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 Rigourous Training

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PostSubject: Rigourous Training   Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:43 am

Today would mark a new day for Syaoran as he would wake up early in the morning, going downstairs while his foster parents were asleep in their room. He would go to the kitchen and prepare him a lunch for a couple of days for he would spend some time training and strengthening himself mentally and physically for the battles to come. He knew he wasn’t as strong as some of the genin or ninja in Kumo, but he would prepare himself on these days to come to train in the mountains. Now having his lunch made and prepared he would go to a box that was kept in his room, something he was told he would inherit when he broke the seal of the blade. He would open the case containing a sword, with a scroll. He would open the scroll and read its contents,” If you are reading this my son, then you must be converging on your quest to get stronger. When you master this sword you will have a new power to add on to yours but you will have to unseal it. Only when the blade deems you worthy it will show you it’s true power,” as he rolled the scroll back up, he would put the scroll back into the case and grab the sword, its weight being heavier than a normal sword. He would sit the blade onto his back and grab his backpack and get dressed. As he walked back down the stairs he would walk out of the stairs going out the door to walk to the mountains.

Instead of taking the way up the mountain, he decided to climb up it as the first half of his training. The climb would take him at least half of the day considering the mountain was huge compared to him. Taking a sigh he would begin to scale the gigantic mountain taking it one foot at a time. He was determined to not use any jutsu or any weaponry only his hands and feet to climb so that he could strengthen his body first. As he scaled the mountain, he often fell hitting his arms and legs on the sharp rocks cutting him. The pain was nothing compared to the outcome he would get at the end of all of this. Syaoran was determined to get to the top although he was only a portion of the way there. As he climbed he would see the sun start to rise onto him, like it was encouraging him to push on and continue. Smiling he would laugh and say,” well looks like I have a little more reason to continue than to quit,” he said as he picked up his pace a little going over every turn and stone, until he got half-way to the top of the mountain. Feeling a little exhausted he would slow the pace to lessen how much energy he would expend on climbing up. Hours past as he was still making progress little by little engraving a new mark into the mountain as he went, putting new markers for when he did this again, each day climbing until he could do it in less than three hours. It had been seven hours since he started to climb the mountain, his pace getting even greater and faster as his momentum was picking up. He was moving like that of a raging animal going towards his prey, as his footing was getting better and better, fewer mistakes were being made, until he slipped and almost fell back down the mountain. He was lucky enough to grab onto a ledge and sighed and laughed as he almost lost his life in that little stunt. Taking his time as the pace was set at a rapid yet careful level; he would finally make it up the mountain seven hours later.

Fully exhausted he would pull out a sandwich and lemonade as he ate the sandwich like it was his last meal. Syaoran would now stand up and stretch, allowing his body not only to relax but now he would be flexible for the next half of the training. This part would consist of him hanging upside down from a branch that was on the top of the mountain, and do 2500 sit-up working his core and also working on his concentration as he would use his free hand to craft origami objects. At first the task could have been considered easy until he was fighting the pain of his stomach, which was interfering with his concentration of his origami skills. Taking a deep breathe he would slowly do each sit up as he carefully molded each paper into phoenixes, until he hit the number 560. As time went on the pain dulled no longer bothered him as he controlled his breathing and was now making origami dragons,” 1001…1002…1003…1004,” he counted out as he continued to breathe in and out as the pain came back stronger than before. As an hour passed, he would now be on two thousand four hundred, his body would begin to give in as it became harder for him to do even a single sit up. He became limp, hanging there from the tree, panting almost gasping for air as he tried to find the strength to continue. Looking back on everything he went through he knew that if he could not overcome this, he would never become truly strong. Finding the last bit of strength he had left, Syaoran would begin to scream as he started to do more sit-ups despite his body trying to stop him. He finally made it to two thousand ninety as he felt the strength weakening from him, giving one last push he would begin to scream,” two thousand ninety-one….two thousand ninety-two…two thousand ninety-three…two thousand ninety-four…two thousand ninety-five…two…thousand ninety-six….two thousand ninety-seven…two thousand ninety-nine… TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED..,” he screamed to the heavens as he fell to the ground with a thud his body full exhausted to the point of where he could not move at all. As he tried to laugh his body wretched, trying to tell him to stop and rest and of course he would listen he had no way he could move. With what was left he would put his cloak over him a fall asleep so his body would heal up for the next day…

Day Two:
Syaoran would awaken to his body is slight pain from his training yesterday the physical aspect being over, he would sit up slowly as not to harm his body any further. He knew there was a little spring on the mountain top so he would walk to and after looking for a while he would find it. Taking off his clothes he would slowly get into it, as for some reason the water was hot and relaxed his aching muscles. Letting out a deep and long sigh of release, he would sink into the water until only his head was showing,” This is the best part about training is the recuperation process that comes during and after all of it. After this I will train my mental aspect, means all day is I will be meditating and clearing my mind of all negative thoughts,” he said with a smile as he would be content in the hot spring on the mountain top. This day would help him get over a lot of things that have been on his mind lately, inhibiting his fighting and also putting doubts into his head. Syaoran would spend almost two hours in the spring before hopping out of it splashing it everywhere,” It looks like I feel even better now though his body was still a bit sore.

Taking out some of the bandages in his backpack, he would apply some salve to them, this salve having the ability to help heal the body over time. He would put the bandages over his chest and arms, and putting clean bandages over his legs, he looked like a sort of cool mummy. He would put a clean sleeveless shirt, much like the one he usually wears, but donned the sword on the back of him as it felt a little lighter to him but he thought it was his imagination. Walking back outside he would in what could be the central part of the mountain as he sat down and began to meditate. He would first think on the things that troubled him the most. His inhibitions of feeling weaker than everyone else is what made him feel inadequate to everyone else, but as he meditated he would know that he had abilities not many other ninja could not even think of performing, even his knowledge on certain topics trumped other ninja even those of higher ranking. His next problem was his self-esteem, both around women and around others, the way he reacted to people hindered his ability to make friends. He would think back to when he first met Hybris, how he had beaten back his shyness and his timidiness to talk to her and he made his first female friend and through that opened the door to more friends.

Because of that he could continue to make friends and not be shy anymore. Before he knew it, the sun was already setting behind him as the sun was retiring so the moon could arise and carry on its job. He would stand up and smile knowing that he had just unlocked another gate in his life both mentally and psychologically to the point that he was a peace with his flaws. He went to a nice spot where he could sleep and ponder on how he was going to train next, as he knew he had only one thing to train left and that was his paper ninjutsu and…the sword. He knew the ninjutsu training would be sort of easy but as for the sword of course it would be harder but he would at the end have the sword as a partner. He now laid there with a smile knowing he did a good job with his training so far. Before he could forget, Syaoran would go into his bag and take out another sandwich and drink, eating before he went to sleep so he could nourish his body for the next session of training. His foster mother always told him that eating a balanced meal would always keep your body in perfect shape and allow you to fight harder and better, so far she was not wrong about it for as he continued to eat the food he prepared, vital nutrients would be provided so his body could heal properly. Now full Syaoran would lay down and burp, looking at the star filled night sky as he imagined what the training was going to be like tomorrow….

Day Three

Syaoran would wake up mid-morning when the sun was high the blue filled sky, waking him up as the sun shined into his eyes signaling for him to get up. He would wake up with a stretch and a yawn as he slowly took off the bandages off of his body, now that his body was somewhat rejuvenated he did not need them. The only ones he did not take off were the ones on his arms and the ones on his legs. Finally standing up and fully awake he we would start his morning stretches followed by his morning meal. After another session of stretching he would finally be ready to commence his last day of training, which would be the hardest out of them all. He had mastered his physical aspects by breaking his limitations and passing by them giving him a new body in a sense, and he mastered his mental aspect finally overcome mind over matter and now has a new look on himself and his thoughts. Now it was time to finally master the sword and trying to increase his power so he could obtain his final goal. Looking the sword over he would notice an inscription on it that could not be read by him but gave off a strange aura. Using his paper clone technique, he would make two paper clones of himself to fight, allowing him to at least have suitable fighting partners and to make the odds a little better, the only thing he would use would be the paper shuriken technique and the sword. Jumping back five meters from the now formed clones he would nod to the both of them as he fully unsheathed the sword. The blade was longer than he anticipated and he could not help but admire the work that was put into the sword itself. Putting the scabbard onto his back he would signal for the clones to attack. The first clone or clone A would jump to the left about three meters and throw ten shurikens in his direction while controlling them, as the second clone or clone b began to circle him and throw double what clone a threw at him, covering the other exit points the other clone did not.

Taking a deep breath, Syaoran would begin to hold the blade in front of him as a traditional samurai would and wait for the right moment. Although he had never used a sword before or had proper sword training, he knew that timing was key as well as using the blade as an extension of you. Opening his eyes he would first strike at the ones coming from his side, cutting them down one by one as the rest were converging on his position he would jump to his left, where he had just made an opening and begin to run towards Clone B. Clone B would react by sending a wave of shuriken at Syaoran, While Clone A sent a wave of shuriken from behind as they used their hands to make a sort of coffin, cutting off any escape point he had hoped to have. Feeling himself backed up into a corner, he would feel the sword tremble and glow blue for a second, as the sword became basked in a bright blue flame. Taking this as a sign, Syaoran would start to spin with the sword, as two flame waves flew off of his colliding with the paper head on cancelling them out but not burning them. Looking in amazement, Syaoran would attempt to try it again but to no effect, as the sword just returned to normal. Looking at the clones, they would now rush him as they made paper kunai to attack up close. Syaoran would quickly body flicker to clone A, as he closed the gap between the two of them quickly, giving it three vertical slashes and a horizontal one before it fell and turned into nothing back paper. Clone B would appear right behind him and kick Syaoran with enough force to send him flying. Syaoran would quickly gain his ground and look at the situation carefully analyze the situation. He would look at the sword carefully thinking of the ways he could enable the flames and used them as an attack ,he tried everything he could until he tried sending chakra to the sword, which made it glow blue and made the flames return. Now back in business he would run to the clone ready for the final showdown as they did one clash and ended on an opposite side. As it would look like Syaoran would fall, the clone would turn into paper and fall. Feeling a sense of accomplishment he would make the flames come out again before stopping the flow of chakra and sheathe the sword as he grabbed the paper and all of his belongings as he headed back to Kumo…

WC: 2637

Sword mastery complete +16 stats and 26 JP
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PostSubject: Re: Rigourous Training   Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:51 pm

approved, but it's 13 stats.

For questions, concerns or complaints, please contact Akihana Akari. Thank you! <3

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Rigourous Training
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