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 Habee Endangered Species Mission RANK B

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Xuro Bakuton
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 38
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Element(s) : Earth,Lightning,Wind,Acid
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PostSubject: Habee Endangered Species Mission RANK B   Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:05 pm

“ Poachers have been capturing a few Endangered animals in the
forest. Your Mission is to locate and free the endangered animals before any
harm can come to them. It would be preferred to use no violence, however if
needed, and only if needed you can take the animals by force” thought Habee of
the words going through in his head about his mission being told to him. Habee’s
mind was set and determine to stop this poachers. The only thing about this mission compared to
rest is that Habee was raging mad and absolutely determine to stop them. One of
the things he likes is Animals. he loves them dearly and doesn’t like them to
be in danger or get heard and especially captured. And also one of the things
he doesn’t like is Poachers. He hates them because of what they are doing to
this innocent endangered creature is down right dirty. Habee had anger in his
eyes as he slowly walked into the forest. His fist held very tight full of
rage. the air around him blew steadily with his anger but all this couldn’t be
seen on his face as he had his Hoddie on which covered most of his face and as
it being night time he face couldn’t even be seen.

Habee slowly walked through the forest trying to find them.
As he couldn’t see anything cox being it was so dark. Habee climbed up a tree
trying to scout out the poachers. Habee could not see anything that was out of
nature he saw some animals walking about but mostly all the animals was sound
asleep and it was absolutely silient. Habee looked at his watch and seen the
time. “Wow its very late. Fifteen minutes past 12. This is right time for them
poachers to come out creeping in th middle of the night and go capture
endangered animals. Except tonight im the poacher and they the prey“ Laughed
Habee. after about half an hour of scouting Habee couldn’t get anything within
a bout a mile radius. “Well nothing here,” said Habee as he jumped down the
tree. “Let me go see more in the depth of the forest. Bound to find them there.”

Habee walked for a bout a half a n hour and then something
caught his eye. He heard some scuffling in a bush nearby. He cautiously walked
there and took out his Kunai being prepared for anything. As he peered over the
bush he saw someone small baby cabs. But not just any Baby cubs they were an
endangered species hardly seen around in the day. Habee has never seen one
before but now he saw 5 alll at once.
Habee used his intelligent thinking and realised that they wereny with anyone
they were all alone. They had to have at least a mother if not a mother and a
father. A though just came to his mind that they might have been captured-
their parents or parent. Habee gave them some food to keep them quiet as they
were moving around and making some noise. Then he covered the bush move over
them so that they wont be seen by the poachers. He then made a kunai strip
switch by the bush so if anyone ever learns over they will trigger it and cause them to be in
a world of pain.

He then saw some marks on the ground nearby and saw also
some foot prints as well as one or two paw prints and a long mark in the ground
as if some has been dragging something. He pictured that the poachers saw the
cubs parents and attacked them but the parents hid their cubs behind the bush
to protect them and the parents were captured by the poachers.

He followed the foot prints cautiously and still holding a
kunai in his hand. After about a half an hour of walking he heard some voices
by the sound of it about 3 or 4 of them “Lets take this back to our hideout the
transport is coming to pick up all of them tomorrow so we better also cage and
pack this two also we can get a lot of money for them.” He heard one of the
voices saying. Habee looked around trying to locate them. He saw some flash lights
about a couple of meters away so he hid behind a tree watching them. they were
actually six of them about average height and weight except for 2 of them which
were quiet big and huge and were carry the tieed up also knocked out animals on
their backs. they had a cage which two of them were pulling and inside was a
very big animal tranquilized and lying in the corner. at the end was another
guy he looked like he was guarding the back of the cage and up ahead was the
last guy he was carrying the flash light and it seemed he was the main one or
even the boss of their gang.

Habee climbed up a tree ahead of them trying to see how can
he find out their hiding place. he quickly thought of a plan and climbed down
the tree. he followed the path ahead of them and found a sort of an opening
like a cave up a head in their path so he hid himself inside and watched as
they walked past Habee. after th cage went past he saw his opportunity and
pulled out a kunai then he grabbed and gagged the guy walking behind the cage
he then pulled him into the cave then knocked him out and tied him up tight to a big rock and gagged him. Afte r
that he used a Transformation Technique and transformed into that guy and since
he heard that guys voice early he tried his best to imitate it. after that he
quickly ran quickly to catch up to them. the walked behind hearing all their
conversations and hoping not to get caught.

After about an hour of walking he reached their hide out. he
watch as they carried the cage and the two animals into the hide out. it was
actually a massive cave hidden behind a massive thorn bush so they had a secret
way to open the bush and get in . it was such a hidden hide out that no one
would ever try to look into a thorn bush.

So as he followed them into the bush one of the massive guyz
told him to help him carry the animal into its cage. he did that and saw that
there was about 5 other guys who were waiting there guarding their hide out. so
after they put the animals into the cages Habee saw that there about 20
different type of cages holding a lot of weird and endangered animals. Habee
was filled with rage as he saw how this animals were being treated. after they
chained up all the cages they went to their sleeping places and told each one
when they would be on guard duty it appeared that they will be two men shifts
and Habee would guard with one of the massive gurds who’s name was The Rock and
their duty was second so after an hour and everyone was asleep Habee quietly
got up and sneakily went to where the two men were patrolling. First he
attacked the one guy from behind and then tied him up and gagged him. there
after the used the transformation technique and turned into that guy and went
to the second patroller he was the other massive guy so Habee had to think
properly how is gonna defeat him. Habee walked to him and pulled out a Kunai “What
are you doing ?” the guy asked Habee in surprise. “Im gonna stop what you are
doing!” said Habee and attacked him with the Kunai. The big guy dodged it and
pulled out a giant type of a blade that was 1 meter long and 50cm think. He
swinged it at Habee. Habee could see this guy was indeed strong that he neva
cll the others but sorted it out himself so Habee jumped out of the way and
came up behind the guy and slit his throat. It was the only way to sto him.
After that he acted like he waws asleep again and when it was him and his
partners turn to patrol he attacked the massive and and had to also slit his
throat. After that he quickly wen to the other 2 men and knocked them out and
tied them just as the others got up and saw him. So he attacked them also and
knocked them out and tied them up also. After that he went and sat free all the
animals that were trapped and let them outback into the forest he then went to
the place he hid the cubs and brought them back to their parents. “Mission
Complete” Thought Habee as he walked out of the acve “im going to tell all of
this to the Hokage and then let him sort out these criminals because they
deserve to be punished

[Word count: 1540 and 2000 RYO]

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Habee Endangered Species Mission RANK B   Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:10 pm

Mission: Approved

don't want to remove but don't need:

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Habee Endangered Species Mission RANK B
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