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 A Walk to Suna (Mission)

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Near The Arrogant
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Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: A Walk to Suna (Mission)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:39 am

It had been a simple day today as they boy rested his head upon his own bed. He was sleeping and he was doing it well. as nothing was going to bother him today seeing as it had been his last day of being a genin level ninja. See in the vilalge of the leaf it had been rare that ninja of his rank had done as many missions as him and at the ranks he had done them at made it even rarer. See Nate had been so skilled in his power and such that his master had been able to get him missions that even he couldnt register for. His master had been the best and had helped him even through that of the death of his mother and father. His teacher had certainly been there for him for more then just the big things, he had been there for the small things and the medium things. "Sigh i guess i should start today off with a bang. With my last mission. I wonder what it is this time. I hope its nothing fucked up or boring cause thats all ive been getting and its annoying... ah crap its getting close to time to go i better get ready before Master gets here." Nate said as he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, after so he began to run the water and get fixed up for the big mission that had been going on today. His master had been on his way to give it to him, allowing him to see his master one last time before he became a chuunin by the end of the day. It certainly was going to be an epic day today. "Ohhh i can't wait for the greatest day ever, i cant wait for the greatest day everrrrrrr." he sung to himself as he washed his face and cleaned his body, walking out of the bathroom he put on the clothing he had waiting for him and then heard something outside of his door. It was as if someone was laughing outside. Suddenly they knocked on the door and asked to come in, with a strange voice they asked if Nate had been there and that they needed to come in. Walking to the door Nate opened it and saw his master. He smiled and began to speak normally. "You finally came haha anyway let me in, im gonna give you the mission details. Don't take to long this time cause we have other things to do." He said as he walked under the boy's hand that had been against the frame of the door. He laughed a little as he walked in and sat in one of the chairs that were in the room. "Okay listen up. Its simple i have a man waiting near the gates of the village for you to take him to the village hidden in the sand. All you gotta do is get him there safely. Do not let this man die during the trip. I noticed how you took the other man from that mission to the village quickly so i thought that this one would be certainly easy for you to do." He said as he then stood up, leaving a belt on the chair as if noting the boy had forgotten to add his belt, but this belt had a different thing added to it, it had a small pouch of special colored Clay, which had been mixed with crayon at his masters home. Picking it up Nate smiled and looked at his master, "Thanks sir." He said as he put it on and then quickly ran out of the building.

His master watched as he left, closing his door behind him as he left in the other direction. It had been a happy day for everyone. Running to the vilalge gates Nate began to put on the things that he had forgotten to as his master walked in, he had began to create a clay bird while running as their transportation for the day. It had been the best transportation that he had other then the one that he had been using to destroy things half the time. As he continued to run to the village gates he began to see a man at the gates who had surely been from a different village. It was told in the mission specs that he had been hunted by assassins for most of his life due to the secret art that he knew as a child of his clan, It was nice to be guarding a man who had actually had a reason to get a shinobi guard, but he had gotten the best of the best. As he reached the man he bowed and made himself known. "Hi im the ninja that has been chosen to take you to the sand village, please do not fall off while we head there i have found a better way to get there and i promise it will keep you safe. You see im an artist, and as an artist im able to make certain type of figures for my fighting style. and this is one of my favorite ones." He said as he threw out his clay bird. as he did this the bird expanded and became that of a ridable size, it had been perfect for the task at hand. "Okay so i just need you to get on this one and ill ride the second one so that i can watch the area as you fly, this will be easy." He said as he made a second one, they began to step on to the birds and began to fly up into the air, the height had been great as they could see most of the large village as they got higher up, it was quite beautiful to see. They began to head out as the wings of the birds flapped toward the direction of the sand village. Nothing was going to stop them and because of the fact that the assassins had no idea that the man was going to be on the brid with Nate that had no idea that he would just be flying over them. Things began to pick up as they begun to get into the area where both the sand and the leaf were to connect, they had a type of more windy experience due to the weather of the sand vilalge and its land. The trip continued as they flew through the heat of the sun and the sand, it had been scorching hot and it had caused for the two to sweat much more then usual. "Gawd i don't think i can take the heat of this sun, I don't think this is normal for the village cause the last time i came here it was less like this. I guess their just having a heat wave. I wish you had of picked a better time to do this haha, I can't stand heat it atleast had to be a mix of both for me to actually like it." He said laughing to himself, with his eyes closed he had not noticed that the man had no sense of humor on him. Opening them he stopped and looked forward, it had certainly been a boring trip for the boy. It hadnt taken long for Nate to begin to be annoyed by how the man ignored him and never spoke during the trip. "Hey look im the one who's helping you, you could at least help me by answering back its very annoying that you just look forward and act like im not even here, come on dude im trying to help you here okay. Its so boring to talk to yourself when someone else is there but won't give a reply, im trying to get us through but im slowly falling asleep, give me something to work with alright?" Nate asked after his small rant had been over, suddenly the man turned around and looked at nate, his face as dull as ever as he said, "Alright" This caused nate to become a bit more enraged and growl at the answer. Nothing had pissed him off more then this man, after hours of flight they had begun to see the Sand village in a distance it was finally time to get rid of a very annoying man. As they continued forward they set upon the gates of the vilalge and begun to walk forward. As the man walked a few steps ahead of Nate, he noticed him talking to what had been other villagers who had spoken to him, He had truly been a real jerk. "Jackass." Nate would say under his breath as he followed the man. it had taken them no time to get to the mission area and retrieve his reward, which after so they gave him permission to leave he had completed everything as told to do.

1509 Mission: Escort to Sunagkure. Link: http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/t10664-b-ranked-mission

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Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: A Walk to Suna (Mission)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:41 am

Alpha squad, It's a go!

don't want to remove but don't need:

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A Walk to Suna (Mission)
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