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 Search and Destroy [Mission, PRIVATE]

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Hisashi Saio

Fame : 5
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  • Mist

Clan : Hisashi
Bloodline : Teintei Prophecy
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PostSubject: Search and Destroy [Mission, PRIVATE]   Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:59 am

Azaiyo would begin to walk from Sunagakure no Sato. After many days of pure travelling and training, he was now on his final quest of becoming the best shinobi he could be. His desires were simply being completed day by day; some as catastrophic achievements, and others as graceful achievements. Ever since Azaiyo had met the Kazekage and had heard her words, he knew he had a really good purpose in this world. His goals were reaching the path where they would indeed come true. Azaiyo everyday would hear about more and more tragedies that fled both his village along with all pieces of land in the shinobi world. He surely knew that great power comes with great responsibility. Azaiyo now found himself in the Land of Iron. Nothing about this place seemed recognizable in Azaiyo's eyes, but maybe it could be something Azaiyo would enjoy. Azaiyo had heard about great lands in the past and wished to visit them, but this land by the Land of Iron sort of put Azaiyo in a questionnable mood. A name like this did seem great and appealing, but also very dangerous. Azaiyo could hear tons of noises as he would walk down the great land. Shinobi from all villages would soar in the air as Azaiyo would see them in pain. Azaiyo would hate it until he would see the person behind the danger. This land at the moment did seem to have quite a lot of threats, for Azaiyo saw a lot of heroic activity spread through this area. Many men would fall to the ground dead as the others would stand there with greatness. Azaiyo would smile as he began to see people much like himself. However, Azaiyo began to see one person who seemed quite the opposite.

Azaiyo starred into the deep dark area of the Land of Iron as he would see a strange shinobi. This shinobi was not like the others he had saw. Brigades of shinobi would charge at this man as a single strike from this certain shinobi would kill them all with a single strike. The man seemed frightening, but Azaiyo would not let that sort of gesture overwhelm his being. As many men would fall, Azaiyo would hear their whispers, giving their final blessings as they would drop to the ground, dead with many unfulfilled dreams. Azaiyo was crushed by this sort of behaviour. He would slowly follow the man from afair, so far away in fact that if the man were to look behind he would only see what might be a single dot in the air. Azaiyo had great vision. He was almost like a dog. Azaiyo could not reach people from very far distances with merely his eyes. However, just by sensing their past activities, history, and current goals, he could spot out any enemy. He would slowly pick up the pace as he could see some sort of weapon in the man's left hand. Azaiyo would position himself more into the shadows as he would walk faster and faster by the minute, still keeping a far distance away from the man. The image was beginning to become sharp. The weapon now seemed deadly, but Azaiyo still could not figure out what it was. The edge of the weapon made it seem like some sort of blade, but nothing like Azaiyo had seen before. The blade was black. With Azaiyo's perspective of black shaded weapons, only with the exception of kunai blades, were only used for evil kinds of acts. Azaiyo would continue the pick up the pace as he could see a thorough glimpse of the weapon. It was a sword. The sword would be shrouded with dark flames as many pointy edges circulated around the blade fraction of the weapon. Azaiyo could also see that the man was armed with many other weapons. He held tons of kunai blades, hundreds of them as Azaiyo could only sense that this man had quick speed. Hundreds of kunai blades would be quite unnecessary for a shinobi that is not skilled in speed. Luckily, Azaiyo is so fast, he can make quick shifts with his body, almost to make it as if he were to teleport himself to a different location in a certain area. Azaiyo was surprised to see even more weapons that the man possessed. This definitely seemed unnecessary. This man had to be a serial killer. Loads of exploding tags, katanas, and shuriken were equipped all over this man's upper body. It was more than clear that this man had a very skilled specialty of Taijutsu. Azaiyo would have to be very careful. Azaiyo would open a scroll he received from his mission instructor. It read to find a great killer in the Land of Iron that is responsible for having killed tons of shinobi from all villages and have collected their weaponry as titles. Azaiyo noticed that this mission instructor was the Kage of his village, the Kazekage. It had seemed as if this man was responsible for the majority of tragedies occurring in Sunagakure no Sato. Azaiyo would put this man on this list as he continued to read. The sword he was wielding was a cursed demon sword, requiring much chakra but at the same time extremely beneficial to the beholder. Azaiyo was finally prepared for battle.

Azaiyo would quick run and stop before the man. "You stop here and now!" Azaiyo shouted, "You will not take a step beyond me, for your journey ends here. I am the slayer of all that is sin, and your acts have shown that you are one that I should slay. Prepare to die!" Azaiyo would quickly pull a move as he would put himself at a strong defense while giving the man a disadvantage with a single jutsu. "EARTH RELEASE: TEARING EARTH TURNING PALM!" Azaiyo shouted as the ground would begin to break apart. The movement of earthquakes would be greatly controlled as they would circle around the enemy as the ground would crumble, only leaving a small platform for the man to stand on. In addition, the longer the man would stand on it, the less stable the platform would become, meaning Azaiyo was making a very aggressive approach at killing this man. The man would slash his sword as giant flames would burst through the large cracks in the ground, create great impacts in front of Azaiyo's eyes. Before an impact would hit Azaiyo, he would quickly use his Substitution Technique to move himself farther away from the impacts. Azaiyo would stay with eyes starring at the man like hawk to see every movement he would make. Azaiyo knew he could finish this man off. In fact, no matter how long the duration of this battle would be, Azaiyo guaranteed that one technique would show this man completely what he was made of before the great ending.

The man would not talk as he seemed very enraged. Azaiyo would look at him as if he were a demonic snake, one that would lurk around and quickly kill anyone in sight with a single slash. The man would continue to swing his sword as flames would continue to burst from the cracks of the earthquake Azaiyo had created. The impacts would grow stronger with every maneuver and slash this man would make. As the flames would burst, the man would suddenly begin to soar in Azaiyo's direction. As the man was about to slash Azaiyo with his demonic sword, Azaiyo would throw an exploding tag in mid air as he would quickly Body Flicker out of the way, causing the explosion to send the man deep into the ground. As the man's heavy weight would collide with the ground, the ground would continue to crumble from the earth release: tearing earth turning palm that Azaiyo had used previously to trap the man. The ground below the man would break as the man would fall deeply into the depths of the Earth. As he would fall, Azaiyo noticed that the sword would slowly begin to ascend back to ground level. As this would happen, black flames would burst from underneath the ground level as the man would slowly ascend back to ground level along with his sword. The only difference was this man was this man was now shrouded with dark flames along with his sword. It had seemed as if the demonic sword that this man possessed could create a cursed bond with whoever would wield it. The man would finally perform a special tactic he now had in mind. He would throw the demonic sword in the air as he would make the handsign of a snake, then the handsign of a ram, and finally, the handsign of his specialty seal, the handsign of a tiger. Azaiyo would notice the iron from underneath the ground begin to burst high in the sky with dark flames as they would suddenly float in thin air. Seconds after this would occur, the strong, large pieces of iron would turn into great blades of dark flames. There were about a hundred dark flaming blades in the air in short range and with huge heights, meaning Azaiyo would need an incredible skill to repel this attack. Luckily he had one. The ghostly blades of dark flames would launch at Azaiyo as they would freeze right before Azaiyo's head. The blades would suddenly drop as Azaiyo with short range now from the enemy would suddenly seem to switch dimensions. This dimension was an illusion on Azaiyo's behalf but was meant to be some sort of new creation on the enemy's behalf. It was a genjutsu. The dimension was pure darkness as dark acid would form around the man. As this would occur, Azaiyo would have one final tactic to eliminate this man as this genjutsu would make him completely unseen from the enemy. Azaiyo would silently make the handsign of a snake, clap his hands gently, then push his hands out as a giant shark made of pure water would burst out. Unfortunately, Azaiyo did not have enough chakra to add anything on to this. However, this genjutsu was made to almost put the consequences of darkness before the enemy's eyes. The man would begin to sink into the strong dark shaded acid as out of nowhere, the giant shark that Azaiyo had created with blow the man apart. The genjutsu would resolve as the environment would return back to the way it was, for the man was dead. Azaiyo would gain all of this man's chakra, for the Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique would have this kind of boost if it were to kill someone. Azaiyo would see the man, bleeding eternally with his demonic sword half broken on the ground. The ground would still crumble as the dead body's corpse along with the demonic sword would fall into the ground. Azaiyo would stand there with pride as he had greatly protected his village from this very powerful and deadly man. Azaiyo would begin to walk away into the direction of Sunagakure no Sato when all of a sudden he would hear a great noise behind him. Gigantic dark flames would burst from the ground once again as a gigantic hole would form from the Land of Iron. The impact was almost like a volcano. Azaiyo would see the half broken sword ascend once again. However, the reaction of this sword was different, for the man was officially dead. Azaiyo would see the sword begin to crumble into pure dust as it would slowly descend back into the depths of the Earth. The gigantic dark flames would still burst heavily from the ground as the man, now formed of dark flames would ascend back to ground level. Azaiyo could tell this battle was not over yet. In fact the tables would turn as this man was a lot stronger now. The last two fights seemed to only be simple tests as this man appeared to be much stronger than his previous performances. Azaiyo would stand there in awe as he would notice all of the weapons that this man contained begin to drop to the ground behind him. All of the weapons would begin to become shrouded with dark flames as the magical dark flames would miraculously modify the height of all these weapons. The man would simply lift his hand into the air as all of the now gigantic weapons would lift themselves into the air as well. Azaiyo would use his Sensory Technique on this man. Before he had investigated the chakra of the sword, along with the chakra of this man. The chakra that the man possessed alone was nothing compared to his blade. However they would show different colours as the man's chakra was white, while the chakra of the blade was black. Now Azaiyo could see completely dark flames envelop this man as the chakra would only continue to build inside of this man. Azaiyo also noticed that this man no longer had a soul. The blade was taking over the body of this man now. The man's soul was still buried underground as it would never return, even once Azaiyo would kill this now completely dark man. Azaiyo would begin to recognize why the sword would want to do this. Azaiyo noticed before that the man was enraged. He also noticed that the man's chakra was white. Normally this meant that the man was a shinobi of goodness. If the chakra was black, much like the chakra of this sword, it would be a sign of darkness. Therefore, Azaiyo realized that the man was trying to repel this sword of darkness for this whole time up until now. This caused the man to barely be able to pull off any moves until he would die from a single impact of the opposing shinobi. The battle was fierce as each and every single one of the weapons would launch at Azaiyo. Unfortunately, Azaiyo could only perform his genjutsu once. Azaiyo would quickly Body Flicker out of the way as he would quickly use his Chakra Suppressors. As he would put this on, the man now taken over by the sword would weaken greatly as it would only gain power based on the chakra that the opposing shinobi contained. However, now both amounts of chakra were unknown. The weapons would drop as Azaiyo would witness them all vanish in thin air. The battle was now completely between the dark flamed man and Azaiyo, only equipped with the weaponry he contained. Azaiyo would quickly use his great speed to create illusions of teleportation as he would quickly begin to slash the man with several kunai. He would notice that each attack would take away a small amount of dark flames from the dark flamed man's body. Therefore, if Azaiyo could take out every fraction of dark flames that the man possessed, then the battle would be over. Azaiyo would throw exploding tags as he would quickly rush to another area, witnessing the man with a single glimpse break through the ground. The man would quickly ascend as half of his body was now completely taken away from him. The man would take his turn by quickly having the vanished weaponry appear on his back in their original sizes as he would use all of them as attempts to slash at Azaiyo. Barely any of them would reach Azaiyo as hundreds of weaponry would vanish, while Azaiyo would fly quite a few feet away, badly bruised in both arms and both legs but still not out as the cuts were not too deep. Azaiyo would still remember that all of his chakra still remained underneath the Chakra Suppressors. Therefore, if Azaiyo could quickly take them off and launch a great attack, this battle would be over. Azaiyo thought about it now. Any Water jutsu he used would take out this man, as his being was completely made out of water. The man possessed by the sword could hear Azaiyo's thoughts as it would freeze itself, knowing now it was defeated. Azaiyo would quickly remove his Chakra Suppressors as he would use the easiest strike of Water Jutsu on the man. "WATER STYLE: AQUA LANCE JUTSU!" The man would stay frozen, screaming as the Aqua Lance would spear its way right through him, exploding as the water would wipe away every single drop of dark flames that the man remained with. A dark soul would burst from the man's mouth as it would cry, then vanish into thin air, never to return again. The mission was over. Azaiyo had defeated a great threat of Sunagakure no Sato, now for good, never to harm anyone again. He would send his right hand out, blessing all the men out there that died for this man's displeasure as he was meant to die, for he was a man of pure of darkness. This was yet another happy day in the world of Azaiyo and the Hidden Sand Village, Sunagakure no Sato.


~Mission Complete~



Stats with Apparel


With every ounce of pain, there is a road to recovery. Wouldn't you say so, Azaiyo?

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Son Goku
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Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Search and Destroy [Mission, PRIVATE]   Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:25 pm

Approved. Gain rewards as listed in the mission info.

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!"


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Search and Destroy [Mission, PRIVATE]
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