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 Developments... [P,Elements and Specs Trainings]

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Remus Theoden Lucifer
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Developments... [P,Elements and Specs Trainings]   Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:56 pm

Fire Element Training

Sun was shining through the window just next to Nero's head. When he woke up, it was late enough for the rest of Konohagakure citizens to be awake for hours. Nero then unwillingly got his feet and legs out of the bed. "I sunny days." thought Nero and sat like that on his bed for some more seconds. "Why doesn't it rain here that often, even though the village is just inside a giant forest ? Whatever, I can't stay like this the whole day...". He then unwillingly got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom, looked to the mirror thinking "Damn I look messy.", then washed his face, brushed his teeth and got out from the bathroom once again, returning to his bedroom. He then fastly got in his daily attire, excluding his black cloak, and sat on the chair in front of his desk. He then opened a drawer and grabbed a notebook, in which Nero used to keep a log of his trainings and missions, and notes about how much ryo he has spent or earned. He saw that he was free for the day, so he decided to just spend the day wandering around the village. So, he got out of his house as soon as he finished checking the notebook. He started walking, without a destination in his head. He then arrived near the Academy and saw a Jounin standing in front of it. "Wait..." thought Nero "I think I know him... Of course...". The ninja with a Jounin flat jacket had an average body, with long, spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He had two tattoos on his face, one under his right eye and one on top of his left eye. He had a kind of beard that was spiky as well. He wore a white t-shirt, as usual under his Konoha Jounin flat jacket that had long sleeves. He kept a katana in his back, although he was, for the time being, working as a teacher in the academy. That jounin was the Jounin who taught the class with Nero in it about being a ninja back when Nero was an academy student.

Nero went near him and said "Otoma Sensei, how are you ? It's been a long while.". "Noroi !" said Otoma "How great is it to see one of my students is now a genin.". "I'm actually a Chuunin now, and please call me Nero." said Nero. "Is that so? Nero ? I guess you finally managed to learn about your origins, right? Then tell me, what are your element or elements ?". "Elements ?" answered Nero "I didn't know one could have multiple narute elements... My first element is wind. So, how does one get a second element ?". "Well," said Otoma "I guess I can help you learn for the ake of old days. First," continued Nero's old teacher, pulling out 2 little finger-sized papers from his pocket, "These are chakra papers, as you should know. They are used to find out what element can one use. If one has wind nature, as you do, it would split in two, if one has fire nature, it would ignite and turn to ash, if one has lightning nature, it would wrinkle, if one has earth nature, ,it would turn to dirt and go away with the wind, and if one has water nature, it would become wet. So, I want you to hold both these papers and they will react to your chakra. One of them will split in half, as expected, and what happens to the other one will tell us what element affinity you have. Then we'll continue the training according to what your second element is.".

Nero grabbed the papers with both his hands. He held them seperately, and checked his right hand. It was split in two in an instant. So, Nero turned his head to his other hand to see what his second element was, but he realised the paper had disappeared. "What happened ?" asked Nero. Otoma smiled as he answered "It got ignited and turned to ashes.". Nero then realised the pile of ashes in the ground, which was standing right under his hand since there was no wind at the time. "So..." continued Otoma "Fire it is... Let's go to the forest and start our training.". "Well, O.K. then..." said Nero thinking "Fire... Just like Shuuhei or Navi... Anyway, how am I supposed to train an element ?... Well, I guess Otoma-san knows it...". They started walking their way to the village gates, from where they will enter the forest to train Nero's second
element. "So," said Nero as they continued walking "what have you done for so long time, Otoma Sensei ?". Otoma smiled and answered "Nothing, really. I have been continuing to teach new academy students at the academy.". They reached the entrance of the forest. "So, it begins..." thought Nero, he was excited about the idea of having two nature elements "My new life as a ninja with a higher rank... I can't wait for becoming a Jounin, then finally an ANBU, a ninja who will work directly for the Kage... Whatever, this training comes first for now...". They entered deeper in the forest and then Otoma stopped. "O.K." said Nero's old teacher "this is a nice place to train. "Now" continued he, as he also teared a leaf from a tree, put it towards Nero for him to take it "you'll hold that leaf in your hand, focus on it and on your chakra and ignite the leaf, just like how the chakra paper was ignited. I should warn you, it's going to be hard, a lot harder than most things you did, and it will take a lot of time as well. So, start working as sson as youcan.".

Nero grabbed the leaf and said "You can trust in me when it's about working hard and not giving up.". They both smiled as they remembered a memory of Nero getting beaten by another academy student and then trying hard and beating the kid a week later. "O.K." said Nero "enough with the talking. Let's start with this training already.". So, Nero went to sit under the shadow of a large tree. He sat there, lied his back to the strong body of the tree, closed his eyes and started concentrating on his chakra and the leaf, trying to ignite it. He concentrated more and more on it as he realised it wasn't getting ignited, but Nero wasn't a type of person who'd have felt bad and stopped trying for such a little reason. After doing this for at least 15 minutes, he finally managed to create a little spark which burnt justa small part of the leaf. "Well, that's progress, I guess...". "Good." said Otoma "That's a sign of progress. Now I want you to try something.". Nero was confused "What, are we done with this training ? Already ?". "Of course not..." said Otoma "We'll just use another method. As I heard from others, you are able to create Shadow Clones, aren't you ?". "Yes." answered Nero "I guess I see your point. If my shadow clones do the training as well as I do, it will be done easier.". "Not exactly..." said Otoma "You'll gain the experiences of your shadow clones. But you shouldn't use this method in any other training. It may be bad for your chakra, we can't know for sure...".

"O.K." said Nero as he created many Shadow clones. Nero and his clones all teared a
leaf each and started doing the training, seperately. The funny thing was, they were filling a lot of field because none of them did the training anywhere else then ta place under the shadow of a tree. Otoma laughed hardly after seeing how the Nero's were all to careful about their comfort. "Silent, sensei..." said Nero, smiling "I'm trying to concentrate here.". "O.K., you're right. Sorry." said Otoma, also smiling. Nero and all his clones were sitting under shadows of different trees and were concentrating on burning the leaves they held in their hands. Nero started thinking "A second element... Maybe Navi or Shuuhei can teach me a few things about using Fire Release techniques... Well, if not I'll train it myself. Make myself better, stronger, more capable.Wasn't that my motto from the beginning ? I'm not used to relying on others already. I am used to being alone... Working alone... Whatever, I must concentrate on this leaf... I can feel my chakra reaching the leaf...". Nero felt his chakra reaching the leaf, just like all of his clones. Then he realised he was cutting the leaf with his chakra. "No !"thought Nero "Wrong element, wrong element !". He then calmed down,
being able to release his fire chakra out of his body, as the leaves slowly started to burn and disappear. The shadow clones disappeared, after each managed to ignite the leaf they were holding in their hands. The leaf Nero held in his hand burned and disappeared, turning to ashes as well. Nero, full of cheers, got up from the ground as Otoma started talking "Congratulations, Noro-oops, Nero. Sorry, still not used to calling you Nero. Anyway, it was a nice job to finish a training like this in this much time. So, now we can head on to our next challenge, which is going to be a lot, i really mean a lot, harder than this challenge.". "Another one ?" thought Nero, little disappointed since he thought the training was over "What are we going to do anyway ? It's not like there are enough leaves for me to burn all day in this forest...
Well, let's see... It's totally going to be burning things, but what ? Maybe clothings or something... Whatever, let's follow Otoma Sensei, he would have something in his mind for sure.". "Follow me, Nero, fast." said Otoma, shouting now since he was at least 50 meters away from Nero now. "Come on Nero, focus." added the Jounin as he continued walking. Nero dashed towards his old teacher, catching him in some minutes. "So, what are we going to do next ?" asked Nero. "Patience, little chuunin."
said Otoma, smiling.

They walked and walked, and then suddenly stoppped when they reached near a dead tree, which seemed to be about twice as long as Nero was. "So," continued Otoma "your next challenge is going to be a lot more difficult than the previous one, and it is probably going to take some serious time for you to manage to do it. But don't give up, which i don't think you'll do anyway. So, anyway... Your next
challenge is to burn this dead tree just like how you have burned the little leaves...". Nero was confused "You want me to ignite a dead tree ? In a forest ? Between all these other trees that can also burn with it, causing a chain reaction ? What am I missing ?" asked Nero. Otoma laughed hard, then answered once he calmed down "Well, Nero... You forget two things. Firstly, you are using chakra, not matches to burn the tree, so you can stop the ignition any time you want. Secondly, you must've forgotten that I use Water Release. So, if your chakra gets out of hand, i would happily stop you.". Otoma was still smiling. Nero was now feeling like a dumb person. "How could I not see that ?... I must really be getting more and more stupid.". "Well, anyway," said Nero, using the Shadow Clone Technique to create even more shadow clones than he created for the previous challenge. "Well, this is going to take a while..." said Nero, as he was sure he'd manage to achieve the goal sooner or later. He concentrated on the event, as he did in the previous challenge and did it again and again without having a break. He finally managed to burn the tree, but passed away at the same time. When he woke up, Otoma was standing right besides him. "What happened ?" asked Nero, getting up from the ground as soon as he woke up. "Well, " answered Otoma "you passed out but managed to burn the dead tree. Although I had to use my Water Release since you were unable to stop the jutsu. Nero smiled "Is the training over then ?". "Yes." answered Otoma "Now you need to learn some strong jutsu.". They headed back to the village, both of them happy for other reasons.

[WC : 2082/2000 for Second Element Training. +10 Stats/+20 JP]

"No technique is forbidden; secrets kept are weapons wasted. Balance is weakness, so do not fear the shrouded path, since the truth lies in the darkness. Brave the shadows, and you can find the truth."
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Clan Element : Fire
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PostSubject: Re: Developments... [P,Elements and Specs Trainings]   Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:18 pm

Approved ^.^

"You'll only die a dream forgotten"
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Remus Theoden Lucifer
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 50
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Element(s) : Wind
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PostSubject: Re: Developments... [P,Elements and Specs Trainings]   Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:24 pm

Lightning Element Training

was out in the forest, just wandering around, without a certain goal in
his mind, nor anything he was thinking of doing for the day... He was
walking around, between giant trees, feeling the soft touch of the
refreshing wind blowing to his face, as he watched some birds, flying
around, using all the freedom they had... "Birds..." Nero thought "The
reason that they are considered free is because their moves are not
limited to be on the ground... They are free to go anywhere they want...
Any way they want...". Nero then activated his Raven Style, thinking
"Well... I guess it's true that we Yamaki are considerably free too.
Nero shifted from the ground, launching into the air with the wings of
chakra created by the Raven Style, his Kekkei Genkai, as he first lifted
with an enchanced speed, then flying away, reaching to the spot where
the birds were flying... Nero passed them, reaching to a higher spot
than them, where he could pretty much see the whole forest and some
parts of the desert, of course along with Konoha, which seemed just
below him right now...

Nero smiled, feeling the wind which was
even stronger where he was standing... He started to descended and
descended until he reached the ground, where he landed on one of the
giant trees that he was standing underneath, merely a minute ago... He
looked at the gates of the village hidden in the leaves, as he
remembered about his past... The stuff he has gone through, the stuff he
has achieved, the stuff he felt sad for, and stuff that made him
laugh... "What a life..." he thought, "I remember that I was merely a
kid, nothing more... A kid who had dreamsand one friend, but nothing
else... Now, look at me... I found my origins, was luckily a clanmate of
my sensei, who now I have the same rank with... Raito... I really
wonder where he is lately... But anyway, today, I'll concentrate on my
own, not other people... Now, let's see... When I hit chuunin, I was
weaker than the way I am now... Back then, my former sensei, Otoma,
toldme people can have multiple elements at once, according to their
advance in ninjutsu... He taught Nme how to train a new element, and I,
using what I've learned from him, have learned to use Fire Release, my
second element... Well, as I thought before, I was pretty weaker then,
than the way I am right now. So, I believe I may be able to put my third
element to use... As soon as possible...". Nero of course was looking
forward to the training of his third element as soon as possible, but
hewas also very comforted, relaxed, and happy up on that tree. It felt
really different for him when he was up there... Anyway, after some more
minutes, Nero finally decided it was time to jump down... He did as he
planned and headed back into the village... He did so because he needed
the chakra papers to learn which element he was going to train for... He
seeked Otoma, since he didn't know who else may have had some of

He headed to the academy, since he believed he would've
found Otoma there, so he walked through the forest, between the trees to
reach the village gates first... He was feeling comforted, and not
excited about the training of his third element that much... "The
wind..." he thought "The wind is what keeps me calm right now... What a
lovely weather... Anyway... I wonder if Otoma-san is at the academy at
this hour, or not... At least I won't be needing his assistance for this
one... But I still need those chakra papers from him to train the
element...". Nero passed the gates, as he waved at the shinobi standing
on patrol at the gates... "God I'm lucky I am not doing the job they do
right now... I can't even think how boring it would've been... Unless it
was on a day with the weather like this..." he then realised he was
moving slowly because his concentration was being disturbed by the
weather, "Anyway, to the academy it is...". Nero, as he started walking
faster, then thought "How am I ever going to concentrate on the training
with the weather distracting me... Oh, well now that I think, it will
make me comforted and I'll do it even easier and faster... Damn, I got
distracted again, faster, Nero, faster. Concentrate"...

Nero then made his way as fast as possible to the academy and started searching
his former sensei, Otoma in order to find some chakra papers which will
help him learn the third of his elemental affinities. Upon making his
first step forward into the building, Nero has seen a Jounin, headed
out. "Hey," Nero said "I was looking for Otoma-san... Do you by any
chance know where he might be right now ?". The jounin with the mask
that covered his nose and mouth nodded, and told Nero to go upstairs,
and enter the room that would be standing right in his left. Nero did as
the jounin-ranked leaf shinobi told him, and got upstairs. He looked at
the floor on which he was now standing. He then looked to his left,
seeing a closed door. "Otoma must be there..." thought Nero as he opened
the mentioned door, entering the room without looking what's going on
inside, nor knocking. It might have been pretty different if he had
knocked the door before entering, but he didn't. Just when he was
inside, but hasn't yet seen what was inside his head, it hit him.

is a classroom..." he thought, as he looked inside the room to see he
was correct. He has entered the class in the middle of a lecture. He
realised that the kids were doing the Transformation Technique training,
seeing that there were two Otoma's standing in front at him at the
moment. Although Nero could easily detect which was the real one, since
one of them looked at him suprised like all the other kids, and the
other one smiled looking into his eyes and greeted him "Nero ! Long time
no see... What do I owe the pleasure ?". Before nero could answer,
Otoma turned to the students and spoke again "This is Nero, kids, a
jounin-level shinobi of our village... He was once a student of mine
like all of you... So... It's time for a break. Have fun.". Otoma then
turned back to Nero, and said "So, Nero... For how long have you been a
jounin now ?". Nero smiled back as he answered "Hey... Umm... Actually,
it hasn't been that long... Maybe a week... Maybe even less... Anyway,
Otoma-san, I have a reason to be here... And it actually is about my
progress... See, I'm thinking of training for my third element, and I'll
be needing some chakra papers... So, I thought you may have had some
extra ones...".

Otoma smiled at Nero as he started walked towards the door that Nero has entered the room from, as he told Nero to follow him. They
got out from the room, entering another room that was right in front of
the classroom. Otoma went near the table that was standing right in
front of them, he opened a drawer under it and took some chakra papers
from it. He turned to Nero, and started talking as he gave the chakra
papers to Nero, "Here you go, Nero. Now, I have to go back to the class,
so I won't be able to find what your 3rd element is. Be sure to let me
now, at least after the training, please. Now, I'm sorry but as I said, I
have to return to the class.". Nero smiled and said "It's O.K., and
thanks...". Nero got out of the room, made his way first downstairs,
then out of the academy.

When he was out of the academy, he used
the chakra papers to learn his third elemental affinity as fast as
possible. He held two papers in one of his hands, and one in the other.
To the hand he held two papers with, he infused his wind and fire based
chakra, so one of them was cut in half as the other one was ignited, and
it turned to ashes. The paper in the other hand of his has been
wrinkled... Nero remembered the time he trained his Fire element. He
remembered Otoma saying "...if one has lightning nature, it would
wrinkle..."... "So, lightning it is..." thought Nero, "...Lightning...
Like Raito... Anyway... I should start the trainings as soon as

Nero then, once again headed to the forest to
start his lightning element training. He walked and ran through the
streets of the village hidden in the leaves, to reach the village gates,
and then the forest. Nero was pretty much ready for the training as he
knew what he had to do, and was now a lot stronger, a lot more advanced
than before... It wouldn't have taken as much time of his as it took the
last time he trained an element. Nero went deeper into the forest to
find himself a better, calmer place to train Lightning Release... Nero
went deeper and deeper until he found himself an ideal place to train
his lightning element. Just when he was about to start it, he got
distracted by a shiny thing glowing next to the body of a giant tree,
under the shadows made by the leaves on its top.

Nero went near
the tree to see what was the thing that caused the glow, and the
distraction caused to Nero. He found a little shiny gem-like thing,
which he threw into his ninja pouch, as he once again concentrated on
the training of his third element he was about to do... He was still
distracted by the amazing weather, so before doing it, he sat under the
shadows of the large tree he was standing by, lied his back to the body
of the wood, put his hands behind his head, between it and the tree,
lied his head back to his arms, and started resting for a bit.

watched the leaves of the trees in his sight being blown to the same
direction by the powerful, calming and refreshing wind, which was also
keeping Nero at peace, concentrated and calm. He decided he would start
the training for the lightning release just as soon as possible. He
thought of how the first step would be "Now... When Otoma was helping me
with the training, for the first step I have ignited a leaf, by
infusing my chakra into it... I guess I will do the same, although the
effects on the leaf would be different... I also used shadow clone
technique to improve the speed of the training... I suppose I'll start
by doing pretty much the same...".

Nero got up from the ground
as he created multiple shadow clones at the same time. Nero's clones
were now covering an area of at least 100 meters, though they weren't
standing very close to each other. Then, each Nero took one leaf from
the closest tree they were standing to. They then each sat on the
ground, as most sat under the shadows made by the trees, and the other
were too lazy to go all the way to sit under the shadow of a tree that
was too far away from them. From this point on, the shadow clones
would've thought and done what Nero did. "Damn..." Nero thought "I hope
this works... Splitting a leaf into two and igniting it sounds legit,
but I'm not sure if a leaf can actually get wrinkled by lightning
chakra... I wish that I have waited for Otoma sensei before actually
starting the training... I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way...
Anyway, I have to try and do my best... In the worst scenario, I
would've trained my chakra... So, I guess I'll continue... I must keep
my focus on the leaf and my chakra... Well, this time it is going to be
easier than last time, since now I know the Chakra Infusion technique...
It's pretty much what I did when I infused the leaves with fire chakra
the last time...".

Nero kept his focus on the leaf, as his
clones were doing the same. Nero was also thinking about his clanmates,
"I haven't seen neither Navi or Raito for a long time... I wonder where
they each are, or if they are at the same place for the same reason...
The village becomes a lot more boring and meaningless when they are not
here... God, I have to make some friends... Or at least I have to find
the Sannin, Echo Uchiha and prove him what I'm worth... I didn't see him
either, for a long time... Damn... Where is everybody important ? I
couldn't meet the Hokage either... The last few months have really been
nothing important... Anyway, why is this taking too long ? Is it because
I am not concentrated enough ?". Nero then stopped thinking about
himself, and once again concentrated on the training of the lightning
element. Well, at least the first step of it... Anyway, Nero, as well as
all of his clones, were now concentrating on the leaves that were in
their hands, and infused lightning chakra in them.

One by one,
each of the leaves in the hands of Nero and his clones, have started to
become wrinkled. Nero, after seeing all the leaves have reacted the same
way, got up from the ground with a smile on his face. He then released
all of his clones at once, leaving many leaves on the ground... "Is it
done ?" thought Nero "Should I go for the next step ? Or should I do
this again ? Well, it took a hell lot of time to finish the step... I
have to redo this one until I finish it in a legit time... So, I guess
I'll sit back to the ground...". Nero then did as he planned, and sat
back to the ground, under the shadow of the giant body of the tree,
which was also what Nero was lying his back to... He recreated the many
shadow clones, as they all then, once again, took a leaf in their hands,
concentrating on infusing them with lightning chakra, trying to make
them wrinkled again. "I have to go through this as fast as possible..."
thought Nero, "I have other stuff to do, jutsu to train, items to buy,
info I have to get about where my friends are... So, right now, I have
to focus on this, and finish this as soon as I can in order to have time
for the other things... I also wonder if there is a high ranked good,
challenging, mission for me to do and make some money... Anyway, I have
to keep my focus on this training right now. Then I'll have a lot time
to think anyway...".

So, Nero was now once again only
concentrating on the training he was doing for being able to put his
third element affinity to good use... If he achieved this, he would have
three elements, one same with Navi's, and the new one same with
Raito's. Anyway, he concentrated and concentrated on the leaf and
infusing it with his chakra, using Nature Transformation to transform
that chakra into lightning based chakra, making the leaf wrinkled...
After a sorter time than before, Nero and all his clones have already
managed to wrinkle leaves they were holding in their hands... Nero,
seeing the situation, got up from the ground, deciding itwas time to
head for the next step of the training. He didn't release the clones,
since he believed he would use them for the next step too.

thought Nero "what should I do for the next step ? For the fire release
training, I have, with the aid of my clones, ignited a dead tree...
So... I guess, now... I have no idea... Oh.. Now I can think of
something... I guess I'll cut a large, but thin wood from a dead tree,
and then I'll try to wrinkle it... So, I first have to find a dead
tree... I guess I can release my clones and create them back when I need
them again..". Nero did as he planned, released his shadow clones, and
started searching for a dead tree to cut a thin and large part of wood
from... To find one, Nero has travelled through the forest, between the
giant trees and under their shadows for quite some time, so he didn't
regret releasing all shadow clones, in fact he believed that was the
smart thing to do... So, after searching for a very long time, Nero
finally found a dead tree, and using the wind manipulation abilities
granted to him by the Blessing of the Wind God technique, he sliced a
thin plate of wood from that dead tree...

He then created the
many shadow clones once again, the ones he has released some time ago,
when he finished the first step of the training... The next step,
suprisingly took too less time than the first step. Nero managed to
complete this step in no time due to him finishing the first step twice,
therefore having enough experience... Nero and the shadow clones all
concentrated on the plate of wood sliced from the dead tree that was
standing near them... The plate of wood started to wrinkle in a time
even shorter than Nero expected... "Good..." he thought "with this done,
now I have time to take care of other stuff..." as he released his
shadow clones once again... "Now" he thought "what do I do next ? Go out
for a mission ? Train ? Socialize ? O.K., not the last one, but I still
don't know... After all, maybe I won't do anything at all...". He then
headed back to the village, with his third element succesfully

[WC : 3027/3000 for Third Element Training. +15 Stats/+30 JP]

"No technique is forbidden; secrets kept are weapons wasted. Balance is weakness, so do not fear the shrouded path, since the truth lies in the darkness. Brave the shadows, and you can find the truth."
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Fame : 128
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Element(s) : Fire, Wind, Lightning,
Clan : Yamaki
Clan Element : Lightning
Bloodline : Raven Style
Ryo : 55500

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To change the convictions of a vengeful God, to ensure balance to the ninja world, and to end this Angel of Death...
The death of the right man was all that was necessary.

Current Base Stats (Check Stat Page for Full Layout):

"The last thing you witnessed was the descent of an Angel, and your life ended in a crimson flash."

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Developments... [P,Elements and Specs Trainings]
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