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 Uh Oh

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PostSubject: Uh Oh   Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:15 am

Mission Name: Uh oh

Rank: C

Type: Intel

Character Requirements: None

Word Count Requirements: 900

Repeatable? Yes

Reward: 1000 Ryo

Task: The village hasn't been receiving shipments of resources from the farmers not too far from the village. The village shinobi are unable to make any contact with the farmers, your job is to go and find out what the trouble is, and make sure the village receives the shipments soon.

Please find a link to the thread giving the mission


An unreliable food supply was always a danger, this problem had to be corrected immediately. Today it was just a few farms dropping out of contact but tomorrow major shipments and trading caravans could be vanishing, depending on the cause. Umtari’s mind started working out what it could be, or rather started to engage in wild speculation. Simple thugs, wild animals, illness, accident, low level rouge ninja or worst of all the opening gambit in a coordinated attack on the village by a credible threat. That last option was quite unlikely and Umtari couldn’t settle on any of them until he had a look.

So he set off in the direction of the affected farmsteads, making very sure to stay off the roads and tracks. A likely cause of the problems was bandits on the tracks and Umtari would prefer not to casually stroll right into their waiting jaws. What he would do though would be to move parallel to the tracks, in the hope of catching any waiting ambush off guard. He did not find one though. Everything seemed worryingly normal as moved through the trees. It was not until he drew very close to one of the farms that he noticed things were amiss. Stopping at the tree line and looking out across the farmer’s rice fields Umtari could see the farm. At this distance details were hard to make out but nothing seemed overtly amiss. Climbing up to one of the higher branches he brought his crossbow up to his shoulder and stared down the telescopic sight. After fiddling with the magnification for a few moments Umtari could at last see what was going on.

Specifically nothing was going on, a suspiciously large amount of nothing. Though this was a rice farm you could expect to see one or two working animals, such as oxen or horses, but there was nothing. This was doubly odd since the rice fields had clearly been recently harvested. Aside from the chilling stillness though there was nothing. Deciding to get closer Umtari climbed down from his tree and made his way through the rice field. He wanted to remain invisible to any hidden observers that may be squatting in the farm and so he had to half squat half crawl his way through the field. His progress was slow, not just because he was moving in an awkward position but also because he was checking for traps as he went.

When he eventually arrived, things were exactly as they appeared from the tree, everything was still and a lot was missing, not just the working animals but the wagons as well. The barn to was utterly empty, hay and all. The only thing which contained anything of interest was the house. Umtari was particularly cautious when approaching this building, so much so that he refused to go in via the door just in case it was booby trapped, after all that was what he would do. Instead he gained access through an upstairs window. Once he was inside what he discovered was a scene of chaos. Clothes had been thrown about, draws ripped out, tables upturned, and furniture wrecked. Continuing his search Umtari found blood, but not much, certainly not enough to suggest someone had bled to death.

Umtari started putting the clues together as best he could. Again, there were a few possible options but Umtari settled on one as a working theory. Assailant’s unknown had attacked this farm, specifically to steal food and agricultural supplies but were willing to take whatever else of value they could find, including people, and then abandoned the scene only to return to their base of operations at some hidden location. This meant though that the men would leave a trail, no matter what the truth of things wagons don’t just vanish and unless some unusually strong ninja were inexplicably carrying them above their heads there would be wheel ruts to trace and ox hooves to follow. Umtari ignored the tracks which led to the main road, they were old and if the enemy had travelled that way they almost surely would have been spotted. Instead he looked around the farm loking for tracks which did not seem to be anything to do with agricultural work. Eventually he found what he was after, several carts and about ten people. The tracks led away from the farm and were roughly parallel to the edges of the forest, sticking to flat ground where they could.

As Umtari continued to follow these tracks he noticed he was heading in the rough direction of some of the other farms which had dropped out of contact, not an encouraging sign. All of a sudden however, the tracks veered off into the woods. Umtari was starting to become slightly uneasy now and so rather than follow the tracks on the ground Umtari took to the trees and put some distance between him and the trail, so again he was advancing parallel to them and within sight range. Following the tracks to their terminus Umtari surveyed the scene and was amazed by what he saw. There was a medium sized camp here, squatting inside a small valley within the forest. In this camp there were a number of tents, in which the raiders presumably slept, whilst piles upon piles of food and other agricultural produce was heaped high. More concerning though were the two or three wooden cages with rather desperate looking people cramped up inside of them like sardines in a tin. The haul here was from more than one farm, this looked like the central repository where all the loot had been taken, presumably to be sold on. Some was already missing, eaten or flogged off but the vast majority was still here.

Observing the opponent’s behaviour and patterns for a few minutes Umtari then leapt into action. Bracing his weapon against his shoulder he fired two shots into the enemy, both hit as his targets were currently doing little more than lollygagging around. One bolt plunged into the head of his rival, killing him instantly whilst the other got a bolt in the upper thigh, sending him falling to the ground screaming. Shifting position slightly Umtari got well out of sigh behind a tree and called out.

“First squad has engaged! Move second team up!”

This was followed by him swiftly creating a clone of himself which ran through the bushes some distance away. Moving at the speed it was and in it’s camoflauge scheme it was hard to make out details but it suggested numbers and activity to the enemy. Umtari meanwhile used the body replacement technique to move to another vantage point on the other side of the valley and let off two more bolts, both of which killed their victims whilst the wounded man just kept on screaming.

“Seond team in position!” Umtari called out in another voice. “Third team where are you?”

Again Umtari used a clone to suggest numbers and movement. All of this, combined with the screams, the deaths and the sudden shock of the attack sent the bandits into a state of panic and they fled out into the trees. Some tried to grab some loot as they went but it was never anything more than what they could carry in their hands. Once Umtari was sure the coast was clear he moved down from the trees and approached the prisoners, gently assuring them that all was well now. But before he let them go he stalked over to the wounded man and kicked him hard in the side of the head, stunning him. Umtari then proceeded to rip out the bolt and jam it back into the man’s eye, thrusting it deep down to at last kill the man outright. This done Umtari at last freed the prisoners who reacted with a mixture of fear, gratitude and shock. Umtari then supervised them sorting out who’s goods were who’s before escorting them all to the village in a single large convoy, to at last deliver the long overdue food and then escorting them all back to their farms, helping to repair some damage and promising to check in on all of them in a week just to see that all was well.

((Word count 1381))

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PostSubject: Re: Uh Oh   Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:45 am

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Uh Oh
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