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 Forest Training

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Forest Training   Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:23 am

Mezurashii rose early, bathing and dressing quickly she went to her papa's room and helped him out of bed. He was still covered in bandages and had couldn't walk without a crutch, but he was alive and for that they were both thankful.

As she helped him down the stairs papa smiled sadly "you should be training, not helping me" he said and the redhead sighed.

"What kind of kunoichi would I be if I left my own family to fend for themselves when there injured. Besides, one of the medics will be visiting today so I'll be training when they come around" she said as she began making breakfast. Cooking the crumbed fish slowly she made some onigiri and made some orange juice.

"Your going to make a wonderful wife one day" he said suddenly and Mezurashii tripped over her own feet. Granted she caught herself but that didn't stop her wide eyes turning to him.

"W-what? I'm sixteen papa! I'm way to busy to think about boys!" she tried but her papa just laughed her off, she sighed in an exasperated manner before turning back to the cooking fish.

"I'm burning your fish now" she muttered loudly. She grinned victoriously when her papa gave a panicked shout of 'No!' but before any movement could be made there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it papa, don't you dare get out of that chair" Mezurashii gave a mock glare to the brown haired man before walking off to get the door. Walking down the spacious hallway she slid the door open to see the medic.

"Hello medic-san, please come in" the redhead said kindly as she moved for the medic to enter, it was a man looking around the age of thirty and he walked with a tone of confidence, but not so much as it screamed 'arrogant!' but simply said 'I am a medic' and so Mezurashii had no problem with this man.

She silently led him to her papa, and then tended to the food. Plating it on the table for both men the young kunoichi grabbed an onigiri before bounding out the window.

"Bye!" she yelled out before taking the tunnels to the forest, she ducked under a root that led to an entrance of the underground passage and ran at top speed, taking many turns before jumping up a hole in the roof. Soon the earth turned to wood, meaning she was in a tree trunk, and exiting through an over sized hollow.

Mezurashii took in a deep breath as she just stood there, taking in the beautiful scenery. She closed her eyes and twirled childishly before leaning backwards and falling of the edge in a graceful manner. She landed on the ground quietly as she focused her chakra and spread it around herself, her eyes still closed, before running at top speed.

She twirled around rocks and roots, dodged branches and falling leaves, she jumped off trees and skidded across the soft soil. All the while keeping her eyes closed and using her chakra to see for her, there were a few times when she stumbled or bumbed into something but she was learning quickly.

'Step, spin, jump' it went on. She continued this method for at least an hour, before coming to a pause at a large stream. She opened her eyes and rested, breathing deeply so her body could regain it's needed oxygen level.

She rested under the shade, she put her hand out. Palm-up at about chest level, a leaf fell into her hand and she began using her wind chakra to make it dance, a breeze twirled it one way while a gust made it jump.

At the end it stood by it's stem in the centre of her palm, and with a quick burst of wind it shredded into a million pieces and fluttered away with the wind. She sighed quietly before standing up, walking onto the water Mezurashii began her kata's.

The redhead started out with simple kata's but quickly began to use more complicated movements, jumping and twisting. Using her flexibility to perform the more difficult moves she flipped back and performed a mid-air eight kick combo.

When she landed with only a single ripple Mezurashii let loose her wind chakra, it spun around her in an almost violent way but yet it had a calmness in it's movements. Like a great blanket is spanned over several metres, causing branches to bend and shake and leaves to spin and fly rapidly. It lashed out at random times but the redhead ignored everything around her as she continued to wear out her body and chakra reserves.

Mezurashii continued this method of training, the water picking up and splashing onto the bank like mini waves. Eventually she grew bored of this and jumped to the trees, running at top speed she was nothing but a blur and all she left in her wake was a strong gush of wind and debris.

Eventually she cut off her wind chakra and just focused on running, she smiled whimsically as the wind sang to her. She jumped and twirled at high speeds, causing whirlwinds to appear.

Eventually she stopped, panting heavily as her entire body shook with fatigue. It was well into the afternoon and Mezurashii knew she should be heading home, she walked slowly and even stumbled at some points on her way to her house.

When she finally reached the door she slid it open and went straight to the bathroom, she took a shower instead of bath in fear of falling asleep and drowning in the bathtub, when she was thoroughly showered and wearing just a baggy shirt and pants she made her way into the kitchen and noticed the note on the table.

'Went for check-up and some other complicated medical stuff, be back after dark probably. Don't bother visiting, I'll be escorted home by mister medic. Love you!' she smiled at her papa's handwriting. She made a large early dinner and put some away for her papa before eating her food and washing the dishes. stretching slowly Mezurashii walked up the stairs and to her bedroom.

Not even bothering to change the redhead snuggled into her blankets and fell asleep quickly, dreaming of something she would forget in the morning.

[+5 stats and 10 JP]


Mezurashii's stats. Profile

The wind sings a voiceless tune, but always it lingers, singing it's secrets. You need only to listen.
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Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Forest Training   Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:59 am

Approved for listed JP & stats.

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Forest Training
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