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 Training with the Buster sword

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PostSubject: Training with the Buster sword   Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:08 pm

In the condensed forest Sadao had just got his buster sword, and was going to try it out, and see what it could do. He was laying in the grass with the buster sword lying next to him. He slowly got up, bent down and grabbed the sword. He then backed up away from the tree, and held the buster sword to his side. Sadao started running towards the poor tree, with the buster sword dragging in the dirt. Sadao swung the sword in the tree. Tunk! The blade was lodged in the tree 1/3 of the way into it. Sadao wriggled the blade out of the trunk, and then was ready to strike the tree again. This time he was going to strike it on the left side of the tree instead of the right. Sadao cocked his foot back, and charged the six foot blade right into the trunk of the tree. The blade was lodged half way through the tree. With a weak push of his finger, the top of the tree fell down into dirt, and a grin came on Sadao's face. Sadao was only doing side strikes at the time, and now he was ready for uppercuts, strikes from the air, and stabs. Sadao climed up a tree that was slighty taller that another one. Sadao jumped in the air with his Buster sword above his head ready to attempt to cut the tree in half. Right when he struck the tree with is blade, he heard a noise that didn't sound promising. The blade had gotten lodged in the tree so much, he was hanging from its handle, dangling from 7 feet of the ground. Sadao with all is strength pulled himself up onto the blade, and attempted to dislodge it from the tree. Sadao started to jump on the blade hoping the tree would split into two, that didn't work. So then sadao jumped off the tree, an was facing the trunk of the tree. He put up the half tiger, and started to send chakra to his fists. Sadao punched right into the trunk of the tree sending bits of it everywhere. Luckily the blade had gotten dislodged from the trunk. Sadao slowly walked up to the buster sword, and looked for the next re to be his victim. Once again Sadao jumped in the air and striked the tree from the top. Snap! The tree split in two with slight ease. He then grabbed the sword out of the trunk, and quickly turned around about to strike the side of another tree. The blade clean cut strait through the tree, Sadao was sweating, and tired. He put the blade strait in the air, and then attached it to his back. He then said to himself "I'm leaving the uppercuts for tomorrow." He was starving, and was only thinking about food. His stomach started to make noises on the way out of the forest. Sadao left the forest, and ran strait back home to get some sleep, rest, and a lot of food to eat.

[TWC 514 words]
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Buster sword   Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:29 am


Now I'm invincible~

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Training with the Buster sword
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