his brothers had even achieved the second.

WC: 2,423
Level 3 Byakugan
+12 stat points
+24 JP

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Tomoko Satsuma
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )   Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:22 am

Approved for Appropriate Rewards

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PostSubject: Re: The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )   

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The Noble Hyuuga ( Private Training )
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