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 Uh Oh [C-Ranked Mission]

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Remus Theoden Lucifer
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Uh Oh [C-Ranked Mission]   Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:42 pm


Nero has returned to his house after completing a B-Rank mission that he got 2000 ryo for doing. "Well," thought Nero, jumping to his bed, "that money is going to be enough for me to spend for a while... Still, I don't feel tired at all and I have a whole day left for another mission... So why not ? But I'll still prefer going out for it after resting for a little more bit."... Nero rested for a little more bit, as he planned. Then he got up from his bed, wore his clothes and sat on the chair in front of his desk. He then opened a drawer and grabbed his notebook in which he kept logs of his missions, his trainings and notes about how much ryo he has earned and spent. "O.K." he thought "Let's go for another mission.". Nero got out from his house and headed to the hokage chambers to check the mission boards. He arrived and started checking the missions. "Hmm." he thought as he fastly read through missions "Return stolen goods, help me tame my pet, village status... Oh here is one... A C-Rank mission for 1000ryo. Sounds good... The village hasn't been receiving shipments, blah blah, your job is to go and find out what
the trouble is... That's the mission I'm looking for...". Nero informed the higher ranked shinobi about him taking on the mission, and then left the hokage chambers to head out to the destination. Nero reached the village gates as he realised it was the perfect kind of weather for him. The sun wasn't shining as the clouds filled the whole sky, it was windy and dark. Nero entered the forest and then started moving faster to reach his destination earlier. "Well," thought Nero "I don't think it'll be a long trip, considering the way the shinobi explained the way to me. It also said "not too far from the village" in the mission information... Oh there is a farm...". Nero saw the farm some kilometers away and fastly made his way there to talk to the farmers and see what's going on. He saw that the farm was full of vegetables, and there were some vehicles near the farm. "Then what's wrong ?" thought Nero "What else can cause the farmers not transport the supplies to the village ?". There were no farmers in sight, so he headed to the house staying at the corner of the farm. He knocked the door and the door was opened by an old, scared man wearing a farmer's suit. "Please don't hurt us again!" said the man, crouching as he held the door, then a voice was heard from the back of the man "Don't worry, Hiro, he has a Konoha headband, can't you see it ?". It was the voice of an old woman, who seemed to be the wife of the farmer. The old farmer breathed deeply, he seemed to be relaxed. "My eyes don't see as good as before..." he turned his face to Nero "Are you here to stop the thugs from stealing our food ?"... "So that's it... Of course." thought Nero. "Tell me where they are." said Nero as he heard some voices from his back "We're back, old friends."... Nero turned back. He saw three armed young man. "So here they are... I hate thugs..." said Nero "Close the door.". Nero looked the man in the middle in the eyes "You will not take anything from this farm ever again. This farm belongs to these old couple and the supplies created in this farm belong to them only. The supplies also happen to be Konoha's property, so you won't put your hands on even a little piece of it.". Nero tries to look scary, but it doesn't work on 16 year old ninjas very well. The thugs leaughed as hard as anyone can. "Try to stop us, brat." told one of them. "I will remind you that you said that while you'll be on the ground, wishing not to die.". Nero then smiled as he jumped to the guy saying Nero to try stopping them, as he fastly drew 2 kunais. Nero landed on the guy, as all three of the thugs were amazed by Nero's speed, and stabbed the guy with both of the kunai's in the thug's chest. "Oops." said Nero as the guy fell down with Nero on him "I guess I won't be able to remind him his words now. One of the kunais seemed to stab his hearth... So, who's next ?". The thugs now seemed a little scared, but the one who used to be standing in the middle jumped towards Nero with a kunai. He sent a slash towards Nero's chest as Nero easily dodged the kunai. Nero then easily stabbed the thug in his stomach. Blood came out of the man's mouth "So this is how I die..." said the thug "...by getting killed by a brat...". Nero threw the body of the thug down. The last thug seemed scared. "Don't you dare run." said Nero as the man tried to escape. Nero jumped on the man landing on stabbing him in his back. Nero fastly grabbed all the three bodies. "I must get rid of these..." thought Nero, as he burried the bodies some kilometers away from the farm. Nero then returned to the house of the farmer and talked with the farmer, saying he no longer needed to be afraid and could transport the supplies to the village once again, like before. Nero returned to the village to report about the mission.

[WC : 935/900, Claiming 1k ryo.]

"No technique is forbidden; secrets kept are weapons wasted. Balance is weakness, so do not fear the shrouded path, since the truth lies in the darkness. Brave the shadows, and you can find the truth."
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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: Uh Oh [C-Ranked Mission]   Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:15 pm



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Uh Oh [C-Ranked Mission]
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