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 Kurai's Chakra Training Mode

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PostSubject: Kurai's Chakra Training Mode   Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:28 pm

Kurai stands in the middle of the forest in iwagakure, placing both his hands together forming a seal. Kurai would be doing the necessary hand signs to perform the jutsu. The clouds coming together turning from a clear white to a darker gray color. The sun would be completely blocked due to the clouds forming together. Kurai mutters the jutsu in his mind,
Rain would all of a sudden start pouring out of the gray clouds, hitting down onto the ground and also the drops of water hitting the animals and all life forms that enter the raining area. Kurai instantly picks up all the locations of the animals all around the area in instants. Kurai would suddenly change his hand signs to a newer jutsu in his arsenal. A thick mist fog suddenly enters the raining area starting to cover up only the part of the forest that the rain only is at. The mist would be thicker then usually due to it raining in the area and puddles would be forming around the terrain.
Kurai changing the hand signs in a slower motion taking his time with this newer jutsu. The natural light that is normally around the forest starts to be used in kurai’s advantage. The natural light would blind all the animals that are within the thick mist.
Kurai starts to form hand signs with his legs standing strong holding his ground. The puddles around him start to lift off the ground and reaching to his head level starting to form into a human shape figure. The water starts to slowly take the physical appearance of kurai, about two of them would be forming, each of them on his right and left side of the body. Both of the clones look directly at Kurai. Kurai nods his head at the clones. The clones taking their steps around the forest going up to the nearby animals that are still temporarily blinded by the natural light. The clones would be doing a newer hand sign. The water starts to form all around the one animal that they are in front of. The animals would be incased in a water sphere that the clones created, their right hand would be holding the sphere in place so they wouldn’t escape.
The animals wouldn’t be able to breath in the water starting to change their face expression to a suffocating one, with their skin pigment turning into a rather bluish/purple. The animals that are in the water prison start to die from suffocation. The animals would just be floating in the sphere being completely dead, the clones would cancel the jutsu, having the animals hit the floor laying there lifeless. Kurai would release the clones with the release hand sign. The clones would form to nothing but puddles, laying there next to the animal. The rain would continue to poor, the mist would become thicker due to the water source that is nearby and the cloud would remain in their place not moving one bit. Kurai walks over to the two animals one by one that have fallen because of his clones. Kurai grabs the animals using one hand only, having both his hands occupied at the moment. Kurai throws both the animals on the floor near his feet area. Kurai starts to build a fire using the logs that are next to the animals. Kurai would cancel the raining jutsu releasing it in a matter of seconds. The rain would completely stop, showing the sun rise again, the clouds would be moving away from the sun showing that it is free. Kurai sends a lighter over to the logs, having the fire start up in seconds. The fire releases smoke in the air, he places the animals on a stick, having them roast above the fire, it being turn clockwise. The minutes would have pass as kurai takes the animals one by one and starts eating it by himself. Being completely full and regaining much of his chakra afterwards. He gets off the floor and continues his training. Kurai does the necessary hand signs that would have the clouds join together once again, with the clouds turning gray and the clouds blocking the sun once again. The rain would come pouring down heavily this time, kurai using more chakra this time to the jutsu. The rain would start forming more and more puddles around the forest, the rain would start to make the floor a small flood that only reaches to the ankle height. Kurai starts to form water clones to his front side of the body forming about ten of them in front of his eyeing view. The clones would get into a fighting position getting ready to fight the original Kurai. The clones would start to run over to Kurai with kunais to their hands. The main kurai would start to run over to them pulling out his Yoso Nusumu Sword.
Kurai would begin to slice up all the clones within seconds, stealing their water element and also having the water clones forming into nothing but puddles then. Kurai starts to sit on the ground with his sword place behind his back strapped on. Kurai starts to take a nap for several hours. Kurai then wakes up hours later; kurai gets off the ground still seeing his jutsus that are still in place. The rain starts to pick up a Giant snake in the area. Kurai turns to face the Giant snake that is a bit of a far distance from him. Kurai releases the Hidden mist jutsu, having the mist fade in a matter of seconds. The snake looks over to kurai and hisses at him, showing a sign of him being a threat. The giant snake starts to wrap his tail around himself. Kurai starts to look at the giant snake with a smirk appearing on his face. The giant snake sends his body into the air, then tunneling his way down head first, the giant snake passing the small flood, then destroying the ground making a large tunnel that is his size perfectly. The snakes whole body enters the hole, with the flood slowly being drained inside the tunnel following the snake down below. The snake shakes the ground as kurai starts to smirk to himself knowing exactly where the snake is. The water drops that fall from the sky would soak into the ground underneath the soil and such reaching down to where the snake is hiding at. The snake comes up fast underneath kurai feet. Before the snake even comes out underneath kurai, Kurai jumps into the air pulling out a kunai with 1 explosive tag on it. Half of the snakes body would be out of the ground and above the surface with his mouth wide open about to eat kurai. Kurai throws a kunai inside his mouth, hitting his uvula, making it a direct hit in the middle of it. The snake would gag a bit having him fall to the ground instead of eating kurai. The snake would lay down as the explosive tag explodes inside the mouth of the snake. The snake’s entire head would explode with the upper and lower part of the snake laying their headless. Kurai starts to make a fire, placing a large stick through the snakes whole body having him roast above the fire. Several hours kurai waits for the snake to be fully cooked and such. Kurai eats this whole snake in a matter of hours taking his time. Night time would struck as kurai would be tired. Kurai takes his nap on the floor being completely full closing his eyes and waiting for the next day as the hours pass him by as he is fast asleep. Kurai wakes up being so tired as he stretches his joints, making cracks and such with his back, knuckles, and neck. Kurai gets off the floor, releasing a yawn out of his mouth. Kurai starts to form the necessary hand signs to form a water clone. About five water clones begin to form all around him with the puddles still active on the floor, and the raining still happening rapidly fast. Kurai stands there in the rain inhale air into his system being completely soaked and wet due to the rain. Kurai exhales the air, Kurai starts to conjure up the water using chakra alone with his hands. Kurai would start to form the large amount of water into an umbrella made of water. The rain starts to drop onto the umbrella, Kurai uses his chakra on the umbrella to make sure the rain drops doesn’t pass the umbrella. Kurai would be protected under the umbrella avoiding the rain drops. Kurai starts to do hand signs to cancel the rain. The rain starts to fade away with the rain drops decreasing and the cloud turning from gray to clear white, to revealing the sun in a matter of seconds. Kurai would also cancel the mist jutsu in a series of hand signs releasing it. The thick mist would fade into nothing but clear skies and the surrounding being clear. Kurai starts to clap his hands together, Focusing his chakra on the puddles that remain on the floor near his area. The puddles would rise up to the head level of kurai, the water would form into the shape of a human being once again, then starting to take the exact image of kurai’s appearance. The main Kurai would form into a puddle in a matter of seconds. The six puddles would begin to move through the forest undetected and such. The clones begins to leave the puddle state and stand there surrounding the main puddle in the middle. The main puddle forms into the main kurai this instance. The clones start to form into nothing but puddles as the main kurai cancels the jutsu within seconds. With the hand signs doing so, the clone would dissolve into the earth fading away. Kurai continues to walk through the forest leaving it completely.

3,015 Words
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PostSubject: Re: Kurai's Chakra Training Mode   Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:30 pm

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Kurai's Chakra Training Mode
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