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 Learning Space/Time

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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Lightning
Clan : Deadaro
Bloodline : Deadaro
Ryo : 2600

PostSubject: Learning Space/Time   Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:20 am

It was a cold afternoon in the middle of January. The sun was just going down lwaving an orange sceme across the sky. Alex put his hands on teh window looking out side at the sky the orange of the sky was reflecting off his purple eyes making a crimson color in the middle of his eyes. he saw birds flying across the sky outside of his window. it was really lovely. Alex always has thought life was very beautiful. But it could also be one of the most evil things out there. Never mind that tho. He thought. Alex looked up once again at the sky with his big purple eyes as he smiles and breathes in a huge breath of the fresh outdoor air. He hopped up on teh window frame looking out into the crowded streets of teh leaf village. It was a nice day. Everyone seemed lively and happy in the village. Alex walked along the side shingle of the roof. His hands were in his pockets. Alex looked like he normally did. His medium long thick blach hair slightly sraped over his eyes. He wore a piece of dark purple cloth covering his neck and his lower face. Alex decided to put on a black beanie todat also that covered just the top of his head. Alex hopped down from the roof shingle and walked along the streets of Konoha. Alex was going to fractice his deadaro eye today. Hopefully he would learn something new. Even if he didnt, it would still be a good day training. Alex loves to get stronger. He walked down the street looking around down each street then he thought of a fun idea. Alex pulle dout a kunai out of his pocket and threw it out way infront of him in the air far away. Farther than a normal human could see. However sense the Deadaro had very good vision alex could see it pretty clearly. Alex then focused in his deadaro eye on the kunai and once it was ready he then appeared flying next to his kunai smiling as he threw his left arm forward grasping the kunai quickly spinning around forming a hand sign charging his chakra. As he fell from the air he threw his kunai to the grownd looking around remembering this area. Alex walked around in a cirdle for a little bit thinking about what he was ging to do next. Alex finally knew what he was going to do and while thinking about this he was charged up anough to do another transport. Alex stretched out and looked around him remembering the area completely. He lookedat his kunai in teh ground. There was a thin yellow string tied around the small ring at the hilt of the kunai. So Alex would know that it was his.

Alex walked back tho the leaf village. He walked down the populated streets seeing all the smiling faces of all the village people and the banners of lights comming of the street lams and roofs. It was a festice day. The smell of freshly cooked ramen was in the air. Alex could not help but smile. It was tryly a wonderful day. And frankly Alex was just purley happy today. He loved to train. Anyways. Alex got back to his house and sat down in hid bed. and put his elbows on this knees propping his head up with his fists. He peered out of his window in the general direction of where his kunai had been with the yellow peice of string on it. He stood up and faced away form teh windown and closed his eyes concentrating on the image in his head of the place he just was before with the kunai with the thin yellow string. Alex activated his deadaro picturing the place in his head. Every little inch of it. He could practically see it. He just needed to be there. then In an instant it was like the image in his head just kept getting closer and closer. Until suddenly alex opened his eyes and looked around himself. It looked firmiliar. He looked at the ground, there it was his Kunai with the little yellow string. It had worked. Alex was learning to be a greater and dreater deadaro. He was a master. And he was finally getting it under control. Not only this but now he had learned lightning also. Now he was on his way to becoming a jounin. Life seemed to be good for alex. He was standing there nothing less than a smile escaping from his face. Alex then picked up his kunai with the yellow string and threw it at a tree about 20 meters away and activated his deadaro eye and transported himself to his kunai and caught it about 4 inches away from hitting the tree. Alex was tired. Transporting like that over and over again was tireing. It was alot of work. And alot of chakra. Allthough alex was getting alot better at it. It was still very hard to do. Espacially after he had done a transport from just his mind and his memery. those were always hard on his body. They really took alot out of him. But Maybe Alex would eventually rach the fabled Stage 4 of the Deadaro someday.

Alex laid there on the ground beside his Kunai withe the thin yellow sting swrapped around the hilt of the kunai. Alex closed his eyes. He was tired. He has used up alot of his chakra. Alex slowly closed his eyes as he breathed slowly and drifted off into a sleep. Alex rolled over and opened his eyes. He let out a big yawn stretching out his arms. He robbed his eyes and sat up slowly. It was a chilly morning. Alex slept through the whole night. The fresh smell of morning dew was in teh air and it was just getting bright outside. Alex stood up cracking his neck and back and yawning once again. Alex looked aroudnd him. He span his head around looking at all the trees and the small trail out of the village and the outer walls of the leaf village was about 50 meters away from him. Alex was just outsie the village. He picked up his kunai and walked around trying to think of a way to test himself today. Alex threw the kunai up in the hair like he did before and watched it at it flew higher and higher up in the sky. He looked at it with his deadaro eyes and then focused in on it for a few seconds. Then in moments he was transported flying next to the kunai with his purple deadaro eyes. once again he grabbed the kunai in a spinning motion with his hand. However this time he grabbed it with his right hand and span teh opposite way he did last time. Not that it would really matter but Alex was supersticous like that. After he cought the kuunai he looked in the direction of his house. Well it was more of an appartment then a house but alex liked to think of it as a house. Alex could pretty much see his house and his open window. with his special deadaro eye sight he could almost see inside the building. but not quite. But alex could make out what almost looked like to be two people in his house. And it looked almost as if they were robbing him. Alex's eyes widened and he cursed under his breath. He landed on the ground and figured the wuickest way there was to use his deadaro ability and transport to his home usinghis memory. Alex closed his eyes and focused on his room in his head and then within seconds Alex had appeared in his room to two males in all black robbing his house. Alex as smiled at the looks on their faces when they had just seen someone teleport into the house they were robbing and cought them red handed. And if that was bad. they must hace started to get scared when alex cracked his knucles. Alex pumled their faces into the goround. He looked over them. Almost as if he were a tower. They were knocked out. Alex took this time to re arrange the stuff they stole and sraighten up what they had knocked out of place. Once it was time Alex was going to try teleporting actual human bodies with him this time. that was going to be the real challenge.

Alex sat there looking at the two magled bodies. They were trying o rob his place until alex had found them and used his deadaro eye to catch them by suprise. Alex had then beat then into dust. Alex still had one last ability he needed to test and try out. It was transporting and brining people with him. This one would be the true challenge. Alex knelt next to one of the robbers and put his hands on their chin making them look up at him. Slowly Alex could see thier eyes open looking at him in fear of what Alex might do to them. Alex smiled as he then picked each of them up with one hand. He could tell they werent shinobi. Just low life criminals trying to take someone elses hard earned items. this made Alex sick. He took both of them on to the roof. He threw them down roughly onto the ground making a loud thud when they hit the ground. Alex looked at them in discust. Alex took out his kunai with the yellow sting on it and threw it once again away from him. Howeer this time it was clear out of the leaf village and soaring through the air towards the forset. Alex followed it with his eyes making sure he could see where it had landed. Once he had done that Alex picked up the two imbicils and then looked at them with his cold eyes, his emotionless stare was hipnotizing and frightening. Alex held each of the two robbbers and then focused. He focused on the image in his head. He could practically see it in his mind. He kept ocusing until it was almost as he was tehre. Then suddenly it seemed like the image in his head came to life. And there it was the yellow kunai. It was right below his feet. Alex smiled, He then looked at his arm as he dropped the two dumbass robbers. they fell on the ground looking baffled. They did not know nor could they even comprehend what was and had just happened. ALex left them there in feear. as he then pulled his kunai out from the ground where he had just left it and held it to their faces. "if you ever attempt to steal from me again or if i see you robbing anyone else. This kunai will be in you skull." Alex said. His voice was stone. It was Cold. It had meaning. However Alex didnt really care much he was just having too much fun scaring these no lifes. Alex turned his back on them and started heading on back to the leaf village. The place he loved so much. It was really just a wonderful village. Everyone was happy all the time yet we could mobilize into a warior force within a second. As he walked trough the crowded streets of konoha he saw a several children practicing their jutsus and leaning how to walk on water. He was sure they were going to become fine ninja one day. Alex walked back up to his home and laid down on his bed smileing. Today had been a good day. Alex was once step closer to becoming one of the most amazing Deadaro members the worls has ever known. Alex rolled over in his bed grunting as he was now in a more comfortable position. His syes slowly fell shit as his mine slowly difted off into sleep. He was going to sleep will today. even though it was not night. A nap would do him good. He had just used alot of chakra. He was exausted.

Health: 43
Stamina: 17
Speed: 17

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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Lightning
Clan : Deadaro
Bloodline : Deadaro
Ryo : 2600

PostSubject: Re: Learning Space/Time   Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:47 pm

2045 words. Done

Health: 43
Stamina: 17
Speed: 17

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PostSubject: Re: Learning Space/Time   

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Learning Space/Time
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