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 Earth Release Training {Finished}

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Omoi Yamanaka
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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Earth Release Training {Finished}   Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:35 pm

Kino was in his room, in his home. His home was located in the Uchiha district, it was a small, simple apartment building. He was sleeping, in his bed. The bed was large, built for two, why Kino brought it, even he does not know, however he uses it, no point in not using something that is there. He was snoring, lightly, this often happened when he slept. Most of his family did this, he doesn’t know why, it was just common for them to do so. He was drooling, lightly as well. He dreamt nice, happy things, nice dreams, rather than the opposed nightmares he normal that have been based normally on his past experiences, from his father attempting to murder him, from the destruction of Kirigakure. Normally his dreams put him back into discovering Kirigakure was destroyed, or back in place where his father had attempted to kill Kino. Other times his dreams altered reality, making Kino enjoy killing his father and turning into a ruthless killer, later destroying Kirigakure, killing his mother, and past friends, and laughing at the dead corpses as he cut them to pieces, he usually wakes up at those points. Another time was when he would be in Kirigakure during the destruction, sometimes it’s his father attacking the village, and Kino could only watch as his father gutted his mother and friends before his eyes, and then was killed by the already blood stained hands of his father. These dreams were caused, mainly due to guilt, Kino assumed. Guilt for killing his father, even though he had tried to kill Kino. Guilt for not being there for his mother, and guilt for not being there at the moment, in Sunagakure, with his half sister.

His father had tried to kill Kino not too long ago, he was the same age in year as now, though it’s been a month or so. His father was a skilled Jounin, a medical shinobi, one of the better ones in Sunagakure. Kino had killed him in a test, at first he had figured the threat was real, the situation real, everything, real. Though in the end he had learned the truth, he had learned that his father had planned his own death, that this was nothing more than a test to figure out whether or not Kino had, or could have, access to the sharingan, which he eventually could have. In fact, through the fight, two of the first three tomoe had been unlocked within Kino. Kino later wandered, across the continent looking for a new home, in the process he had met someone, well, not so much as met, moreso saw and then got knocked out by. Kino hadn’t been training since killing his father, he was determined that his eyes would save him should he ever come into conflict again, combat. The eyes didn’t help though, they barely worked on this opponent at all. His speed was great, making him untrackable with the two tomoe sharingan, and Kino’s past speed. Kino was knocked out within seconds of the battle, when he awoke, he had the third tomoe. He escaped, and killed the other one he was imprisoned with. The prisoner went by the name Kenta, it wasn’t long after they had met that Kino was burning him to death with the Fire ball jutsu technique. The man had attacked Kino first, and Kino had felt little to no guilt for doing what he did, though he still felt sorry for the way he killed the man. Kino then wandered the borders once more, training. He had mastered a few higher ranking techniques, for the elemental nature release of Fire. Fire release was common among the Uchiha clan, and Kino had obtained this Nature release as well. While journeying, Kino discovered something he never wished to. He found that Kirigakure was destroyed, pretty much beyond repair. Though he was told this, he believed it. He had heard rumors around Konohagakure, about Kirigakure. Though Kino had never heard of who had destroyed the village, that was for later discoveries. With his family now destroyed, all but his half sister who remained, hopefully alive, in Sunagakure, Kino ventured on to Konohagakure, to make himself a new home.

He was successful in joining Konohagakure with the Hokage’s permission, though he now has a few ANBU watching over him to make sure Kino doesn’t try anything suspicious. Kino had always wondered, when will they stop? It’s been quite sometime since Kino joined the village Hidden in the leaves, though they still seem to suspect him of future betrayal. Kino can sometimes notice the ANBU, usually their obvious, plain in sight. Other times, normally when Kino would be watching over his genin squad, training them, accompanying them on missions. This was just future predictions of his, he expected to one day be able to do all of those things, however so far they have been through only one meeting.

An alarm went off, Kino threw his arm over, his fist slamming on his alarm clock. He woke up with a yawn, then looked, his sleepy eyes glaring over at his now broken alarm clock. He sighed, “Shit!” He would say, using his more outdoor voice rather than a nice, quiet, peaceful indoor voice like most had when waking up. His alarm clock now broken, he would need to get a new one, eventually, or remind himself to wake up in his own sleep. He sighed, standing up on his soft, floor. His room had nice, white carpet in it. He cleaned weekly, usually on sundays, however on occasions, when he’s bored he would clean his home on a Saturday or even a Friday. He walked over towards a door, the width in the doorway made it possible to fit three and a half normal doors, however this door wasn’t all the way normal, most had it, though a majority of the population in Kirigakure had used opening and closing doors, at the moment, he slid the door over to the side, it would disappear nearly entirely into the wall. The room had been built especially for that, the door being capable of sliding through the wall, the wall being made so that the door could slide. Behind the door lays his clothing, pants, socks, shirts, pretty much any type of clothing Kino owned. He didn’t use dressers, that had simple drawers on them. No, inside his closet there were multiple drawers built into the wall. Kino smiled upon seeing them, often, saved him the space in his home, mainly in his room, allowed for easier walking since the room had been built so small, why they built it the size they did, was beyond Kino’s knowledge. He pulled out a black sleeveless shirt, something he wore often, and had multiple versions of. All of them were black, just slightly different, one had short sleeves, another had longer ones. One even had the symbol of Konohagakure, the exact same on the forehead protector, or more commonly known as a headband, had on the metal plate. It was colored yellow, though that wasn’t the one Kino was going for, he was aimed directly at wearing the black sleeveless shirt, it was plain with no images on it. He took off what he slept in, and put on the shirt. Next he pulled out his black pants, simple black pants. They went down to his ankles, and had multiple pockets in them. He held them up with a built, they were slightly loose, he prefered them like that, however the belt would hold them up. Holding his pants up wasn’t the only use for the built, it held a pouch on his belt, that had the ability of holding small projectile weapons, such as Kunai, Senbon, and Shuriken. Often it could hold stuff like paper bombs as well. He then put on some simple shoes, something most of the shinobi wore when going out into battle, or training perhaps as well.

He sighed, heading outside of his room, then noticed he had finally messed up his normal, morning schedule. He normally goes out of his room, down the hall, into the kitchen and eats breakfast first, then goes back to get dressed. However, now he seemed to be doing something different, just switching the two around really, nothing too large, he could live with it either way, though preferred the way he was used to. He was used to change, seeing as he’s had three different villages as his home. He was used to different structures for buildings, colors and paints as well for them. Sunagakure seemed to have sand covering the buildings, an example, or could have just been some fancy paint made to make them appear like so.

He continued down the hall, just ahead of where he was moving to was the bathroom, to the right, the living room. The living room was attached to the kitchen, there was no walls blocking view, or entry to the kitchen. He walked on the wooden floor, turning towards the living room. There was a small couch, built for three at the most to sit on, it could fit more depending on the size of the people, though it was built for three average sized adults to enjoy. Ahead of it was a coffee table, Kino often used it as a footrest though, he made sure not to get it dirty, and cleaned it up whenever he did. He often sat there when eating, he doesn’t own a table fit for a dining room, he refused to get one due to the fact that he has no dining room for a table so large. He walked over to his kitchen. Like his bedroom, he was walking on soft, carpeted flooring. The carpet, as any other room with carpet in it, the hall and his bedroom for example, was white. Pure white. The reason why it didn’t have a spot on it was because he kept up with his cleaning.

Kino stepped forward, entering the borders of his kitchen and stepping out of the borders of his living room. He sighed, looking down he expected the cold feeling he normally felt to hit him, as he stepped onto the tiled flooring. He then remembered, he was dressed, wearing his shoes to prevent that. He smiled, he could get used to that small fact about the morning. Though now the cold feeling wouldn’t force him to wake up, and he’ll have to awaken completely on his own. He walked over to the cabinets above the sink, opening the cabinet doors towards him. He saw multiple colored boxes, each containing a different type of cereal. He pulled out a yellow box, one of his favorite types of cereal had been stored in this box. He opened it, afterwards finding a small bowl, he used plastic rather than metal ones. He filled it up entirely, and then closed the box, placing it back. He went towards his fridge, opening and pulling out a plastic bottle of milk. The bottle was made of plastic, it contained and imprisoned the liquid milk. He opened the bottle, pouring a small bit of the healthy liquid over his cereal, filling the bowl more and more. He placed it back, sealing the milk bottle up once more, leaving the liquid trapped. He smiled, taking his bowl over to his coffee table. He grabbed a spoon on his way. He sat down, placing the bowl down, and sat down on his couch, the center of it. It was colored black, it added the sense of darkness to the brightly colored room. The walls were painted white, the floor was white, the coffee table was brown. The couch and the table were the only things that stuck out in the living room, minus the invisible and intangible wall blocking the kitchen. He put the spoon in the bowl filled with cereal and milk. He began to look up, out of the window. He had the tallest apartment in the building, and had a window, directly in front of him, that allowed him to look outside, down upon Konohagakure, and note the weather before going out, this allowed him to dress and prepare, something that is now flawed due to him already being dressed, but all well. The weather was perfect anyways. It was nice, barely any clouds anywhere, the blue sky was nearly clear, minus one or two clouds. The sun was shining brightly, he could tell due to how light it was, even though the sun was behind his house at the moment, or perhaps hovering over his house. It was around nine o'clock, most people are presumably still sleeping in. He sighed, and began to eat his bowl of cereal. The bits of cereal inside were all covered in honey, delicious, in Kino’s opinion. He had added extra sugar, simply to wake himself up and prepare for the already planned day of training.

Upon finishing, he would go walk back over to the kitchen, and place the bowl in the sink. He burped slightly, his stomach was satisfied, he was full. He didn’t want to eat anymore, he had no more of a reason to. He had eaten earlier because it was on his schedule. He placed the bowl in the sink, he always did this. He would clean it up with any other dishes in the sink, later, after eating his dinner. He walked, towards the front door which had been located in his living room as well, though most doors were, he was used to seeing it in Kirigakure whenever he visited his mother’s friends, to stay while she went out on more important missions Kino couldn’t escort her on, these missions were usually more dangerous, higher ranking missions, such as A or S ranking ones, that involved fighting. Kino only went on one of those higher ranking missions and nearly cost her victory, along with her life, and his own. Many members of her team had died on the mission, due to Kino. He nearly began to cry, thinking about it, but held the tears back. What’s done is done after all, always, forever to be set in stone, never to be rewritten differently, or changed altogether. He sighed, leaving after grabbing his scarf and headband, also known as his forehead protector.

Kino dashed across the rooftops of various buildings in Konohagakure, he was simply jogging around, enjoying the nice, pleasant, and peaceful weather. He stopped on a building close to his apartment building. He was near the edge, looking down at the street with a small grin as he watched children play ninja in the streets, they pretended to fight one another, using small sticks as weapons. Kino placed his hands in his pockets and watched, noticing one of the lot had a small headband, the genin seemed to be playing with the young shinobi who couldn’t enter the academy or haven’t passed yet. He sighed, and looked up, wondering if he could have had that type of life before his life was ruined, and changed entirely for the worse. He was staring into the blue sky, almost as if he was looking down into a large ocean of water. He was waiting, for an idea. He had planned to train for the ability to use the nature release known as lightning, though now that he thought about it, he reconsidered. Earth release may be more useful, as he thought of it. It could be used for more strategical means, for slowing down an opponent, perhaps stopping them dead in their tracks, hopeless, waiting and fearing for their death. Fine thoughts after watching children play shinobi in the streets. He looked back down at the smiling faces below, they were all having fun, trading comments, occasionally joking about one or another. He sighed, his grin remained though. The lot had no idea on what it meant to be a true shinobi, or the hardships most of the shinobi kind had to deal with. He laughed a bit, as he watched them play, then jumped over the small gap where the street was located, and onto the next building. He continued forward, walking, considering. What would he do next? Perhaps go training for the nature release of earth, or perhaps simply work on his own strength and speed, or perhaps put his stamina to the limits, and attempt to go beyond the limitations god has set for him. He sighed, wondering what to do.

He continued to roam the village, heading for the shopping district. He had decided, he was going to train the elemental nature release. He was going to train, and hopefully master, though he doubted he would do it in one day, earth release. He walked into a shop, it had multiple weapons on the walls and shelves inside. From simple Katana, to different types of swords, capable of doing more damage should a hit land. There were also small projectiles, one multi-pointed one, being the Shuriken, there were a few different types, one being the demon windmill, something Kino had always considered to be a shuriken. They also had Kunai, and the small needle that could be used for surgery perhaps, a senbon. All of these weapons came in handy, though Kino wasn’t here for any of them. He looked ahead, chakra paper was the first thing he saw. He grabbed a few pieces, the perfect amount for training with. He left, after thanking the store’s manager. He was heading for the rooftops once more, he used chakra stored in his feet to climb, and scale the walls of buildings to get to them. He continued jumping across, and climbing more buildings until he had reached the forest, where he had decided to train at. He took the first of ten small sheets and began to pour his chakra in it, intending to make it show that Kino could use the elemental nature release of earth, by turning it to something similar to dirt. Though all that happened was a simple burn, he sighed, a sign for Fire release. He attempted to do so again and again, on the seventh try it finally happened. He tested with the last two and was successful, he had trained the nature release of earth.

{Earth release trained, 3065 words, +15 stats, +30 JP.}
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Release Training {Finished}   Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:36 pm

Approved for listed stats, JP & element.

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Earth Release Training {Finished}
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