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 Endangered Species [B-Ranked Mission]

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Remus Theoden Lucifer
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Endangered Species [B-Ranked Mission]   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:01 am


Nero was
still sitting under the shadow of a large tree after the training with
his team. "Why ?" thought Nero "Why am I always the first one to go down
in the trainings even though I seem to be faster than Shuuhei, and even
though I work harder than him ?". He was watching the sky, the clouds
and the leaves of the large tree he was lying to that were in his sight.
"Whatever," thought Nero "I should head back to the village...". He got
up from the ground and started walking slowly to the gates as he
realised he was hungry as hell. "That's right... Now that I think, I
haven't had a proper meal since 2 days. I guess I'll head to the
Ichiraku Noodle Bar before I head home...". Nero walked through the
large main street to reach the noodle bar. He sat on one of the chairs
that were standing in front of the cook and his kitchen. "One bowl of
ramen please..." said Nero, his head looking down to the table. "Is
there something wrong, Nero ?" asked the ramen guy. Nero smiled, he was
getting used to people acknowledging and recognising him. "No ,"
answered Nero "but thank you for asking, old man.". Nero ate his bowl of
ramen, paid it as he realised he was getting low on money and got out
from the bar. "So," he thought "I guess it's time I take on another
mission...". He headed to the Hokage chabers and checked the mission
boards. And one mission pulled his eyes to itself "2000 ryo, huh ?
Actually, that would help me...". He continued reading about the mission
"Endangered species...". "O.K." said Nero "I'm taking this mission.".
He informed some Jounin about him taking on the mission and fastly
headed to home to take everything he'd need that he didn't bring to the
forest for the training. Nero passed some streets to reach the one with
his house on it. Just as he turned to enter the street, he saw a similar
face... "Sao ?" said Nero silently as he realised Sao didn't see him.
The boy seemed to be moving to another house. Sao finally realised Nero
as he was about to enter the house next to Nero's house. "Noroi, " said
Sao "it's been quite a while, how are you doing ?"... Nero answered
after remaining silent for some seconds "Good, thanks. And yes, it's
been quite a while indeed. So what're you doing ?". "Oh" answered Sao
"Well, I'm glad I saw you today. We are moving away to Sunagakure. My
father is called from Sunagakure Jounins specially to help them. So,
this is a goodbye, my friend.", Sao smiled as he showed his father.
"Well," said Nero "It was nice to know you. Maybe we'll see eachother
again...". Sao thanked Nero and said "Bye." to Nero as he entered the
house, probably to bring something to be moved to Sunagakure.

thought Nero "at least I'm going to be less known and move more freely
from now on." as he entered his house. He took some kunais, his 2
daggers and twin blades with hi as he also took some bandages since he
used all he had with him during the training. After resting for about
half an hour, he was ready to leave the house to go to the forest. He
got out of his house and start walking fastly to the village gates. His
mission was to free some animals of endangered species which were
kidnapped by some thugs, probably not ninjas. Nero was not going to show
mercy to the kidnappers since according to his way of thinking,
kidnappers were worse than thieves or thugs. Nero especially hated
people who injured or kidnapped innocent people or animals. Nero has
reached the village gates in no time and started dashing in the forest
as soon as he passed the gates. "I am going to make those fools pay...
And get my hands on 2000 ryo... I really like being a ninja. I get paid
for beating up bastards. Whatever, I must concentrate on finding the
first. Now, they must be transporting in large vehicles, or they must
have binded the animals with ropes... Either way they will be easy to
notice." thought Nero as he saw a large line of animals bound with ropes
from their necks being pulled towards the desert of Sunagakure. Nero
got near the line silently as he saw the 4 thugs, 1 with a very built-up
body pulling the rope, and the animals, 1 in the left, 1 in the right
and 1 in the end of the line of animals. The one in the end was very
close to Nero, so Nero attacked him first by jumping on him without
making any noise and stabbing him in the back. Unfortunately, as Nero
has thought, the guy shouted as loud as anyone can, making the other 3
thugs aware of Nero. They all looked to Nero, including the one holding
the rope. "Leader is dead ?" said the one in the left of the line, a
little scared as the one in the right of the line said "You go on pull
the rope, Muscles. We got this kid.". The one in the other end of the
line to Nero turned his back and continued pulling the rope, as the
animals started moving again. "What you're doing is wrong." said Nero
"And you will pay for doing it... I, will ake you pay for doing it.".
The braver one laughed when he heard it. "Shut up, brat !" said he as he
started running towards Nero. "I'm gonna make a meal out of you for the
animals.". His eyes were insanely opened and were looking directly to
Nero in the eyes. The thug pulled out a katana as Nero pulled his
Gold-bladed katana and clashed his one with the thug's. The gold-bladed
katana slowly started to slice through the other one. The guy was like
"What ?". Nero pushed the katana to his left side as he turned fro his
right to kick the thug in the face. The thug put his left ar in the way
and said "Not that easy, brat.". He once again swinged his katana to
injure Nero with a slash. Nero wuickly acted to dodge the katana and
once again jump towards the thug and sent a slash with all his power
towards his chest. The guy put his katana in his way and the gold-bladed
katana cut through the katana even more. The guy was getting angry he
tried kicking Nero in his stomach. Nero kicked the thug's leg which was
coming at him as he once again pushed the katana and tried to kick him
in the face. With the guy already hit in his leg, the kick hit him in
the face as well. With the guy lying on the grass, Nero put his
gold-bladed katana back and pulled out his daggers for the next one. The
thug seemed scared "The leader is dead... And Tanto is down ?". Tears
came out from his eyes as he pulled out a knife and dashed towards Nero.
"A crying opponent..." thought Nero as he dashed towards the thug "is
an unconcentrated opponent.". They both readied their weapons. "And an
unconcentrated opponent..." said Nero as he jumped over the thug and
slashed his back "...is a dead one.". Nero looked at the thug pulling
the animals. "Stop !" shouted Nero "Stop and free these animals.". The
thug stopped and looked at Nero "Hey where are leader,tanto and knife ?
Hey, who are you ?"... Nero facepalmed "And once again the one without
the brain is the one with the hevay body." said Nero silently and then
shouted "Free the animals damn it !!!". The thug looked at Nero, binded
the rope to a tree, and said "NO ! Leader said me not to do that thing
you said !". He juped towards Nero and tried punching him. "He's at
least slow." thought Nero as he dodged the thug's punch. "I'm sorry,"
told Nero "but what you're doing is illegal and pathetic. I must stop
you.". Nero was now standing in the back of the thug. "I don't want to
hurt you." said Nero, but the truth was that he didN't want to get hurt
by the thug. The thug dashed towards Nero, trying to punch him once
again. Nero dodged the punch, got next the thug's head and stabbed him
in the left side of his chest. The guy fell down, shouting with the pain
and the blood filling his lung. "Hmm..." said Nero "I must've missed
his hearth... Whatever, you'll die in under 2 minutes."...

went near the tree which the rope was bound to. He first unbinded the
roped, then freed each animal one by one. The animals were really rare.
Nero hasn't seen most of them in his life before. "Finally done..."
thought Nero "I can head back to the village and I should also inform
them about these bodies... So, I should hurry and head back as soon as
possible.". After freeing all the animals, Nero dashed to the village.
He reported about the mission and claimed his reward.

[ WC : 1535/1500 , Claiming 2k Ryo ]

"No technique is forbidden; secrets kept are weapons wasted. Balance is weakness, so do not fear the shrouded path, since the truth lies in the darkness. Brave the shadows, and you can find the truth."

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Endangered Species [B-Ranked Mission]   Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:31 pm

Mission: Approved
Training: Denied, cannot overlap (if this is wrong I apologize but I highly doubt such.)

don't want to remove but don't need:

The main modding account of Shiroi Shinzo/Dol Havard
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Endangered Species [B-Ranked Mission]
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