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 The Land Of Iron's Training - Kazu Emochi

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Kazu Emochi
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Land Of Iron's Training - Kazu Emochi   Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:30 pm

Kazu Emochi had been traveling for days to get to the land of Iron. The land of Iron was the place where samurais were born, the place where samurais trained, the place where samurais are trained. Kazu Emochi had finally entered the terrain of the land of Iron. The cold blizzard was coming in rough like a typical day in the land of Iron. Kazu Emochi was still wearing the scholar’s white trimmed elegant robe, which was covering his whole structure. Kazu Emochi along the way picked up a pointed straw hat that would protect him from the blizzard cold. He continued his walk through the snow, with the snow being up to his ankles. While he continued his walk through the snow, he places his right hand on his chin but covering his mouth, with his left open hand right underneath the elbow of his right arm. Kazu Emochi kept walking and finally arrived at the land of Iron’s gate village. The samurais at the Iron Gate stopped him and noticed that he had two swords on his back. One of the samurais began to talk to him, “From what village do you hail from…” Kazu Emochi replied with a calm answer. “I come from no village; I come from the land of canyons….” The two samurais allowed him access, as they knew that, that land was the land of samurais. They only ask him to not cause any trouble while being here. Kazu Emochi enters the land of Iron with his head held high and him seeking a master. Kazu Emochi kept walking around the land of Iron’s territory and finally found a samurai who looked like a professional at what he does. Kazu Emochi approached him and asks, “I wish to learn the ways of the samurai and to advance my training.” Kazu Emochi gave a respected bow using his head alone with his hands clapping together gently. The samurai gave Kazu Emochi a grin and said. “You can’t be serious; you do know that I am a legend around the land of Iron right?” Kazu Emochi didn’t know him or have ever heard of him, he took his word for it regardless of what he thought and begged the man for training. The samurai agreed to train him under one condition that condition was to have a fighting chance at beating the samurai. Kazu Emochi agreed to fight the samurai and the samurai took him to an isolated place on where they were going to fight. They finally arrived at the isolated place; the arena was two pillars being far distance apart with a large lake in between the two pillars. Kazu Emochi got to one side of the pillars, while the samurai got to the other side of the pillars. The samurai began to yell out so that Kazu Emochi could hear him, “Are you ready kid?!” Kazu Emochi yelled back and said, “Yes, let’s start this.” Kazu Emochi and the samurai both hopped off their individual pillars and both ran across the lake to meet each other at the center of the lake. The samurai pulled out his gold thin long katana, while Kazu Emochi pulled out his two thin steel average size katanas. A clash noise was made; Kazu Emochi’s right sword was up against the samurai’s right sword gold katana. Kazu Emochi’s face showed a serious expression with his strength being put into his right arm to try to overpower the samurai. The samurai yawning to himself, as he begins to talk to Kazu Emochi, “You are weak, just give up kid…. I will never teach you anything.” Kazu Emochi’s left arm begins to flex violently, as he swings his left sword at the samurai’s neck. The samurai quickly moving his right arm to get rid of the clash for a brief moment, as he backs away a bit to get into a better position and to also stay a safe distance from the swords. The samurai’s sword catches the left sword swing and also catches the right sword. Kazu started to raise his left sword into the air going over his shoulder, with his right sword still holding the clash. The samurai catches him raising his left sword over his shoulder, as he begins to use his own strength to maneuver his own sword right underneath Kazu Emochi’s right handle sword. The samurai begins to disarm Kazu Emochi’s right hand holding the sword, and the sword goes flying into the air for a brief moment. The samurai sending Kazu Emochi a round house kick to the face just before the sword reaches over the shoulder. The impact is made and Kazu Emochi is sent flying back into the cold waters. Kazu Emochi’s other sword that is in midair is then captured by the samurai’s left hand. Kazu Emochi slowly gets out of the water, with the samurai throwing Kazu Emochi’s sword near his feet. Kazu Emochi sees his sword floating in the water as he knees down to pick it up. The samurai begins to talk in a serious voice tone. “Go home; you will never become a samurai. You are wasting my time and your own time.” The samurai turns his back and looks over his right shoulder, while Kazu Emochi is still kneeling on one foot. “Just go home kid.” The samurai fixes his head and walks away from him. Kazu Emochi grabs his floating sword with his right hand in a firm grip. Kazu Emochi lunges his whole body towards the samurai’s back, with his right sword swinging to the samurai’s right side of the body. The samurai quickly turns around on his right side and swung his sword against Kazu Emochi’s right sword. The swing is so powerful that Kazu Emochi’s sword completely comes off and he is left with a broken sword. The half blade piece of the sword floats in the water, with Kazu Emochi’s eyes widening as he loses his balance after the clash and landing on his back in the water. The samurai taking his one step over to Kazu Emochi’s floating body, as he points his sword to Kazu Emochi’s face from a distance. “Just like that sword, you are broken and useless.” Kazu Emochi lies in the water not moving a muscle. The samurai walks away while saying his last words to Kazu Emochi, “If you ever want a rematch and want to embarrass yourself yet again, I will be waiting for you.” Kazu Emochi eventually got out of the water and went into town and went into a hotel and paid for one day only. The next day, Kazu Emochi went shopping for a new sword and purchased a steel long thin sword. Kazu Emochi went searching for the samurai that he had fought the previous day and finally found him eating ramen in a local bar. Kazu Emochi confronted him and the samurai was surprised to see him again. Kazu Emochi had told him that he got a new sword to fight the samurai with, and the samurai looked at his face expression and his eagerness in wanting to be trained from the samurai. The samurai agreed to the rematch, and both the samurai and Kazu Emochi went back to the same spot. Kazu Emochi took his sprint towards the samurai; the samurai also took his sprint towards Kazu Emochi. The clashes were made, both of their swords made a loud sound back and forward. The sound of the sword came down to a complete silence; both were trying to overpower the other. The samurai began to speak while they both were trying to break the other’s sword and overpower the other. “It’s time you leave this land, you are a disgrace.” The samurai’s right gold sword was up against Kazu Emochi’s brand new sword which was used in his right hand. The samurai jumped back and sent his own sword against Kazu Emochi’s sword while it was going down. The impact was made and Kazu Emochi’s right side of the body was left opened. A left round house kick was sent to Kazu Emochi’s face. Kazu Emochi quickly grabbed the round house kick with his left hand. Kazu Emochi then said to the samurai, “Can’t trick me twice.”
The samurai placed his gold katana back into his sheath, with Kazu Emochi releasing the grip of the samurai’s foot. The samurai got back into a standing position and said. “I will train you in the ways of the samurai.”

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PostSubject: Re: The Land Of Iron's Training - Kazu Emochi   Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:40 pm

Approved for +7 stats & +14 JP.

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The Land Of Iron's Training - Kazu Emochi
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