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 A Different Sort of Training

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PostSubject: A Different Sort of Training   Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:16 am

Mezurashii sighed happily from her branch, the forest was teeming with life. Birds and insects sang while the earthbound creatures created the music, one that didn't have a set rhythm but was wonderful all the same.

The redhead was currently reading a newly bought book, and was enjoying her time alone. Granted she loved spending time with her friends and family but she just wanted a little quiet time.

Plus it wasn't healthy to do nothing but train and train and train. Her teammates spend so much time training their bodies that they don't train their mind, and it seems they are strangers to the concept of relaxation. Maybe she should take them to the Lunar Festival that was coming up in her small village? She would have to ask the Kage first but she was sure Sensei would agree, it would be a matter of convincing her teammates.

Mezurashii shook those thoughts from her head. She's supposed to be relaxing for Kami's sake! And so Mezurashii leaned up against the trunk of the giant tree and, once comfortable, continued to read 'Human Body, The Ultimate Machine' in the relaxing company of the forest.

Idly she wondered if her teammates would stumble upon her, they had an uncanny habit of doing that even if it was unintentional.


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The wind sings a voiceless tune, but always it lingers, singing it's secrets. You need only to listen.
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Fame : 11
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 1285

PostSubject: Re: A Different Sort of Training   Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:45 pm

When Mezurashii finally finished her book it was well into the afternoon, she stretched happily before shifting into a cross legged position. She focused inward and entered her mental realm.

Looking around she clicked her tongue. 'A lot of work needs to be done' she thought, the thoughts echoing in the abyss.

She closed her eyes and imagined a large pond being fueled by a stream that led to an underground spring. This would symbolize her chakra reserves.

Next she imagined a large willow tree with white blooming flowers on its vines, this would symbolize her will. Each flower being a memory and reason to continue, whether it's fighting or trying to figure out a riddle.

Beside that she imagined a small hut, this would hold her information and memories, it would hold all the details of the memory. Even the ones she didn't consciously notice.

She imagined all of this in a field of small hills and grassy plains, flowers that changed colour depending on mood dotted the green with colour. Off in the distance was a cliff, a powerful waterfall flowing over it.

Surrounding the grassland and waterfall are forests. Her first mental barrier, her defense against mind-raiders.

The forest is thick and lush, so it's easy to get lost. There are many trails and paths but none lead to her sanctuary, the only way is to walk backwards while whistling a particular tune. After that you must back flip onto an old log and the jump into the trees, twisting thrice before you land. After that you jump through the trees landing on every second branch, when you've done enough a huge ape will appear and try to grab you. If you let it the ape will take you to the Grasslands, there you can simply walk to the Sanctuary.

Mezurashii opened her eyes as she returned to the real world, her chakra was greatly depleted and her chakra paths ached. When she gazed up tiredly at the sky she noticed it was well into the night. Sighing she rose and slowly made her way home, creating a mental barrier was more difficult than most would think. And she had a lot more to do.

[585 words in total, 2 stat points]


Mezurashii's stats. Profile

The wind sings a voiceless tune, but always it lingers, singing it's secrets. You need only to listen.
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A Different Sort of Training
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