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 Farmers usually Explode(Mission)

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Near The Arrogant
Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Farmers usually Explode(Mission)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:59 am

A sigh came from the mouth of the exhausted Nate. As he layer at the gates of the village he slept a little. At first it had looked as if he had been beaten up by what had been bandit but that had not been true at all. It had simply been bugs. Bugs that seemed to like the body of the boy and rested upon him. As he snored most flew away from him while the others stayed as they truly had no fear of the breath of the great human beast. Nate had been extremely tired from his week of missions and after looking at the next two he had noticed that he had no time to rest and groom himself. He needed to hide from the higher ups and rest his eyes just a bit till it was time for the next mission. Which had been only an hour away. Suddenly the boy awoken and noticed th bugs the crawled on his face. He screamed a bit and caused many of the villagers to look at him. As he wiped the bugs off of him he looked to see a man standing over him. At this point the villagers had been moving on from the sight and going on with their lives. Lookig down on him had been none other then his master. ""Afraiid of a little bug I see. And I thought you were my student." he said jokingly. As he put out his hand he offered the boy help up. As he wore gloves and knew of the palm mouths he had. Grabbing on to his hand Nate was helped up only to be lectured after the little help he had gained.

"Listen up. Your new mission is simple. Now you know tha the leaf doesn't make their own food. We have a bunch of farmers do it for us. Well I'd like to make note that the farmers have seemed to stop replying to us. And we have been running low on food supplies in the village. Maybe they are mad at us and maybe they are in trouble. So to put it simple I need you to head out and take on this mission in pride. Understood. The farmers aren't to far from here just head straight. By the way. Good gate choice." he said as he then disappeared from sight. Nate's eyes became half-lidded and glared at the smoke that his master left over. "Sigh next time I'm going to sleep on the hokage rock. Ten he can find me. But maybe it was my fault this time. Ughhh either way I better finish this mission before nightfall." dusting himself off Nate made a large clay bird. As he did he would jump upon it and use It as his ride. As it began to flap its wings it began to rise up high into the sky. Flying over the village gates and heading the direction tha he had been told to go. I had been nothing at first bu now he had been a tad drowsy. As he sat in the Indian position on the bird he watched as the wildlife roamed the area. Suddenly he saw something it had seemed to be smoke or something. As the gray fumes raised into the sky. Nate gasped as he looked closely. "Okay what the fuck is going on over there. I'm afraid I found my mission. Great. Here I come to your rescue." he said as the bird began to move faster. It had taken them no time to get to the small area filled with farmers. As he jumped off the bird he noticed a big brown creature in the area. It had. Een a bear. It had been roaming around the small area and it had been in search for something as it tore down the small homes that the farmers put there food in. "So his is the problem huh." suddenly I had been noted that the bears had been nothing but puppets. It had seemed that a man had stood before the world and cause more then just horror in the farmers village. As they shone in fear in the safety house. "Okay so to put it simple. This man is messing with my food. Unacceptable. I'll show him who messes with my shit. " he said as he jumped up onto his bird as it flew up to the man. A the same time Nate had already made enough of his art to blow the three bears to pieces. As he flew so did the small bombs which had been multiplied by 16. With nothing but explosions things were close to be fixed. As he met with the man eye to eye had grabbed him and wrapped what had been clay snakes. They caused the man to stop breathing. Choking him to the point that he had no say I breathing and passed out. Suddenly he opened the door to the safety room and began to speak. "I am the artist of the leaf village I was here to get thugs out and set everything back up. Now give me my damn food I've been waiting for days to get this done. I'll be on my way. I hope to see my food soon. Bye." he said as he walked out after all the villagers had left the safety room.

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...As you fall to my power...

Because i am... God!"

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Farmers usually Explode(Mission)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:27 am

thumbs up!

don't want to remove but don't need:

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Farmers usually Explode(Mission)
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